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O'Conner =Exploits in Hueco Tanks
  2007-01-22 00:00:00    
19 year old James O'Conner from Silver Spring, Maryland has been exploiting Hueco Tanks for the past two months. This past week he made quick work of one of Hueco's hardest testpieces, "Big Nosed Milley". James says it is his proudest ascent so far due to the fact that it is "completely opposite of his style". Previously he has made quick work of difficult climbs such as "Stubby of the Bush Veldt", a classic testpice established by Fred Nicole which rarely gets climbed due to the heinous crimping it requires. James has also completed problems such as "Troglodyte" and "Fat Apache Jogger" in one day efforts, one of his most impressive accomplishments. It is rumered that James is getting close to the classic "El Techo..", which he can almost complete every move on (according to an interview with him earlier this week). Good job James! I am sure we will hear more news soon from this young rock climbing prodigy.
OffLine Paul Robinson
  2007-01-22 05:38:58    
OffLine ChossBoss
  2007-01-22 06:20:00    
OffLine Jamie Emerson
  2007-01-22 06:25:51    
nice job rain man
OffLine Johnny Smokes
  2007-01-22 06:26:14    
wtf?  wasn't that him today whimpering underneath that ghey dihedral in the east spur maze that little girls from france flash on a regular basis? 
OffLine Zak Liles
  2007-01-22 06:29:26    
sick man!! your flipping crushing
OffLine ChossBoss
  2007-01-22 06:32:27    
if he can do all the moves of El Techo, certain 8a members may count it as a send.
OffLine Carlo Traversi
  2007-01-22 07:26:35    
Wow, kid's destroying the place!
  2007-01-22 14:15:22    
He could always take the slashface finish hold he has stashed somewhere and glue it onto El Techo if the moves are really too hard.
OffLine moonshine
  2007-01-22 17:05:16    
this is just mean
OffLine Brian Antheunisse
  2007-01-22 17:58:54    
nice job james, your crushing!
OffLine Bryan Boyko
  2007-01-22 20:01:29    
all you had to do was give us the hold james..
OffLine Simon Benkert
  2007-01-22 23:56:46    
Damn yo this kid sounds ill strong!
OffLine James O'Connor
  2007-01-23 00:25:41    
I hope this shit gets deleted, yes I was wimpering underneath Brain on Drugs because my tendons were/are trashed, secondly I gave the SlashFace hold back many weeks ago.
OffLine Ryan Sewell
  2007-01-23 00:50:02    
Dear God James how much stronger can you get. I aspire to climb classic lines like stuby of the bushveldt. What a machine!!!!
OffLine Tye Watkins
  2007-01-23 02:51:35    
Cool man, glad to see you've finnaly turned it on before you left. Sorry ill miss you in maryland. See you next season ma friend.
OffLine Jon Cardwell
  2007-01-23 03:03:21    
Why doesnt everyone just lay off james. 
he gave the hold back along time ago.  everyone can sleep now.  how lame.
OffLine Neal Kocurek
  2007-01-23 05:49:17    
leave him alone, the hold was returned ive seen it, and it goes without so no glue need.
can someone please delete all of these post
OnLine Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
  2007-06-26 00:32:54    
This is the most clever thing I have ever seen on the internet.