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Two 8c onsights by Adam Ondra
  2017-03-20 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra reported yesterday on Instagram with a picture by Javi Pec from a failed onsight attempt of Directa Cornualles 8c in Siurana that he has been sick in beds for some days.

"Since then I have been recovering, but I am not back in the shape where I would like to be (and was). Sad to be almost leaving with all my projects untouched, but they will not run away."

On his way back, Fanatic Climbing reports that Adam stopped in St Leger where he onsighted Le concep 8c+ and Nabab 8b+. In total, Adam has onsighted, beside three 9a's, 19 routes 8c+ which can be compared that the runner-ups have onsighted one.
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OffLine Adam Ondra
  2017-03-20 11:14:31    
Sorry that it was reported as onsight, but I had tried the first 8b+ part 8 yrs ago, I only retroonsighted the first part and onsighted the extension. 
OffLine Philippe Vaucher
  2017-03-20 15:45:22    
Adam: your ethics reguarding onsights are exemplary. Keep up the good work!