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some problems using the website...
OffLine Tanka Rhai
  2017-10-06 10:33:07    
Hi! I had a few problems lately using 8a and I was wondering if it's a bug or a feature. ;) 1st: Sometimes the upper navigation bar is not there but just the advertisement. If I want to visit the forum, there is no chance to visit it directly (I have to click on the news and the comments) 2nd: When I try to write a message or a comment, if I click on the field for writing, my browser (firefox) crushes every time. I always have to choose first a  font before starting to write anything... 3rd: The routes I climbed more than a year ago vanish from my climbing list but they never vanish from my top-ten-list, as long as I don't add a new route or edit the old route... did the IT-Group add any new features that might have caused these problems? Or am I the only person?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2017-10-06 14:30:18    
I do not think anything have been changed lately. All focus is on the total remake. Could you please try another browser and sometimes also deleting cookies helps.
OffLine Tanka Rhai
  2017-10-09 09:24:56    
ok, it seems like most things work quite well by just using another browser. ;)