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Bouldering/Climbing around Boulder Colorado
OffLine Jacob Stærk
  2010-01-16 15:18:41    
Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a good overview of the best bouldering and sport areas around Boulder, Col.? I'll be moving there in August and want to try and filter out the best of the best. What are the consensus amongst the people who know and care? I'll be grateful for any help you can give me on this, thanks. Jacob
OffLine Suq Madiq
  2010-01-20 17:53:48    
Have you already checked out   ? You could start with these: For boulders- Rmnp chaos canyon, Mt evans.  Local- Satellites, Eldorado, Clear creek Sport- Clear creek, Industrial Wall, Flatirons, Rifle
OffLine Jacob Stærk
  2010-01-31 23:49:12    
Thanks a lot. A list to start from is what I needed. Thank you for the beta...