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Jon Cardwell gets 2nd Ascent of Saddhu (V14) at The Temple
  2006-11-27 00:00:00    
Jon Cardwell often trains quietly by himself in the widespread crags of New Mexico and rarely mentions his accomplishments except to a few close friends. His skills have become evident this past week, on November 20th, when he made the second ascent of Timmy Fairfield's "Saddhu" (V14) at The Temple just outside his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. "The climb is long and involved power endurance. It's a V13 boulder to a small rest into a V11 boulder. The incredible strange crux sequence involved spinning around 180 degrees then hand-foot matching your heel hook on a half pad crimper." Jon describes The Temple as a good training crag for Rifle, as the limestone features are very similar. "In New Mexico I have no one to climb with and this was a good area to climb by yourself since the landings are flat and the approach is only five minutes. I slowly worked my way through the classic climbs, "Fai Gai" (V11), "Left Ling Chi" (V13/14), "Shi Toma" (V12) and many more. It was only in the last month that I had the vision for Saddhu." Jon recently visited Denver, Colorado for the North American Continental Championships where he was called off the finals route in error by the judge. Jon was not one to make a scene over the error so he vented his frustration on the hot new line in Clear Creek Canyon, "Dark Waters" (V12/13), sending the problem in only two days.
OffLine Nick of LC
  2006-11-27 14:18:35    
That's right Jon.  Good job.
OffLine Paul Robinson
  2006-11-27 17:33:27    
you da man jonny boy!
OffLine moonshine
  2006-11-27 22:41:06    
Awesome.  Now it's time to graduate from high school and leave NM!
OffLine - -
  2006-11-28 06:30:08    
congrats jon!
OffLine gabor
  2006-11-28 18:29:08    
word jon.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2006-12-08 04:13:48    
OffLine ChossBoss
  2006-12-11 06:07:29    
Nice job Jon.  Keep it up man.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2007-01-25 06:00:43    
Big Up! Was out climbing wit ya 2day and you didn't even tell me. Double respek+doulbe nipple cripple for not keepin me up on current events!