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  2013-11-20 18:53:21    
Crag: Campione
OffLine David Bacci
  2013-11-20 18:53:21    
you can download a topo from super limestone, perfect for winter days.
OnLine Luca Auguadri
  2015-01-13 12:42:38    
Dear all, there is someone stealing anchors and good inox equipement from the crag (Campione), replacing it with poorly and unsafe material. If you have any precise information about the guy (asshole) doing this, I will be pleased to pay you 150 Euro as reward. This guy will be responsible for every potential accident that might happen in the future. It's actually very stupid, 'cause you can just get the bolts / anchors for free if you need to equip a new line. Please just keep everyone posted if you notice any additional vandalism. Thank you very much Luca (