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Practice of the wild-video
  2008-10-03 00:00:00    
Chad Greedy was there to film Ty Landman on his 2nd ascent of Practice of the wild. The video can be found on MoonClimbing and shows that Tyler choose a slightly different sequence compared to Chris. Instead of the all-out-all-points-off dyno to the big slot, he used a small gaston. Enjoy!
OffLine Sebastian
  2008-10-03 12:30:14    
where can the video of chris be found? this boulder looks sick, nice job Ty...
OffLine User Deactivated
  2008-10-03 12:58:51    
There is no video of Chris, but I was there to spot him when he did the FA. Sorry, I guess there was no way you could have known anything about the original sequence. Instead of stabbing for the small gaston, Chris made a backwards-crossing-all-points-off-dyno from the hold below. Not necessarily more difficult, but very spectacular. I'm sure Tyler knew this as he was there too.
OffLine Dustin Harris
  2008-10-03 14:34:39    
I can't seem to find the video you mention. I see the blog entry, I see the thumbnails, but clicking on them does nothing. Am I missing something? -D
OffLine Sebastian
  2008-10-03 14:37:05    
http://www.moonclimbing.com/VideoDetail.aspx?ID=140 there is a link called "Video Clips" in the navigation on the top of the page. ;) edit: oh, just read "I see the thumbnails, but clicking on them does nothing." well, maybe this link will help you!
OffLine jörgZ.
  2008-10-03 14:51:31    
Strong climber but really bad video. Horrible light and terrible music - not appropriate for such an amazing climb.
OffLine Paul Prozesky
  2008-10-03 16:31:51    
Agreed. But still, thanks to Moon Climbing for hosting the video. A poorly-shot video is better than no video! ;)
OffLine Matthew Redyns
  2008-10-03 17:03:37    
the appearance of weezy in any climbing video makes it worth it, even if the climb looks like a pile.  
OffLine Dan Carroll
  2008-10-05 14:17:53    
Agreed, fantastic effort by tyler but why the need for such a hideous choice of music over the video?  completely ruins ot for me.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2008-10-06 10:00:11    
Björn, do you remember the exact date of the first ascent?
OffLine User Deactivated
  2008-10-06 11:12:04    
I'm not sure, but it was probably the 27th or 28th of June 2004.
OffLine Matthew Redyns
  2008-10-06 13:56:40    
@ Marrku- OMG!!!! you must have ESP!  i was thinking the same exact thing!!!!  i couldn't wait to update my chris sharma shrine records.  i was missing that key piece of beta also.
OffLine Fred Stone
  2008-10-07 15:35:51    
I think the choice of music is a joke on Chad's part as he usually gets told he puts too much gangsta music over his vids... Hence the radio changing... Sick video in my opinion & a good looking problem. Would be nice to see the Sharma sequence in effect.