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Wrist pain12018-10-19 08:10:21
by: Johan Blixt Dackhammar
Minor Rotator Cuff Tear12016-10-06 14:32:37
by: Dan Nelson
Pulley injury - who's had them?12015-10-31 15:24:13
by: Georgina Brooke
Herniated disk22015-03-29 10:06:35
by: G H
Strain in forearm12014-08-20 11:20:09
by: Anders Ydremark
knee injury22014-07-30 11:21:15
by: CristiT
distal bicep tendonosis12014-07-09 23:59:14
by: Pkemp44
Finger Injury - Capsulitis?12014-07-08 17:39:42
by: Lila Machado
Random flashes of pain - Did I really overtrain ALL muscles from shoulders to hands??22014-03-07 11:22:49
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
The lingering shoulder...12013-12-24 23:24:29
by: Boris Sven
The lingering shoulder...12013-12-24 23:24:24
by: Boris Sven
Pain on outfacing part of finger joint?22013-12-12 17:44:06
by: Andreas Klarström
Mysterious Pinky Injury12013-12-06 19:57:39
by: Ian Grant
cold fingers / low blood circulation12013-11-12 09:20:12
by: Gibbon
Stiff/Painful neck12013-11-06 18:42:10
by: Jack Shewring
Finger/Forearm injury with neurological complications12013-10-09 10:41:08
by: Grzegorz Kopecki
Strange crunching noise coming from my left elbow12013-10-02 12:24:18
by: Alan pierce
Please add "Fichtelgebirge" as a climbing crag32013-09-02 22:25:03
by: Christoph Ross
Maybe C2 injury?12013-08-22 12:25:30
by: Kilian Wi
Unusual Elbow pain12013-08-18 02:09:55
by: Micah Holt
Falling on out stretched hand - recovery ?12013-08-13 17:11:37
by: Gibbon
Chronic shoulder pain62013-08-12 10:16:23
by: Stefan Hammerl
Torned flexor digitorum superficialis12013-08-10 23:51:49
by: Michael Christensen
Ganglion at the "ring band"42013-06-07 13:52:00
by: Clochard
Losing weight22013-05-29 19:05:32
by: Jan Schubert
Unknown Wrist Injury!32013-05-28 00:22:00
by: Franz
Stiff fingers in the morning?!62013-05-14 16:59:33
by: Bogdan Bejan
Tendon strengthening32013-05-06 12:30:30
by: Christian Stohr
Anorexia is good for climbing!!12013-04-11 09:15:07
by: Armand Lespoir
pain in the tip of the middle finger22013-03-26 23:24:24
by: Dr 8a
chalk and lung/respiratory system disorders42013-03-26 23:21:21
by: Dr 8a
Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Problem122013-03-22 16:47:43
by: Martin Classen
Lump on base of finger.122012-12-31 11:18:56
by: Kristopher Hall
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome32012-10-21 12:56:54
by: Ari
Surgery or Not? (Shoulder)12012-09-07 19:52:24
by: Mike.
Swollen toe knuckles42012-09-07 18:52:18
by: Thore Jürgensen
Strange pain in MCP-joint and in middle finger.22012-08-09 13:02:19
by: Jon Smith
Strange pain in MCP-joint and in middle finger.12012-08-09 11:14:46
by: Fredric Gånheim
Multiple finger injuries12012-08-04 18:24:52
by: Ron Berends
Total hip prosthesis52012-06-07 20:54:16
by: Jmmk
Middle and Ring fingers bad sprain??22012-06-07 19:05:23
by: Dr 8a
Numb fingers after 1-finger-pocket32012-06-07 19:01:56
by: Dr 8a
Middle and Ring fingers bad sprain??42012-06-07 18:56:27
by: Dr 8a
Frequent belaying - another cause for ellbow-pain52012-06-07 18:53:20
by: Dr 8a
Elbow pain: bursitis?22012-06-07 18:51:57
by: Dr 8a
Middle finger pain, proximal phalanx42012-06-07 18:48:59
by: Dr 8a
Middlefinger pain62012-04-11 19:48:18
Ökad risk för skada?32012-03-23 15:46:48
by: Nisse Hult
Toe nails42012-03-13 11:49:54
by: Miriam Kerstin
wrist hairline fracture on the ventral radius head22012-02-28 19:16:06
Recovery after Trigger finger surgery12012-02-27 14:37:33
by: Martin Drozd
musician and climber52012-02-16 20:14:58
by: Franz the Stampede
Finger joint pain52012-02-11 00:53:19
by: Idar Ose
posterior forearm pain12012-02-01 12:30:11
by: João Neto
Iliopsoas bursitis22012-01-19 18:59:33
by: Dr 8a
Base of ring finger injury22012-01-19 18:54:01
by: Dr 8a
ring finger tendon pain42012-01-19 18:42:09
by: Dr 8a
torn miniskus on left knee52011-12-04 01:21:34
by: Dr 8a
Ruptured gluteus maximus or something else?72011-12-04 01:13:42
by: Dr 8a
DIP joint pain12011-11-03 11:25:08
by: Idar Ose
morning finger stiffness82011-10-27 15:26:08
by: Stefano Primiero
painful PIP right hand middelfinger52011-10-17 18:46:59
by: Dr 8a
Pain from middle fingers down to forearm22011-10-17 18:33:33
by: Dr 8a
Träna förebyggande, klickande finger och värk22011-06-06 18:15:47
by: Dr 8a
Trapped nerves and outdoor season closing by !72011-05-01 20:28:27
by: George metaxas
Very local pain in shoulder22011-04-30 18:24:21
by: Dr 8a
Pain Right Middle Finger42011-04-30 18:19:15
by: Dr 8a
finger22011-04-30 18:16:21
by: Dr 8a
Yet another elbow injury102011-04-02 14:31:41
by: Doug scown
Forearm inflamation32011-03-22 21:36:26
by: Dr 8a
SLAP shoulder injury52011-03-02 19:13:37
by: Dr 8a
Flappers42011-02-28 02:26:28
by: Derek Bredl
Chronic overtraining?42011-02-27 23:01:43
by: Rowan Spear-Bulmer
unusual crimping pain?22011-02-09 18:21:09
by: Dr 8a
brachioradialis22011-02-04 16:27:46
by: Dr 8a
Medial epicondylitis52011-02-03 00:00:45
by: Idar Ose
Pain in middle finger "Proximal phalanx"52011-01-20 03:57:30
by: Andrew Haydawg
Strange finger pain52011-01-13 11:26:59
by: Jonas T
ankle injury/ ligament tear22011-01-12 20:27:46
by: Dr 8a
Shoulder conflicts/impingement syndrome82010-12-11 15:40:06
by: Hlos
2 finger pochet injury !22010-11-24 20:26:46
by: Dr 8a
elbow pain32010-11-24 20:24:32
by: Dr 8a
Unrested pulley rupture/strain32010-11-24 20:17:32
by: Dr 8a
Hand injury32010-11-24 20:14:51
by: Dr 8a
arm pain12010-11-01 14:43:21
by: Olly Dreghorn
Finger clicks/cracks above joint52010-10-06 16:27:12
by: Darko Herak
Tedonosis not "itis"72010-10-01 11:22:21
by: Dr 8a
Back of forearm Undercling pain72010-10-01 11:17:58
by: Dr 8a
Shooting Pain In Forearm42010-08-12 21:41:59
by: Luke Wakefield
muskelbristning?22010-08-11 16:02:18
by: Dr 8a
Finger injuries prevention52010-07-22 16:56:03
by: Bigjugs
Tricep Injury22010-06-29 17:47:57
by: Dr 8a
big toe injury92010-06-17 01:56:09
by: Anthony guagliano
A1 or A2? please help!42010-06-15 16:15:03
by: Dr 8a
Mystic pain in left hand middlefinger.42010-06-15 16:08:35
by: Dr 8a
Left Wrist Pain After Unloading on Difficult Holds22010-06-15 16:04:54
by: Dr 8a
recovering small pulley injuries : how much rest?22010-06-15 15:59:06
by: Dr 8a
(yet another) finger injury22010-06-04 15:48:14
by: Dr 8a
Finger Injury22010-05-24 17:49:58
by: Dr 8a
Finger Injury22010-05-24 17:48:11
by: Dr 8a
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