loss of equipment in the canyon Gorroppu

Information - Request Two guys have left a Climbing gear in Canyon Gorroppu, Sardinia, Italy (just under the Hotel Supramonte multipitch route) in order not to carry it back and forth through a lake and long path! After one day of their absence the gear was gone and they could no longer continue climbing!! Everybody who knows something about the gear’s disappearance or its current emplacement is kindly asked to contact them via e-mail or mobile.  (Piotr - bns_piotr@hotmail.com , +48 696 057 422, Spanish/English) The gear was as follows: -           Rope ROCA 60 m orange ½ -           Rope ROCA 60 m violet   ½ -           Backpack MILO LAHAP 45 green with some grey inserts and dark bottom -           9 x quickdraws PETZL black strings with (PETZL) sign Golden and Grey carabiners -           4 x quickdraws DMM dark green and one red string Silver and Green carabiners -           1 x quickdraw BlackDimond brand new -           2 x other quickdraws -           2 x belay device ATC-XP (dark blue)  and REVERSO 3 (green) -           6 x carabiners light LUCKY -           8 x locking carabiners therein two golden PETZLs -           2 x helmets PETZL METOEOR III and MAMMUT both silver -           2 x harnesses OCUN green and gray -           a few loops and strings -           sketch of the Hotel Supramonte pitches Would be very nice if the equipment is found! Thanks everybody in advance.