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8C by Florian Schmalzl
  2017-12-05 00:00:00    
Christof Rauch reported two days ago on his Instagram about Florian Schmalz:

"Today he climbed both of Klem Loskots masterpieces "Bügeleisen" (8B+) and "Emotional Landscapes" (8C) in Maltatal on the same day!"

Florian is one of the few remaining hot shots climbing under the radar with no active social media. He is 26 years old and has been climbing for ten years and he has done a couple of 8B+'s before.
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OffLine Chri
  2017-12-05 11:26:47    
His family name is "Schmalzl" and the ascents were on the 27th of November.
OffLine Mr. ED
  2017-12-05 11:42:08    
Egal ob Gramischmoiz, Buttaschmoiz ... hauptsoch Schmoiz ;)
OnLine Anonymous 2.0
  2017-12-05 19:48:03    
Flo du geile Sau! Gratuliere! :) An legendärer Auftritt