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DAN MILLS intrducing 1st. ascent
  2007-03-07 00:00:00    
DAN MILLS and JOE DE LUCA are changing climbing with the help of 1st ascent ,DAN has ben on the road for 120 day sending all the top climb's and puting up first ascents for his new company, we think he will be the next big thing."No matter where we are in the world or what summit we attained, the greatest sense of fulfillment in our life is connected to people. we are fortunate to be part of a big international family bonded by a common passion. Though out all our experiences over the years, the sheer joy of playing on the rocks with our friends has been the underlying inspiration for our love of climbing." so keep climbing and watch 1st ascent we will be helping you send so good
OffLine Max Zolotukhin
  2007-03-07 22:08:31    
some people should just not have admin privilages...
OffLine dano
  2007-03-07 23:33:54    
Dear Max i am sad you think i should not have admin. privilages i want
to bring climbers togethere not pull the apart so what would you like
to see? i have ben climbing for 23 years and one of the big changes i
see is that the new climbing generation of climbers are happy to put
eachothere down with out   resoun so i hope
you have a good day and if you think i need to chang my post tell me
why latter man keep climbing GOD bless joe de luca
OffLine Brian Runnells
  2007-03-08 00:14:13    
You could probably start by mixing in a spell check before you post.  Your grammar and spelling is worse than Jens. 
OffLine ChossBoss
  2007-03-08 09:59:45    
dan mills in the hills with the pills will help you send so good. so muthafuken good.
OffLine Johnny Smokes
  2007-03-09 06:52:57    
dan is the ultimate in descent.  as in not ascent.
OffLine The Warlock
  2007-03-09 08:43:50    
Climb, have fun, lend a spot, and don't get jealous of other climbers man, people sending hard should just get you more psyched.
D Mills
OffLine gabor
  2007-03-09 16:10:57    
What? I don't get this post.. is D Mills in da Hills opening a company?
OffLine The Warlock
  2007-03-09 19:16:44    
yes i am starting a co Gabor, First Ascent plans on being a support to climbers, where more of our time is going to be put into our climbers we sponsor. product is most important though, but when we do get to the point of being able to sponsor people, we plan on road trip funds to be some what included, for climbers. Perhaps First Ascent will help pay for climbers gas or include a check to stay at a motel on those cold freezing nights.
OffLine The Warlock
  2007-03-09 19:19:13    
By the way, my spelling, it's all good, Joe DeLuca can't spell, he does math problems. However i did not know 8a.nu was putting out a spelling b, guess they are tired of people miss spelling the sends they do or something else.
OffLine ChossBoss
  2007-03-10 08:32:39    
dan mills in the hills ... with the pills, you left me stranded in hueco, fucker.
OffLine dano
  2007-03-10 19:54:24    
Isaac, you must under stand that there was an unfortunate event in
which Dan could not pick you up. However i did hear him say over and
over "Damnit, I need to fix this problem now, Isaac is waiting for me
at the hueco alter!" So, he was thinking about you big boy, quite
pissed about the problem as well. The circumstances are however,
OffLine Joe Morgan
  2007-03-15 17:04:59    
Dan and Joe would never leave someone in Hueco, never ever ever ever ever. Just like Deluca can spell ! :)
OffLine Jason Serviss
  2007-04-27 04:58:41    
Congrats on ur new business venture... looks like your still goin strong. Maybe one day i'll get back to the states and visit your black fingernail polished ass... :-) Peace