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20 one arm-pull-ups by Jongwon Chon
  2017-12-03 00:00:00    
Is this a new world record set by the Boulder World Cup winner 2017?
OffLine Till Teufel
  2017-12-03 18:25:00    
this is sick :o and I thought Hojer was strong
OffLine Jolli
  2017-12-04 13:55:57    
Jan weights a couple of tons more. Jongwon is around 53 kgs.
OffLine Bojan
  2017-12-05 08:30:05    
What Chon is demonstrating here are not proper *pull-ups*: this must be performed from steady position with the arm fully stretched with stiff body (without swings with legs, trunk and other arm):
OffLine Jan Nauber
  2017-12-05 09:28:13    
Bojan: On his facebook he cals them "Swing one arm pullup"