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First 8A by Courtney Sanders Woods
  2011-09-06 00:00:00    
Courtney Sanders who just recently married Daniel Woods, has done her first 8A Niviuk in Silvretta. "I started climbing with Daniel in the spring of 2009, our first date :)" 18 months ago she did her first 7A+ so we are talking some kind of record progressing to 8A. "In general I think hes been there to just give me reassurance of myself. I think it's a combination of us motivating each other, along with his support of always telling me he knows I can send it... I have learned a lot- down to the basics of how to toe in really hard, and how to heel hook properly. Hope thats a right answer. I couldn't pinpoint exactly everything hes taught me."
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2011-09-07 10:10:06    
Courtney Sanders: "Toe in hard", i.e. "When you use your feet as hands as well. When you really point your toe down into a foot hold and push or pull with it, instead of only using your hands. Especially on a steep move, really pointing your toes down keeps your feet on the wall.