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Add crags to the database
  2010-01-19 00:00:00    
We can now manually add crags to the data base. Just make a comment and the data base will be improved and you can automatically create Tick Lists and add crag info etc.
OffLine manacubus
  2010-01-19 23:57:09    
Under Australia, could you please merge City: Brisbane Ascents: 61 Average Stars: 1 ')">Coolum ( Brisbane ) with Mt Coolum (Brisbane). These are the same crag. Thanks. (I have also been updating much of the data in the Australian crag database)
OffLine gerardo workel
  2010-01-20 04:30:13    
El Quajo, ixcatan, El diente, La hidro, El peñon they are all in guadalajara mexico
OffLine joza
  2010-01-20 10:49:17    
Under Slovenia, could you please merge Črni kal with črni kal and Crni kal. These are the same crag. Thanks. You can also add Sivnica (and merge it with Kamniška bistrica).
OffLine PGB
  2010-01-20 16:24:47    

Malanyeu, Beuda, Cabacés, Moià, Font de l'Ametlló, Amer, Llafranc, Montgrí

OffLine Ibai
  2010-01-20 22:49:08    
"El Convento" in the basque country (spain)
OffLine Jens Jørgensen
  2010-01-21 08:41:27    
Please merge Åland, Kasviken and Geta in Finland as it is the same area
OffLine Farmor
  2010-01-24 19:17:22    
@gerardo workel...el diente has been added. The others need some more ascents before I can add them. @PGB...all but the last three has been added...they also need some more ascents. @ the rest....done! Thanks everyone
OffLine grigri
  2010-01-25 12:11:28    
The map of Rocklands, Soth Africa shows the wrong place. Rocklands is the top pin in the western most part of the country.
OffLine Steve Juhasz
  2010-01-26 01:54:53    
Please merge the crags: Wailing Wall,Cathedral,Welcome Springs etc. This is all one crag. The area is actually called Welcome springs in the guidebook, the crag is "Cathedral", with 2 main sectors, one named Wailing Wall, the second is the Cathedral.
OffLine JooonasS
  2010-02-06 15:41:50    
what about the Frankenjura as a bouldering area? There are so many ascents but I can´t find it anywhere...
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-02-06 17:43:15    
Thanks, Frankenjura have been added with 4000+ ascents :-) and here is the Tick List.
OffLine Sergei Ipatov
  2010-05-10 15:51:18    
Russian Federation:  Vorgol, Guamka, Hiitola(and merge it with Hijtola) bouldering area: Triangular lake, Kub(and merge it with Kub karelia, Cube) merge http://www.8a.nu/scorecard/Search.aspx?Mode=SIMPLE&CragCountryCode=RUS&AscentType=0&CragName=Palcevo and Paltsevo, http://www.8a.nu/scorecard/Search.aspx?Mode=SIMPLE&CragCountryCode=RUS&AscentType=1&CountryCode=RUS&CragName=Lytkarino and  Litkarino, moscow
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-05-10 16:56:27    
Thanks, the crags have been updated to the data base. Just add some more crags that should be in the data base and if we should merge names like the example above.
OnLine David Aran
  2010-05-10 17:35:20    
Barranco de los Molinos (Spain). If added, I will add all the useful information. Cheers!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-05-10 17:56:46    
Please go ahead :-)
OnLine David Aran
  2010-05-10 18:36:11    
Done, Spanish & English info. For me, that the most powerful and useful tool for all the climbers: the crag data base, combined with the ticklist tool. Thanks for that. However, there are few things into the crag information section that could be easily changed for a better interface. I'll send them to you.
OffLine Sergei Ipatov
  2010-05-10 22:24:21    
Thanks Jens, almost all crags added, exclude Hiitola, I would like to add Hiitola
also. Please merge boulder crags:  Kub , Kub karelia, Cube, The Cube as
it is the same area
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2010-05-11 01:21:29    
Israel: Beit Arye (merge with Beit Arie as it is the same area) Dalton Timna (merge with Timna Park) Guy Ben Hinom (merge with Guye ben-hinom) Zanoah Lying Cliff (merge with Hashakran and K8 Vanishing Cliff ( merge with Unseen, Iunseen :))  ) Zichron (merge with Zichron Ya'acov, Zichron-Yaakov) Shilat (merge with Shillat) Thanks!
OffLine Rumen Neshev
  2010-05-11 10:22:22    
Could you please merge for Bulgaria the crag names Vratca and Vratsa (the letter is the proper internalization of the cyrillic name of the city, used to be Vratca before) to be only Vratsa . And you can add the new crag Teteven which still doesn't have 70 ascents , but probably will have soon as it's very nice and perfect for the summer
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-05-12 10:12:36    
Everything has been fixed but the Israel crags. We normally just add crags with 70 ascents to the data base. Please give some more suggestions and crags that are misspelled etc.
OffLine Sergei Ipatov
  2010-05-13 22:22:01    
Federation: Please
merge crags: Induk (merge with "Indyuk") Vorgol (merge with "Vorgolskie scali" , "zvonari, vorgol", "kop4eniy, vorgol" ) Triangular
lake ( merge with "Treugolnoe") and boulder
crags: Kub (merge with "Karelia, the cube" ,   "Kub / hampi") Bol'shie
skaly (merge
with "Yastrebinoye")
OffLine Rus
  2010-05-13 22:52:20    
For Bulgaria Vratsa nad Vratca is the same crag. The correct spelling is Vratsa, but in the beginning all the ascents were put in the database under incorrect spellings such as Vraca, Vratca, Vratza etc. We made a campaign everyone to change all the incorrect entries and to put the correct Vratsa, we all did, but still Vratsa is not active, only the old but incorrect spelling of Vratca. Please change this. Regards
OffLine gerardo workel
  2010-05-15 19:12:36    
as I said some months ago El Cuajo also written as Quajo has over 100 ascents it is in Guadalajara México and also la Hidro or Hidroelectrica has over 100 ascents as well in Guadalajara
OffLine Keith Mackay
  2010-07-05 18:54:58    
Could you please add Halfway Log Dump ( HWLD ) to the list of crags for Canada (bouldering)
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-07-05 21:24:46    
Thanks...It has been added.
OffLine while
  2010-07-06 08:11:28    
Could you add "Santee Boulders" (San Diego, United States) and "Malibu Tunnel Boulders" (LA, United States), please?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-07-06 08:44:39    
Thanks...they have been added.
OffLine joza
  2010-07-06 09:42:07    
You can add Čreta (the same as Creta) in Slovenia.
OffLine Rocky
  2010-07-06 12:16:28    
OffLine Rocky
  2010-07-06 12:16:33    
OffLine Matteo Humar
  2010-08-18 09:14:26    
Could you please add Nut (Sella Nevea, Italy)?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-08-18 12:30:50    
Thanks...they have been added. Please suggest more and include the coutry and also if it is routes or boulders.
OffLine joza
  2010-08-23 14:08:49    
Please add Čreta (also Creta...) and Čolnišče (also Colnišče, Colnisce...) to the crag database. Those crags are in Slovenia. Routes!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-08-24 00:04:57    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine der_ast
  2010-08-24 01:17:48    
I think the Bregenzer Wald in Austria deserves its own entry - the crags Känzele, Koblach, Pocksberg, Löwenzähne, Schwarzenberg and several more could be merged into that one. Mostly routes, but I believe there is some bouldering as well
OffLine joza
  2010-08-24 11:56:26    
It's Č reta and Č olnišče and you should also merge ascents from your database no mater how it's written (with c or č).
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-08-24 13:01:56    
Thanks...it has been fixed...however the special C for Slovenia the webmaster has to fix.
OffLine Rocky
  2010-09-03 15:08:41    
OffLine Giamo
  2010-09-03 16:34:57    
sasso pelo italy
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-03 23:20:29    
Thanks...Sasso Pelo has been added.
OffLine Giamo
  2010-09-06 11:22:48    
No.. thank you..  but actually there is a mistake.. Sasso Pelo Italy Boulders (143 asc)   it is not boulder spot!! these are routes... I see all routes ascents were converted in boulder ascents...
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-06 13:38:02    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-07 14:22:10    
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-07 17:03:02    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine Raphael Schween
  2010-09-07 18:27:36    
You might add "Schwarzwald" (=Black Forest) in Germany as a crag under which the already existing crags "Todtnau" and "Albbruck" could be subsumed as sectors. Further sectors of Schwarzwald that have been used in manual entries are: "Schlüchttal"; "Gefällfelsen"; "Kandelfels"; "Kostgefäll"; "Brückenfels (Albtal)" and "Scheibenfelsen (Zastler)"  As with many crags like Pfalz (Palatinate) and Frankenjura, Schwarzwald actually denotes an area and the sectors are separate rocks rather than sectors of one face. The Area also extends to the north where it includes the famous "Battert" and some others. Although these are often treated separately in databases as well as guidebooks (in which case the former sectors may be called "Südschwarzwald" (southern Black Forest) and the latter "Nordschwarzwald" (northern Black Forest)), I would suggest combining them in the 8a database, since the single areas (though beautiful) have probably lost some of their siginficance in modern sports climbing and the separate terms may confuse people into creating manual entries despite existing categories. Please note that only route climbing is officially permitted in this area, so I would suggest to create a category for routes only in order to avoid access issues.  Guidebooks to the routes in the area include (among others) "Klettern im Dreiländereck" (south + some Swiss and French crags) from 1998 as well as the more recent "Schwarzwald Rock" (north and south) by Lobo Edition and two separate guidebooks by Panico (the book for the north has been published this year, the one for the south is apparently soon to be launched). Thanks and regards!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-07 20:24:25    
Thanks...Schwarzwald now has 328 ascents in the data base.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-08 12:52:56    
OffLine Rocky
  2010-09-08 13:06:48    
OffLine Mark Anton
  2010-09-13 14:26:40    
Please add Ewige Jagdgründe and Krawallwandl and Oetz to Austrian Routes.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-13 20:30:38    
Thanks...however all these crags but Oetz just have very few routes. Ewige is placed as a sector under Zillertal. We have tried to structure the data base this way. Is there any of the mentioned crags that could go under an area like Zillertal?
OffLine Nic
  2010-09-16 17:04:06    
As much as I don't like how the 8a.nu database is structured... could you please add the following crags (sport routes), all in Italy (Amalfi Coast): - Positano - Scala - Torre dello Ziro - Monte S. Liberatore
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-16 21:15:52    
Thanks...they have been added. How would you suggest us to structure the data base?
OffLine Julia Beaujean
  2010-09-17 06:57:15    
Please can you add "Malaucène" in France to the data base? You can merge it with "Le Groseau". Its the same area. Thanks!!!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-17 10:06:32    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine JooonasS
  2010-09-17 15:20:10    
 There are also many sectors of the Allgäu that are often put in manually as crags:  1. Bouldering: Kammeregg, Rottach, Parkplatzwand, Quellwand, Nepapla Wand, Maiselwände, Illerschleife, Sagenland, Treppenwand               There are only a vew ascents for each of those sectors, but I think it would be a big improvement if you could put them all to the Allgäu bouldering area.... The same goes for the following sport climbing sectors.... 2. Sportclimbing: Starzlachklamm, Startzlachklamm, Seltmans, Seltmanns, Oberjoch, Weihar, Kraftwand, Tiefenbach, Neues Tiefenbach And it would be cool if you could add those climbs that are registered under Rottach to Rottachberg. Those people were just to lazy to write the full name...... And even more: Tumpen, Oetz, Oberried and Nösslach are all registered as individual sport climbing crags, but they are all part of the Ötztal.... Alright, that´s it... thx....
OffLine JooonasS
  2010-09-17 15:25:52    
Oh and you could also add the bouldering area Tinos in Greece
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-17 17:43:19    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-18 12:07:50    
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-18 12:47:29    
@ Wolfgang: Thanks for the info. It is almost impossible to structure it perfect. We will add also beside Sector and Crag also Area. I guess, when foreigners travel, they say and write the area name but the locals use the crag name. As an example, we only use Frankenjura in the data base as this is the name everybody but the locals use for all crags. The locals of course did in the beginning wrote the name for each sector in the data base. The thing is that we have to find a system that works in the big perspective...but of course this is really difficult.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-18 18:46:59    
OffLine Zerba
  2010-09-19 17:51:53    
Ciudadela,boulder in Pamplona(Spain)
OffLine JooonasS
  2010-09-19 20:14:51    
deleted, not relevant any more......
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-20 18:56:21    
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-20 19:15:49    
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-20 21:20:52    
Thanks...the crags have been added...please fill in some name in the data base.
OffLine Pablinchi
  2010-09-20 23:09:23    
Can you please add more routes from Ecuador?, or tell me how to add them.... the web site where r the routes is http://www.monodedo.com/web/paginas/topos/dondescalarlink.html thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-21 11:36:36    
Thanks...you can give me some names for Ecuador crags and I will add them. Basically, when it comes to adding routes, this can only be done by members who add them to their scorecard/log-book.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-22 13:11:01    
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-22 13:27:45    
The names have been added...please go to the advanced search and upload some info of them.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-22 13:32:06    
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-22 14:09:13    
Thanks Martin...the three crags have been added.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-22 20:38:56    
OffLine Ivan Mathias
  2010-09-23 19:53:10    
Why did the "Sainte Victoire" in south of France disappeared ? It's a major and beautiful crag with a lot of sport-routes even if it's not the majority...
OffLine Andrei Bunea
  2010-09-23 21:23:52    
Crag: Plakias, on Crete, Greece web:  http://www.planetmountain.com/english/Rock/crags/falesia.html?stato=&regione=Crete&idfalesia=119
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-09-23 21:48:00    
It seems like there is a bug as I can see the new crags in the list...but some of them are not linked. I will inform the webmaster.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-09-24 14:15:38    
OffLine Neudson
  2010-09-25 22:11:50    
Jens, some crags here in Brazil are added to my scorecard but do not show at searches and have no link They are: Redenção, Tejuçuoca and Quixadá.  But there's a mistake made by us who added those crags. Those are actually the names of the cities the crags are in. The correct names of the crags and their sectors would be like this: Crag: Assombrado Sectors : Pedra do Assombrado, Pedra Vermelha City: Redenção - CE Crag: Moça Sectors: Pedra da Moça City: Redenção - CE Crag: Furna dos Ossos Sectors: Furna do Lopes, Gruta do Sino City: Tejuçuoca - CE Crag: Eurípedes Sectors: Vale Perdido City: Quixadá- CE Crag: Cedro Sectors: Pedra do Pombo, Faladeira City: Quixadá - CE Crag: Fazenda Magé City: Quixadá - CE If there is any doubt, just ask!  Thanks!
OffLine Nicky Nicky
  2010-09-30 16:23:37    
Add "Ibergeregg" in Switzerland as a crag and merge "Gross Schijen" and "Chli Schijen" as sectors. thx!
OffLine Helgismidh
  2010-10-01 01:57:25    
You can add St-Triphon and Yvorne in Switzerland. Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-01 12:25:01    
Thanks...everything has been added but as there are a bug, we have to wait until the webmaster is back from his vacation before all crags appear as links. Please, while suggesting new names, also state the country and if it is a route or a boulder area.
OnLine David Aran
  2010-10-03 01:35:22    
Could you please merge "Ibi", "Barranc dels Molins" and "Ibi - Los Molinos" with Barranco de los Molinos ? Thank you!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-03 10:45:19    
Thanks... it has been done.
OffLine vascoz
  2010-10-10 19:44:47    
Please add Medji to Switzerland. One of the best crack climbing areas around. City; Sankt Niklaus Routes; 5c - 7c Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-10 21:55:42    
Thanks...it has been done :-)
OffLine Fernando Lucas Oliveira
  2010-10-20 04:37:31    
could you add "Cidade de Pedra" in brazil
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-20 10:11:00    
Fixed :-)
OffLine Shock
  2010-10-20 19:29:20    
There's currently a crag in the database called "Lammi" in Switzerland. Homever, there is also a crag called "Lammi" in Finland (City: Lahti). On the moment, all the ascents of the Finnish crag are in the Swiss crag as the Finnish crag does not exist in the database. Could you please create a Finnish crag called "Lammi" so in the future, ascents made there could be put in the right crag. Climbs that are located in the Swiss crag on the moment but are actually in the Finnish crag include following: Otepää, Listahitti, Laudatur, Käpylehmä, Käpyjaska, Voimakomentaja, Puritanistin Pulttisokeus, Hymykone, Clip Up, Transalp, Bandit and General Lee.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-21 00:09:57    
Ok, Lammi for Finland has been added...let us hope this will work for the data base.
OffLine Marcelo Albuquerque
  2010-10-25 04:40:30    
Hello!  Please add the crag "Lapa do Seu Antão" on crags list.City is "Pedro Leopoldo"The sectors are: Corredor, Parquinho, Ossos, Catacumbas, Crepúsculo, Frente thanks
OffLine Naoki Arima
  2010-10-26 18:14:47    
Hello, Could you add the following crags? Country: Brazil State: Espírito Santo Crag name: Complexo de Viana Sectors: Estacionamento, Namorados, Capeta City: Viana Crag name: Morro do Moreno Sectors: Boca, Testa, Barriga, Tetos City: Vila Velha Crag name: Falésia do Furlan Sectors: no sectors City: Castelo Crag name: Falésia do Apenino Sectors: no sectors City: Castelo Crag name: Bloco do Arrependido Sectors: no sectors City: Afonso Cláudio Crag name: Calogi Sectors: Toten City: Serra Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-27 13:13:32    
Thanks...all crags with more than 20 ascents have been added.
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2010-10-27 19:33:32    
Hello, could you add "Lying Cliff" in Israel to the data base? You can merge it with "Lying", "Ramim", "Shakran", "Hashakran" , "The lier", "K8" . Its all the same area. Thanks!!! 
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-10-27 21:06:41    
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2010-11-03 18:26:29    
Hi! Please add Wadi Rum in Jordan (about 1hour from Aqaba). One of the best sandstone in the world for trad climbing...
OffLine olmin
  2010-11-04 07:19:41    
Hi Jens,  Please, add "Cogollos" , Granada, Spain 
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-04 12:24:27    
Thanks...it has been fixed :-)
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-11-04 15:59:01    
Austria: Falkenstein(Matrei in Osttirol),Felbertal and Krimmler Falkenstein Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-04 19:10:15    
Could I merge Falkenstein with Krimmler F?
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-11-04 20:07:55    
Well,you could! The thing is..the crags are 1 hour driving away from each other and Krimmler Falkenstein is in Salzburg (State) and Falkenstein in Tyrol (Osttirol)..so not excactly the same! Regards
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-04 21:00:08    
Thanks...I have put them in separately.
OffLine BOR
  2010-11-04 21:21:07    
country: poland crag name: ciosowa sectors: none city: kielce state: świetokrzyskie
i know that there are not many ascents in the database, but it will change in the spring (i will make sure of it:)
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-04 22:26:08    
OK...thanks, ciosowa has been added.
OffLine PancakeDyno
  2010-11-08 01:28:39    
Nine Corner Lake in the United States.
OffLine Matias Rubio
  2010-11-08 02:58:21    
Please add: Crag: Las viñas State: Lima Country: Peru
Crag: Yuracmayo
State: Lima
Country: Peru
Crag: Canchacalla
State: Lima
Country: Peru Crag: Huayllay

State: Cerro de pasco

Country: Peru Thanks!
OffLine Andrew Minnick
  2010-11-10 15:35:54    
Hey there. Could you add a crag called "The Riverside" to the United States database, in the state of Georgia?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-10 16:24:55    
Thanks...the crags have been added :-)
OffLine Natalia Kubrakova
  2010-11-12 02:27:28    
Hi, Jens.I currently live in Japan and have been climbing here for 4 years. The names of the routes here are written usually in Japanese, and to register them at 8a.nu people transliterate the Japanese words into English in the way they like, so the same route may appear in the tick list several times under defferent names, for example "Sotsugyo", "Sotsugyou"   and "Sotugyo" are actually the same route that means by the way "graduation", and "Oni iwa", "Oniiwa" and "Oniishi" are the same crag. Is it possible to standardize it?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-11-12 06:22:12    
Hi Natalia, The only way to standardize it is to add by climbs by "Search & Add", meaning that you find the most popular spelling and add from there. In a way, it is the same problem for all climbs with difficult names. I reguraly spend 10 hours a week by changing name in order to improve the data base...manually. When I search crags starting on "On" I actually did only find 1 ascent?
OffLine Natalia Kubrakova
  2010-11-12 12:31:24    
Sorry, I wrote crag but it is a sector. The problem is that for most japanese climbers it's difficult to use database in English. May be I can help somehow?
OffLine User Deactivated
  2010-11-12 22:24:48    
OffLine Vovchik
  2010-12-20 13:05:51    
As I undestand, under Armenia country there is no crag added. Could you add "Garni", "Noravank" and "Dzhohki dzor" crags. There are a short number of sport and trad routes there.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-12-22 10:32:00    
Thanks...the Armenia crags have been added.
OffLine incauti
  2011-01-21 16:57:34    
Reguchillo, Recuchillo and Riocuchillo in Jaen (Spain) are all the same crag (first name is the right one), please merge them.¿Can you add: Canjorro, Cantera and Castillo de Sta Catalina, in Jaen?
OffLine Nicky Nicky
  2011-01-24 20:29:07    
Hi 8a team please merge the following in Switzerland (routes) and keep the old crag as sector: Rappenfels -> Basler Jura Pelzli -> Basler Jura Holzflue -> Balsthal thx Nicky
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-01-24 21:49:06    
Thanks...everything but Cantera has been fixed as I only found five ascent there.
OffLine Nelz
  2011-02-08 13:42:59    
Hi Jens, seems that small crags (like raspadalica, sistiana) are no longer searchable in the "Search - Tick List" section. Thank you. Nelson
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-08 14:16:30    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine Martin Dejori
  2011-02-08 19:34:27    
Could you please add " Pontives " (Italy)?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-08 20:19:29    
Pontives with 36 ascents added...thanks :-)
OffLine Andrew Minnick
  2011-02-12 16:04:11    
Please add "Blood Mtn" to the Georgia (united states) database. There are hardly any ascents here currently, but much development will take place over the next year. Thanks!
OffLine Andrew Minnick
  2011-02-12 16:04:29    
Please add "Blood Mtn" to the Georgia (united states) database. There are hardly any ascents here currently, but much development will take place over the next year. Thanks!
OffLine Andrew Minnick
  2011-02-12 16:04:44    
Please add "Blood Mtn" to the Georgia (united states) database. There are hardly any ascents here currently, but much development will take place over the next year. Thanks!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-12 16:44:49    
There are a single ascent for Blood Mtn. We will add it ones it got 30 or so ascents.
OffLine Nelz
  2011-02-14 08:48:48    
Hi Jens, seems that other small crags (like doberdo, darkpoint, dvgrad, duino) are no longer searchable in the "Search - Tick List" section. also can you merge darkpoint, dark point and sezana to darkpoint, they are the same crag. Thank you. Nelson
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-14 11:21:27    
Dark Point fixed...thanks.
OffLine Nelz
  2011-02-17 11:58:23    
Hi Jens, seems
that other small crags (like doberdo del lago, duino, baska) are no
longer searchable in the "Search - Tick List" section. Thank you. Nelson
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-17 20:58:30    
As all these crags have less than 50 ascents, I do not think they have ever been searchable.
OffLine Nicky Nicky
  2011-02-20 20:20:17    
Also the small crags have been searchable and it would be nice to find them again. At the moment I receive an odd error page not a helpful message like "Sorry - nothing found". But if I use the advanced search I find the crag with the same input - this is a confusing  behavior.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-20 21:14:27    
Please give me an example for when you get, "Sorry - nothing found."
OffLine Nicky Nicky
  2011-02-22 15:16:27    
Hi Jens for example: Alto Mijares in Spain or Blue Balu in Switzerland
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-22 17:02:10    
OK, I understand. All crags and ascent can be found through the advanced search.
OffLine Rocky
  2011-02-24 14:28:06    
Please add Imst as a crag to Austria (routes). Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-02-24 14:40:49    
Thanks...Imst has 77 routes in the data base.
OffLine Markus Glück
  2011-03-29 11:34:00    
Please add Karpathos in Greece as a crag. There has been considerate development in the recent years.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-03-29 12:51:24    
I do not find any ascents from Karpathos in the data base.
OffLine Markus Glück
  2011-03-31 16:02:49    
I didn't know I can add ascents on the scorecard for non existing crags. So I can add the ascents first and return to this thread when done.
OffLine Rudi Moroder
  2011-04-10 12:06:08    
Could you please add the bouldering area "Pontives" to the data base. We tried it already some time ago, but it didn't work. I would be greatful if you could solve the problem.thx
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-04-10 17:20:03    
Pontives is added to the data base...thanks.
OffLine Freddie Chopin
  2011-04-11 20:26:17    
This one -  http://www.8a.nu/crags/Crag.aspx?CragId=29372  - has a wrong name. Sometime in the past it was correct but got changed this year to wrong spelling. This is the same crag, but with correct spelling -  http://www.8a.nu/crags/Crag.aspx?CragId=29794  . Please merge the first one (wrong) into the second one (right). Thx in advance. 4/3!! EDIT: This is also the same crag:  http://www.8a.nu/crags/Crag.aspx?CragId=29330  but (again) with wrong name.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-04-11 20:58:56    
Thanks... I have merged them both with just a plain e. I could actually not record it as you suggest.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2011-04-11 22:39:13    
In Bulgaria: Ruse and Tabachka ( also writen as Tabacka) , Basarbovo, Basarabovo, Kulata are the same All are sectors around Ruse, so you can join all in Ruse area, sectors Tabachka, Basarbovo, Kulata Routes 129= ricadona (this is the name of the route, in Basarbovo)  130=cool morning (this is the name)= prohladno utro (same, in Basarbovo/Ruse) Iluminatsia = iluminatzia = illumination (cu startu de boulder)  in tabachka sector two more shadows = Hamezthte (132) = Hamezthte(132) , in basarbovo thorn in the eyres = 121 ( in basarbovo) Thanks.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2011-04-11 22:54:57    
same for iluminatsia = Ilyuminatsiya cervena pustinya = Tservena Pustinya lisitsata = vulpea Silata Na Gushtera = @#%^^ lizard Strela v gardite = Strelav Gordita(?) all in Ruse sector Tabachka Victoria`s white dress = Victoria`s white dress (?) in sector basarbovo all the best
OffLine Freddie Chopin
  2011-04-11 23:02:51    
@Jens:"Thx" ... now I have to edit all of my ascents to change the name to correct one (AGAIN!). If your system does not allow special characters, then fix your system. If you couldn't record it with the correct name, than you shouldn't do that at all! The name of the crag is rzĘdkowice, not rzEdkowice - it's really simple. The problem with all those local characters is starting to become the biggest problem of this website... Are you at least planning to fix it? 4/3!!
OffLine Michael Borsdorf
  2011-04-12 19:27:45    
Ticklists: Creating Ticklists from crags I'm planning to visit is perhaps the most valuable feature of 8a.nu for me. I would love to see the possibility to export to Excel also the Sector names. Right now it is a painful Copy-Paste job or you have to search the sectors one by one, then editing your worksheet. Thx in advance. 
OnLine David Aran
  2011-04-25 12:20:06    
Please merge "Toix" with "Sierra de Toix", Spain. thanks
OffLine Michael Borsdorf
  2011-04-25 18:03:23    
Please add: Belmez, some 100 km northwest of Cordoba, Spain.  
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-04-25 19:05:13    
Thanks, it has been fixed.
OffLine Mauricio Romero
  2011-04-25 19:05:46    
there is a crag in Zipaquira, Colombia with about 30 sports routs. Plead add it. Thanks,
OffLine User Deactivated
  2011-04-27 17:32:06    
Could you please merge Falkenstein(located at Matrei in Osttirol) as a crag! Thanks
OffLine Ron Berends
  2011-04-29 00:06:04    
Could you please add the boulder area Le Col des Montets in France? This area contains more than 100 boulder problems.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-04-29 08:12:17    
Thanks, it has been fixed.
OffLine Andrew Minnick
  2011-05-07 22:31:42    
Please add Mt. Yonah to the database! This is a large crag with a lot of new ascents being had. Documentation is important in the area. Thanks!
OffLine anderfo
  2011-05-10 12:03:14    
Can you add "Snillfjord" as a crag and then add "Kongeveggen" (38 ascents) as a sector? There's a new guidebook coming soon with 6 sectors of Snillfjord: Kongensvoll, Moldtun, Migaren, Mjønes, Kongeveggen/Sagøra and Hardmoen. Hopefully people will manage to register their ascents correctly if the crag exists in the database...
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-05-11 18:27:52    
Thanks...the crags have been added.
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2011-05-12 19:56:10    
Dear team - (lots of work again). There is some confusion around Weisse Wand, Weißwand, Weisswand, Reutte and -Weisse Wand - Kärnten. Weisswand is the main crag near Reutte in western part of Tirol. I think it would make sense to use -Reutte- as crack and -Weisswand- as Sector, there are some other smaller cracks in vincinity ( Gsperr, Eiserne Wand, Gaichtpass; Säuling, Zengio) There is also a Tyrol climbing website which could be helpfull, www.climbers-paradise.com but some of the cracks listed there in region Reutte (see link) should
be not merged into Reutte, but into own Region "Füssen" - Germany -(also to
be created- could take the eastern part of to big region -Allgäu-.) There is already (on 8a nu created) a crag -Weisse Wand- which is located in Kärnten. -  a lot of the climbs which belong to "Reutte" are transported to the Weisse Wand of Kärnten. This is wrong and should be fixed. How can I  help for this? thanks
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2011-05-12 19:56:16    
Have ready an excel file where the ascents are listed which should be transfered from Weisse Wand (Kärnten) to Reutte - Weisswand. (when this is created). How can I send this (as e mail attachment, adress?)?
OffLine anderfo
  2011-05-20 12:01:44    
Maybe you can join Finale (5097 ascents) and Finale Ligure (72 ascents)? In Italy they would write Finale Lígure, while visiting climbers sometimes call it just Finale. I suggest Finale Ligure as the standard name. Some sectors have several almost identical names so maybe some cleaning up will improve it as well.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-05-20 21:33:29    
@ zapfenwolfi: Please send the excel to jens@8a.nu Finale is fixed.
OffLine Igor Katalinski
  2011-05-23 15:38:31    
Hello, Can you please add country Bosnia and Herzegovina first then crag "Dariva". There are two more climbing areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina that should be added and they are "Dreznica" and "Spicasta stijena" Thank you very much, Igor
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-05-23 19:56:37    
Thanks...Fixed :-)
OffLine Ti Ga
  2011-05-24 11:31:07    
Hi, may be , if there is time, Kelmis could be added to the craglist. Thanks!
OffLine joza
  2011-05-25 10:12:06    
Merge Kotečnik and Kotecnik, also Čreta and Creta are the same crag...
OffLine Ron Berends
  2011-06-01 21:29:01    
Hi, Please add Rochers du Castel as a crag. It is located in Belgium near a town called Pont a Lesse. Thanks!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-06-01 21:36:48    
Fixed again...thanks :-)
OffLine Lorenzo Grandesso
  2011-06-11 13:54:41    
Under Italy: Fondo, Sarntal, Cortaccia, Cavedago, Bernardi, Regno dei Ragni, Serrada Thanks
OffLine anderfo
  2011-06-11 16:07:02    
Hey, can you please add the crag "Støren"? It has 70 ascents. People have registered the ascents with two different names, "Støren" and "Størenhammeren", so I suggest keeping "Størenhammeren" as a sector... If you can also add the crag "Agdenes" it will be great, since a new guidebook for that area is released on 1 July.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2011-06-13 15:14:00    
"Frösön" and "Frösöberget" are the same crag/s, maybe merge these to one list? No need to have two lists for the same place
OffLine Mogy
  2011-06-13 18:32:11    
Could "Tirpentwys" be added under "UK". List of routes here:  http://www.sportsclimbs.co.uk/mainpages/southwales/Tirpentwys%20topo.htm  
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-06-13 19:24:53    
Thanks again...
OffLine anderfo
  2011-06-15 09:38:11    
But nothing happened..?
OffLine Greg Eva
  2011-06-15 12:34:21    
Could "King's Kloof" be added for South Africa    Routes its a brand new crag, not sure how many accents list of routes http://www.climb.co.za/wiki/index.php/King%27s_Kloof
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-06-16 17:58:48    
Agdenes has only 9 ascents and it will be listed once it has 30 ascents. All the other crags have been added...thanks.
OffLine Neudson
  2011-06-20 13:42:42    
Jens, could you please check the Assombrado crag in Brazil? There are some routes that do not belong there. I think your database may have a duplicate sector called Pedra Vermelha somewhere else in Brazil and it's been listed under the crag Assombrado, which also has a sector called Pedra Vermelha.
OffLine Dirk Uhlig
  2011-06-21 13:57:45    
Germany Crag:Löbejün
OnLine Christophe Paquot
  2011-06-21 20:13:56    
USA, "Column of the Giants", near Dardanelle, California.
OffLine Alessandro Manià
  2011-06-21 23:57:51    
please jens, under Italy, add "Castellaneta" and "Laterza" cheers
OffLine Lou
  2011-06-22 00:32:39    
Hi Jens, can you add a crag called "Alto del Telégrafo" in Spain.
Thank you
OffLine Rafal Lange
  2011-06-23 14:37:48    
Hi, currently developed boulder area in Poland: crag: Gora sleza I will add other info when it appears, thx
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-06-23 20:02:52    
Thanks...the crags have been added.
OffLine Lorenzo Grandesso
  2011-06-24 22:55:15    
Thanks the crags have been added, but can you add under Italy: Terlago, Malè and Stuls. Thank you.
OnLine Christophe Paquot
  2011-06-29 23:03:28    
"Mayhem Cove" - USA
OffLine Gutu Lucian
  2011-07-08 16:06:14    
Hi Jens,
Please add the following:
- Dryanovo to Bulgaria
- Belvedere to Romania

Dryanovo info:

Belvedere info:

OffLine Samuel Egli
  2011-07-09 02:33:02    
maybe you could add pha thang and thakek in laos. it´s not a very big deal but i just like browsing the google maps and there arent any crags in laos. the climbinglaos.com site is excellent, includes full topo and helps planning south east asia trips. cheers
OffLine Freddie Chopin
  2011-08-03 22:50:48    
And again there were some fantastic changes made in my (probably in all users') scorecard. Jens - it has been said like a milion times that "Mišja peč" is not the same as "Misja Pec" and definetely not "Osp/Misja Pec". Please respect the way I have logged that because that is the CORRECT name regarding spelling and facts (whatever you think Osp is not Mišja peč because it just isn't). If I'd like to log my ascents in "Osp/Misja Pec" I would definetely do that, if I haven't done that than it means that there was some reason. The automatic fixes to the scorecards are always wrong (recall the case of changing "Rzędkowice" to "Rz<some_crappy_letter_not_in_our_alphabet>dkowice" or things like that). Please stop!
OffLine Sivroni
  2011-08-12 03:54:43    
please add to dabase (routes crags): Suturlija Kanjon Tijesno Kameni Most Zeciji Kamen Pecka all to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I will add cooridantess and routes. More information about these places:http://www.extremebl.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=21&Itemid=14&lang=sr
http://www.extremebl.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=84&Itemid=46&lang=sr thanx in advance
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2011-09-08 10:55:40    
Please add Nezer Cave in Israel to the database. This crag still have not saw a lot ascents but it's must be becouse of hardcore routes up there (up to 8c+). You can find it by Nezer Cave, Nezer or ëúø in Hebrew. Thanks.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-09-08 11:01:11    
Thanks...all crags have been added.
OffLine Brendan Condron
  2011-09-11 13:21:33    
Hi, could you please add "The Forest" for bouldering in Virginia in the USA.
OffLine Brendan Condron
  2011-09-11 13:21:53    
Oops, double posted.
OffLine Cormes
  2011-09-21 10:03:13    
Please could you add the following SOUTH AFRICAN crags: Skoorsteen Kop and Lion's Head CheersCormac
OffLine Fabio Soares
  2011-09-21 12:52:22    
Please add these crags in Brazilian database: - Pedra da Ostra (-22.418963,-41.954999) - Primatas (-22.959579, -43.232024) Thank u
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-09-21 12:58:51    
Thanks...all crags have been added...jens
OffLine Marco Ferrari
  2011-09-21 18:35:15    
Please, add "Roncobello" and "Casazza", near Bergamo in north of Italy
OffLine Fabio Soares
  2011-09-23 17:00:27    
Jens, although u have added "Pedra da Ostra" and " Primatas to the brazilian crag list, the first crag (Pedra da Ostra) is no longer available. Why is that? Some1 erased it? Why? Can u pls add it again? Thank u
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-09-23 17:47:10    
Thanks... Only crags with 30 ascents or more are visable in the crag data base. You have record some more ascents :)
OffLine Marco Ferrari
  2011-09-27 12:25:22    
Please, add "Brembilla", also this near Bergamo, in Italy
OffLine Marco Ferrari
  2011-09-27 12:25:50    
Please, add "Brembilla", also this near Bergamo, in Italy
OffLine Marco Ferrari
  2011-09-30 13:13:44    
sorry for double post. please add also "Cave di Nembro", same place (Bergamo, Italy)
OffLine Ricardo Costa
  2011-09-30 13:48:23    
Hi please add "Chanoca", Portugal. Thnks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-09-30 14:27:33    
Thanks again, all crags have been added.
OffLine Téo Genecand
  2011-09-30 18:45:08    
Hi, In France, Haute-Savoie, you can add "Le Suet", "La Chapelle St-Gras" (nearly at the same spot, between Mieussy and Taninges") and "Le Maquis" (near Le-Petit-Bornand-les-Glières). Thanks 
OffLine monkeyontherun
  2011-10-15 18:31:06    
Hi, Corse (or Corsica in English) appears as a route crag but not for bouldering, although quite some pictures have already been uploaded and there is a bouldering guidebook fro the island. Could you add it, please? Thanks!
OffLine Rok Klancnik
  2011-10-26 10:58:54    
Hey, can you add boulder spot in Slovenia "Pod Kapelco" and merge it with "votla peč"?Tnx
OffLine Emil Eriksson
  2011-10-26 19:26:17    
Some of the routes in the crag Peña Rubia are marked wrong. They belong to a crag called Peñarrubia near Madrid Which is located here near the town Guadalix de la Sierra, Madrid, Spain
OffLine Fabio Soares
  2011-10-31 15:22:57    
Jens, In Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, the crag CE2000 doesn't exist, its an abreviation for Campo Escola 2000. Can u transfer all ascents from CE2000 to Campo Escola 2000 pls ? Concerning routes from this crag: i) Migalhas, Migalhas Indecen and Migalhas Indecentes are the same route -> Migalhas Indecentes ii) Epitáfora, Epitáforas, Epitáfios, Epitáfio das Ilusões, Epitáfio dos Sonhos, Epitáfio de Ilusões, Epitáfios de Ilusões, Epitáfios das Ilusões are the same route -> Epitáfios das Ilusões iii) Gosma, Gosma Petzl, Gosma Petlz and Gozma Petzl are the same route -> Gosma Petzl iv) Bambam, Bamban, Banban, Ban ban, Bam Bam and Bam-bam are the same route -> Bambam v) Pedritas and Pedrita are the sam route -> Pedrita vi) Frases Feias, Frase Feitas and Frases Feitas are the same route -> Frases Feitas vii) Estoria sem fim, Historia sem fim and História sem fim are the same route -> História Sem Fim Can u fix all that pls ? Thank you
OffLine Rafael Grisi
  2011-11-01 04:48:55    
Please add "Pedra do Urubu" and "Pedra do Frade" in Itajubá/MG - Brasil. Thanks
OffLine Fabio Soares
  2011-11-04 13:17:50    
Jens, In Caxias do Sul, there are 3 names for the same crag: "Gruta", "Gruta de Caxias" and "Caxias do Sul". Although the simplest would be to choose 1 of these names and merge them, the proper name for the crag is: "Gruta da 3ª Légua" . Observation: "Gruta" is like "cave", so it comprehends a wide variety of crags. Having that in mind, can u pls add this crag: "Gruta de Passa Vinte". The problem that has been happening is that many ppl have added ascents from Gruta de Passa Vinte as if it were in "Gruta" (which is in Caxias do Sul). So, ths "Gruta" crag have a few wrong ascents. To get a little worse, both crags have 1 route with the exact same name, "Gênesis", and another route with very similar name, "sombra e escuridão" and "entre a sombra e a escuridão". So, how can u change a specific route from a crag to another, without changing all the routes with the same name? This 30 ascents limit to be seen in database certainly will not help ppl to find the right crag properly. Another crags that should have ascents transfered: i) "Gruta do bau" and "Baú de Minas" -> "Gruta do baú" ii) "Baú" and "Pedra do Baú" -> "Pedra do baú" iii) "Quilombo" and "Quilombinho" -> "Quilombo" iv) "São Bento" is not a crag, but a city which is located some crags like "Pedra da divisa", "Falésia dos olhos" and "Quilombo". Can u pls delete it? v) "Piedade" and "Pedra da Piedade" -> "Pedra da piedade" vi) "Divisa" and "Pedra da divisa" -> "Pedra da divisa" vii) "Bocaina" and "Serra da Bocaina" -> "Serra da Bocaina" viii) "Rei do mato" and "Gruta do Rei do Mato" -> "Gruta do Rei do mato" ix)"Gruta", "Caxias do Sul" and "Gruta de Caxias" -> "Gruta da 3ª Légua" located in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. x) New crag: "Gruta de Passa Vinte" located in Passa Vinte, Rio de Janeiro. Some crag names could also change: xi) "Lapa do Seu Antao" -> "Lapa do seu Antão" xii) "Lençois" -> "Lençóis" xiii) "Plato da Lagoa" -> "Platô da lagoa" Anyway, can u pls do all these changes in database? Thanks
OffLine Samuel Egli
  2011-11-06 22:21:15    
cala fuili is listed under spanish crags even though the coordinates are correct (sardinia)
OffLine Stefano Primiero
  2011-11-09 16:33:54    
Please add Crag : Stubaital, Sector: Eldorado, Country: Austria thx
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-11-09 17:30:07    
Thanks... everything has been added :)
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-11-11 10:44:09    
Double post...sorry! Please feel free to suggest more crags to upload to the data base.
OffLine Vincent van Engelen
  2011-12-11 16:06:21    
I can see that you have improved the database by merging double entries of the same crag. Great! Unfortunately something went wrong with my home crag: All routes on crag "Bau" in sector "Batman Wall" on Borneo (East Malaysia) haved moved to the crag "Pedra do baú" in Brazil. This is incorrect. Please can you correct back to the way it was? Do a search on "Batman Wall" should reveal the errors.
OffLine mathieu Ceron
  2011-12-12 07:59:43    
Please ad Hohenfels (bouldering) germany
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2011-12-12 10:37:37    
Thanks...everything has been fixed :)
OffLine rafael ruiz
  2011-12-14 00:43:10    
please add crag: Arrayan, country: Chile
OffLine rafael ruiz
  2011-12-15 02:01:54    
and please add the crags: Palestras, Los Manyos, and Torrecillas also in Chile. Thanks
OffLine AlbertoE
  2012-01-14 17:10:04    
There is a small but brilliant crag near San MArtín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid (Spain) called Cadalso de los Vidrios. Actually equipments have been developed by the same person as San Martín, Braulio Expósito. Granite, routes are up to 25-30 meters high and really well protected. Please, tell me if you need any furher info to add the crag
OffLine AlbertoE
  2012-01-14 17:12:00    
There is a small but brilliant crag near San MArtín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid (Spain) called Cadalso de los Vidrios. Actually equipments have been developed by the same person as San Martín, Braulio Expósito. Granite, routes are up to 25-30 meters high and really well protected. Please, tell me if you need any furher info to add the crag
OffLine AlbertoE
  2012-01-14 17:14:30    
There is a small but brilliant crag near San MArtín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid (Spain) called Cadalso de los Vidrios. Actually equipments have been developed by the same person as San Martín, Braulio Expósito. Granite, routes are up to 25-30 meters high and really well protected. Please, tell me if you need any furher info to add the crag
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-01-14 23:29:05    
Thanks...all crags have been added.
OffLine Michael Borsdorf
  2012-03-26 14:51:10    
Hello Jens, I would like to ask you to add the following crags in Portugal: Serra de Passos (around 40+ ascents) Aldeia da Pena (around 40 ascents) Portas de Almourão (will receive the view missing ascents in the next hours) Thx
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-03-26 19:59:19    
The three crags have been added...thanks.
OffLine Gøran Haugland
  2012-04-25 08:45:44    
Please add the following crags in Norway: Gibraltar Oddane Avfallsveggen Lerstang Ramberget Løveid Thx
OnLine David Aran
  2012-04-25 13:12:08    
Could you please add Almenara, in Spain? Boulders, about 38ticks and about 60 ascents.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-04-25 14:51:39    
Thanks...all crags have been added.
OffLine Gøran Haugland
  2012-04-26 08:41:46    
Thx, but it looks like "Oddane" is forgotten? I also see that Løveid is not added, but thats is probably an norwegian æøå issue?
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-04-26 09:24:16    
In order to be visable in the Tick List, there has to be 30 ascents and these crags have 15 at the moment.
OnLine David Aran
  2012-04-26 10:54:48    
Hi, one more. Castellet de Calp, Spain, routes, about 80 ascents. Cheers!
OffLine Gøran Haugland
  2012-04-26 13:23:05    
Jens: oki =)
OffLine y0 Frecalard
  2012-05-20 13:02:02    
Create crag "Faron citerne" which is not added yet
OffLine Xhaustin
  2012-05-23 00:35:18    
Please add Redstone to the database, Redstone bouldering area is located in Redstone, CO
OffLine Timon Lauck
  2012-05-26 20:53:44    
please add bessenbach in germany
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-05-27 11:56:29    
Thanks...all areas have been uploaded...
OffLine mathieu Ceron
  2012-06-05 09:12:49    
Please ad Vesturhorn on iceland (bouldering)
OffLine HC Tyldum
  2012-07-09 15:30:33    
Please add Jarlsberget, Farsetberget, Sundreberget and Husarberget, all in Norway. Thanks!
OffLine Gon
  2012-07-11 06:46:23    
Please, add "Long Beach" in New Zealand. Cheers!
OffLine J Fire
  2012-07-11 18:45:45    
Could you please add "Carver" as a bouldering area? "Carver Bridge Cliff Boulders" is the same place. It's in Portland, Oregon, USA.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2012-07-12 09:44:27    
Hi, could you please add 2 route 's crags : Valflaunes near Montpellier (France) Lat :   43.819451° Long :   3.85898° Le Portallet near Marseille (France) Latitude :   43.37208° Longitude :   5.202981°
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-07-12 14:26:12    
All crags have been added...thanks :)
OffLine Rastud O
  2012-07-12 17:21:49    
Please add Foz de zafrané from Aragón, Spain Thanks
OffLine Samuel Oertel
  2012-07-14 18:27:19    
Can you add "Hohburger Berge" in Germany. crag name: Hohburger Berge sectors: Spielberg, Holzberg, Schwarze Wand, Gaudlitzberg, Zinkenberg city: Wurzen Thanks
OffLine Kenneth Mjelle
  2012-07-14 20:05:21    
Could you add Gjerdalen, Kunna, Mjelle, Andkilen as bouldering areas, and merge together : Rønvikfjellet, Kvalvika, Sukkerbiten, and call it Rønvika
OffLine HC Tyldum
  2012-07-26 15:06:18    
Could you please merge Jarlsberget, Docka and Dokka, under the name Jarlsberget? This is the name that is used for the crag in these three (two of them newly published) topos: http://www.oslosportslager.no/produkt/climb-norway-klatreforer-24945.aspx http://www.oslosportslager.no/produkt/klatreperler-klatreforer-9166.aspx http://hedemarken-klatreklubb.com/klatreforer.html#11%20Jarberget%20%28Tinton%29 I will put in the GPS-coordinates.
OffLine Simon Hill
  2012-07-27 01:53:22    
Country: Norway Could you please merge crags Stella Maris and Mandal (those who have Mandal / Stella Maris in the tick list) and call it Stella Maris And also add crags Høle Buråsen Oksåsen Ring
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-07-27 08:57:44    
Thanks...everything has been fixed :)
OffLine Albrecht Ernst
  2012-08-18 06:00:07    
Hi Jens,

please add:

Crag: Plauenscher Grund
Sectors: Begerburg, Talwächter, Heidenschanze, Sandsteinriegel
City: Dresden
Country: Germany

OffLine Matti Buyle
  2012-08-20 16:23:58    
Hi Jens, please add: Crag: Smokovac City: Podgorica Country: Montenegro http://www.montenegroclimbing.net http://www.montenegroclimbing.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29%3Asmokovac&catid=16%3Alokacija&lang=en Thanks
OffLine nocker
  2012-08-20 17:01:38    
Hi Jens, Please add:Crag: Ambohitra AntsingyCity: Diego SuarezCountry: Madagascar Crag: TsaranoroCity:  Andonaka  Country: Madagascar Thanks!
OffLine Stefano Tononi
  2012-08-20 20:23:26    
Hi! please add Crag: Penia City: Canazei, Italy Many thanks!
OffLine HC Tyldum
  2012-08-21 12:04:09    
Hi again, Does Husarberget exist? Could you please make Jarlsberget appear as a link? Thanks!
OffLine Pedro Stabile
  2012-09-11 23:31:32    
Hi Jens, I´ve got some Brazil crags to add. Thanks! State: Rio Grande do Sul : 1)Itacolomi 2)Pudim 3)Monte Belo 4)Pedreira de Pelotas State: Paraná: 1)   Serra do Cadeado State: Minas Gerais: 1)Falésia do Leão (City: Aiuruoca) 2)Falésia do Urubu (City: Itajubá) 3)Paraíso dos Bordis (City: Itajubá) 4)Pedra do Urubu (City: Itajubá) State: Rio de Janeiro:  1)Pedra da Boca do Rego (City: Resende) 2)Falésia do Bodinho (City: Resende) 3)Último Adeus (City: Itatiaia) 4)Pedreira Pombal (City: Barra Mansa) 5)Falésia de Maringá (City:Resende)
OffLine Sven Inge Schult
  2012-09-13 09:54:03    
Hello :) I am on Karpathos now, beautiful place :D I did 2 new boulders yesterday and shall try a new wall 2day by the beach in Ammopi, and 2morrow we are going 2 a crag which is called Kira Panagia. I will post pics, etc soon as well :) Kind regards Sven Inge
OffLine Lars Otto Lofthus Ose
  2012-09-16 00:12:49    
Can you add Flø as a bouldercrag?  Lars
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-09-16 12:15:06    
All crags have been added...thank you for sharing.
OffLine Markus Ixmeier
  2012-09-17 15:49:58    
Hi Jens, can you add STEIGERWALD and SPESSART as a Bouldercrag? Germany.Thanks. Ixi
OffLine JR Martínez
  2012-09-26 15:54:10    
Hi Jens, a new boulder area is being developed in Fussimanya. The area is about 5 km from Savassona (Barcelona) The coordinates are, 41.9664, 2.3509 can you plase add it to the database. Thanks Crag: Fussimanya city: Vic, Tavernoles. Country: Spain
OffLine anderfo
  2012-10-11 11:52:51    
Hi, there's a cleanup needed for Sardinia: A bunch of ascents have been registered under "Capo Testa" and "Cala Spinosa" or under "Sardinia"/"Sardegna" with sector "Capo Testa" or sector "Cala Spinosa". These are all in one crag and should be merged. I would suggest to name the crag "Capo Testa", with sector name "Cala Spinosa".
OffLine Alessandro Manià
  2012-10-20 22:35:21    
Please Jens,under ITALY, add "Pulo di Altamura"
OffLine anderfo
  2012-10-21 23:32:19    
Hi, could you please make a crag called "Agdenes" (with sectors Kaldklova & Gravvikheia) and also add all the ascents recorded under "Kaldklova" to this crag? cheers Country: Norway City: Trondheim Crag: Agdenes Sectors: Kaldklova and Gravvikheia
OffLine Joel Andersen
  2012-10-22 05:25:30    
Courtesy Wall at red river gorge in kentucky, USA.  It's about six years old or so, I think.  Surprised it's not online already.
OffLine GCP
  2012-11-06 08:48:24    
Can you add "The Garden" to Oregon in the USA, it's a bouldering area known to many people living near Smith Rocks. Here is more information: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/the-garden/105818193Thank you
OffLine GCP
  2012-11-06 08:48:38    
Thanks you
OffLine Vipin lal
  2012-11-06 09:44:18    
Under India, please add "Turahalli" under boulder crags. This is the map link. https://maps.google.com/?ll=12.88155,77.524595&spn=0.02326,0.039482&t=m&z=15
OffLine Dav k.
  2012-11-06 10:23:41    
Hallo can you add ''Steinplatte'' in Waidring/Tirol  Austria there are lots of sick sportclimbing and multipinch routes thank you
OffLine kinson
  2012-11-13 21:00:27    
Hello please add: Ferleiten in Salzburg/Austria --> Boulder Mixnitz in Steiermark/Austria --> Boulder Thx
OffLine kinson
  2012-11-13 21:01:15    
Hello please add: Ferleiten in Salzburg/Austria --> Boulder Mixnitz in Steiermark/Austria --> Boulder Thx
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-11-13 21:08:09    
Thanks...all crags have been added.
OffLine anderfo
  2012-11-14 16:05:52    
> Quoting Jens @ 2012-11-13 21:08:09
> Thanks...all crags have been added.
You forgot to add "Agdenes" though? Country: Norway City: Trondheim Crag: Agdenes Sectors: Kaldklova and Gravvikheia

> Quoting anderfo @ 2012-10-21 23:32:19
> Hi, > could you please make a crag called "Agdenes" (with sectors Kaldklova & Gravvikheia) and also add all the ascents recorded under "Kaldklova" to this crag? > cheers > > Country: Norway > City: Trondheim > Crag: Agdenes > Sectors: Kaldklova and Gravvikheia
OffLine rob hill
  2012-11-16 11:18:50    
PLZ add:

Crag: Oberaudorf
Sectors: Luegsteinsee, Weberwand
City: Rosenheim
Country: Germany

And maybe add the crack "Schlossberg" as a sector to oberaudorf. All these walls are in the village.

OffLine Gutu Lucian
  2012-11-19 16:37:16    
Please add Bratilesti bouldering area: Crag: Bratilesti City: Buzau Country: Romania thanks.
OnLine David Aran
  2012-11-21 12:31:27    
Hi. Can you change and/or merge "Cabezon de Oro" with its real name, "Cabeçó d'Or" ? Thanks a lot
OffLine Vasilii Chernov
  2012-12-25 13:59:01    
Hi, Can you add "Ushi" boulder sector Country: Russian Federation City: Kamyshin Crag: Ushi Thank you
OffLine KlausHansen
  2012-12-25 23:19:40    
Please add the boulder spot "Chemnitztal" in Germany. Thanks
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-12-26 11:04:22    
Merry X-mas...the boulder areas have been added :)
OnLine Bálint Izer
  2013-01-14 11:03:34    
Hi, please add the boulder areas "Remete-barlang" in Hungary. thx POI.  (lat): N 47° 33,623'  (lon): E 18° 55,767'
OffLine anderfo
  2013-01-16 14:09:39    
Quoting Jens Larssen, 2011-06-16 17:58:48: > Agdenes has only 9 ascents and it will be listed once it has 30 ascents. The crag Agdenes has 29 registered routes and 40 registered ascents at the moment. I think there's also approximately 20 routes not yet registered. > Country: Norway > City: Trondheim > Crag: Agdenes > Sectors: Kaldklova and Gravvikheia
OffLine Stanislava Lambreva
  2013-01-16 19:37:48    
Bulgaria: Please merge Boulder areas: Crags: Rila mountain and Beli Iskar They are maybe the nicest places for boulder in Bulgaria with many ascents each season ( good for the summer time as it is situated in the mountains)
OffLine ubaldo sarracino
  2013-01-18 22:15:44    
France (Haute Savoie): Please merge the ascents for the following crags:-"Suet", "Les Suets", "Le Seut" into the main real name "Le Suet"-"maquis" into the main name "le Maquis"-"le Foron" into "Foron"-"Chapelle" (with no sector!) and "Chapelle St Gras" into the main name "Chapelle Saint-Gras"-"Eaux vives", "les eaux vives","eau vive" into the main name "l'eau vive" Thanks in advance.
OffLine Sergey Nefedov
  2013-01-19 08:25:58    
Country: Ukraine
Crag: Morcheka
Sectors: Zub Morcheki and Main Wall
OffLine Sergey Nefedov
  2013-01-19 08:30:13    
Zub Morcheki:
OffLine anderfo
  2013-01-21 02:11:26    
Another crag to add: Country: Canada City: Saint John, NB Crag: Cedar Point cheers
OffLine anderfo
  2013-01-29 12:34:36    
Another crag to add (with ~41 ascents so far): Country: Canada City: Saint John, NB Crag: Kingston cheers
OffLine Curtis LaBouff
  2013-01-30 01:19:20    
country: thailandTown: Kaeng KhoiCrag: Nam Pha Pai Ya namphapayai -camp.com/
OffLine olmin
  2013-01-30 13:08:25    
Moclin, spain
OffLine DG
  2013-01-30 14:56:06    
Crag: St Cergue, in Switzerland
OffLine David Barbour
  2013-02-18 19:01:32    
Dixon School Road - Gastonia, NC, US
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2013-02-18 19:42:27    
It has been added with 47 ascents. We have just added automatically all crags with more than 30 ascents but there were so many different spellings of Dixon so we had to merge them before we activated it as a crag manually.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2013-02-22 10:24:33    
A few fixes please: - merge ascents from crag 'les eaux vives' into the main name 'L'eau vive'- merge ascents from crag 'le seut' into the right spelled name 'Le Suet'- merge 2 ascents from crag 'La Chapelle' ('Long courrier','Amelie jolie') into the real name 'Chapelle Saint-Gras' thanks in advance
OffLine Christopher Sykes
  2013-02-22 14:54:04    
Can you add Psili Riza, Kalymnos (The North Face Crag 2012)? http://climbkalymnos.com/?p=6742 Heres the link with the topo and grade list
OffLine Galya Terenteva
  2013-02-25 16:26:37    
Please add crags:  "Stolby" (55.94968, 92.775578) and "Rizhaya"55.944081,92.862428)
Country: Russia. City:
"Rizhaya" - now just with 15
routes. Stolby - it's big crag with many sectors (pillars) with routes, and
boulders also.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2013-02-25 17:12:55    
Christoffer: Kalymnos is the crag with some 70 sectors in the 8a data base including Psili Riza so you can paste the topo in the kalymons page. Stolby is added :)
OffLine Jack Shewring
  2013-02-26 16:30:59    
'Ko Poda' - an island not far from Railey & Tonsai in Thailand
OffLine Nicholas Mills
  2013-03-28 14:40:11    
Hey can you add Big Gun. It's a crag in Yangshuo China


Scar 5+
Three little birds 5
Batman 6a
Turn light 6a+
Lonely Marley 6b
Mr Big Gun 6c
Shot 6a
OffLine Nicholas Mills
  2013-03-28 14:40:50    
Hey can you add Big Gun. It's a crag in Yangshuo China


Scar 5+
Three little birds 5
Batman 6a
Turn light 6a+
Lonely Marley 6b
Mr Big Gun 6c
Shot 6a

OffLine Nicholas Mills
  2013-03-28 14:42:23    
Sorry I posted that twice =

Also... Could you please add

Tail spin 6b+

This is at The Egg (crag), also in Yangshuo, China.

Thanks again
OffLine kike sur
  2013-03-29 21:51:58    
new crag: La mina, Chile i'll add some routes, the grades, some info and where is it thx
OffLine Gude Nicolai Tokerud
  2013-05-08 12:02:36    
Hey! could you please add the sportsclimbing-crag "Modalshorn" in Norway. I can add the routes , location etc. thanks up front!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2013-05-08 12:26:06    
Thanks...it has been fixed.
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2013-05-10 11:22:14    
Below Reutte there are ascents of Hanger / Ehrwald and Plattspitzen. These are crags in completely different region (30km away from Reutte, no Rocks between) and should better have own area - i.e. Ehrwald. thanks some ascents in "wrong" aerea: Dominik Pietsch   6c+  Seppl Variante  Reutte / Hanger  0  2013-04-22 Maria Sperl   6c  Seitensprung  Reutte / Ehrwald-Hanger  os 0  2011-10-28 Anonymous   5c  Sonnenzeit  Reutte / Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze  Hard 15 pitches, 700 m. I think the hardest pitch is more like 6a!?! But tthe true crux is the descent in the dark ;) 2  2011-10-05 Wolfi Hofer   6c+  Out of water  Reutte / Plattspitzen-Wechseljahre  Soft unten gute Löcher mit schwerem Ausstieg ins Flachere, ab der der Hälfte etwas eirig (Reflash >10 Jahre nach FA) 3  2011-09-25 3  2011-09-25
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2013-05-10 11:22:42    
deleted  - double post
OffLine DG
  2013-05-21 16:44:13    
Sport climbing at Boquete in Panama.
OffLine Sebastian Fuchs
  2013-06-14 04:23:08    
can you please add: Taiwan; Longdong: Long Lane: Skyhook 5.11a; Zhongxiao 5.10a; Renai 5.10b; Golden Gate Slab 5.8; Music Hall: Seven Eleven 5.11.a; Relucant 5.11a Thanks,
OffLine Sebastian Brand
  2013-06-14 13:21:37    
Hi, I have a few suggestions concerning the area "saxon switzerland": as the area is HUGE and is therefore subdivided into 13 smaller subareas, namely:      Affensteine, Bielatal, Brand, Erzgebirgsgrenzgebiet, Gebiet der Steine, Großer Zschand,       Hinterhermsdorf, Kleiner Zschand, Rathen, Schmilka, Schrammsteine, Wehlen,      Wildensteiner GebietThat alone could still be solved by "crag" and "sector" for example: Siurana/Can Piqui PuquiThen it would say samething like Saxon Switzerland/Affensteine/name of the route BUT, that doesn't work !Because IN those small subarea one NEEDS to give the name of the tower that the route was climbed on, and there are about 100-200 towers in a subarea, which each contain 5-100 routes ! So here is the problem, summed up again:1. Saxon Switzerland - needs to be added as a climbing area2. the 13 Subdivisions need to be added to that area3. in each subdivision the towers need to be added4. in the towers the routes, with name and grade need to be added ------------I understand that this is a lot of work, but if you can somehow make it editable I would keep on pushing the project, as it is really a marvelous thing to have Please pm me, in case I forgot something or the feat I want to have implemented allready exist.Thank you in advancecheers, Sebastian
OffLine Markus Ixmeier
  2013-06-29 00:53:37    
can you please add Rhön - Germany - Bouldering ThanksIxi
OffLine Markus Ixmeier
  2013-06-29 00:54:12    
can you please add Rhön - Germany - Bouldering ThanksIxi
OffLine Ryan Patridge
  2013-07-13 01:52:37    
1: Bridge of the Gods Boulders near Cascade Locks, OR   http://mountainproject.com/v/bridge-of-the-gods-boulders/105789016 . 2: The Garden (Boulders) near Sweet Home, OR   http://mountainproject.com/v/the-garden/105818193 . These are two of the most popular bouldering spots near Portland, OR. Thanks! -Ryan
OffLine Stefan Hammerl
  2013-07-13 21:51:46    
please add Burschlwand and Hasliwand as two MP Crags in Zams/Austria. thank you
OffLine Wojtek Komada
  2013-07-30 16:41:25    
Can you please add crag: Zagórze Śląskie / Poland. 
OffLine Rafal Lange
  2013-08-26 14:52:27    
Could You add Solna Jama , Poland, Bouldering
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2013-08-26 22:36:34    
Thanks...everything has been added.
OffLine Joe Gruss
  2013-09-19 15:20:49    
Hey, I know there are a lot of variations on "Cascades" in the database already, but we have a large bouldering area in Virginia, USA called that, that I'd like added.  Thanks.
OffLine Øystein Handegard
  2013-10-08 08:57:02    
Is it possible to add the "Black Forest" crag on Kalymnos to the database? http://climbkalymnos.com/?cat=27 Thanks!
OffLine Gareth Pratt
  2013-10-30 21:31:03    
Would you mind adding Taffs Well, South Wales?
OffLine Gareth Pratt
  2013-10-30 22:13:03    
OffLine Brandon Gezel
  2013-11-10 17:19:07    
Can you please add
Louisville Swamp - USA - Bouldering

OffLine Kate Godsiff
  2013-11-20 20:45:44    
Hello, Please could you add the following crags for New Zealand - Thankyou Gibraltor Rock Bivvy Rock Transmitter Crag
OffLine Pablo Fernandez
  2014-01-21 01:01:37    
Hi, please add La Veredilla and Aguas Nuevas crags in Cadiz, Spain Thanks!
OffLine Data Base
  2014-02-02 13:19:47    
You might add such crags in Israel as: Timna Beit Arye Zanoah Beit Oren Zichron Vanishing Cliff They are pretty operating spots...
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2014-02-02 13:39:50    
You might add such crags in Israel as: Timna Beit Arye Zanoah Beit Oren Zichron Vanishing Cliff They are pretty operating spots...
OffLine User Deactivated
  2014-02-02 17:34:04    
Could you please add Monte Arci , and Samugheo  in Sardinia? Thank you.
OffLine Evgeny Eidelzon
  2014-02-11 00:36:38    
Hi! Please add Beit Oren , Guy Ben Hinom and Shilat in Israel. 10X!!!
OffLine Fabio Pichler
  2014-02-12 21:31:51    
Please add "Kolosseum" for Austria.
OffLine Ben Hur
  2014-03-08 23:09:53    
Please add "Faulensee" as crag in Switzerland. Cheers
OffLine Markus Crasser
  2014-03-12 15:36:15    
Please add "Waldkirchen" in Germany.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2014-03-12 21:00:43    
All crags have been added...thanks :)
OffLine xxx
  2014-03-14 15:16:08    
Please add "Campanha" in Brazil
OffLine xxx
  2014-03-14 15:16:35    
Please add "Campanha" in Brazil
OffLine BazzMasta
  2014-03-19 10:39:40    
Hi! Please add Grag: Mesa de Tejina Country: Spain Mayor city/area: Tenerife City: Tejina 3 sectors called: Masacre, Gajo, Cabra. Thanx. JL
OffLine HC Tyldum
  2014-03-26 08:46:44    
Hi,Could you please merge the Hellerud bouldering area in Oslo with Østmarka? They are the same area (Hellerud is smaller sector and the old name used) and it is quite annoying to have to check both sectors to find information and comments. Thanks! Asje
OffLine Przemo
  2014-04-15 13:07:44    
Is it possible to merge Poland crag called Kamien Leski with Kamień Leski under the name Kamien Leski ? Those 2 are the same crags but now it's hard to find ascents from Kamień Leski as there is polish letter ń in the name so easier to find a crag without it. thx
OffLine Dima Ryduy
  2014-05-05 21:30:05    
Hi! Please add Crag: Kremenets  Country: Ukraine City: Kremenets 6 sectors called: Divochi skeli(girls rock ), Krest(cross), Parad Planet (parade of planets), Mrija idiota(dream of the idiot), Sytinkova zona(the twilight zone), Andergraynd(Undergraund). Please enter the name of sectors since I wrote ( name and the name in English in brackets). Thank you for your understanding =)
OffLine Dima Ryduy
  2014-05-05 21:30:28    
Or if didnt want or didnt can keep double name of sectors please write names that i wrote outside the brackets
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2014-05-05 21:52:36    
Just click "Add" up in the left column and there you will find a link so you can add crags and sector by yourself :)
OffLine Dima Ryduy
  2014-05-05 22:17:04    
Thank you))) i didnt see this before)
OffLine Erdős Gábor
  2014-05-08 12:33:54    
Please add:  Crag: Kis-Sváb-hegyi kőfejtő Country: Hungary  City: Budapest  Sectors: None
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2014-05-08 18:17:11    
Just click "Add" up in the left column and there you will find a link so you can add crags and sector by yourself :)
OffLine killerworm
  2014-07-27 17:57:50    
Thank you
OffLine Jonathan Barlev
  2014-08-29 13:54:20    
I'm having trouble adding a crag via the "Add" link described above ( I keep getting an "Error Adding Crag" notice). Could you please add the following:crag: Guy Ben Hinomcountry: Israelcity: Jerusalemsectors: none Thanks
OffLine Jonathan Barlev
  2014-08-29 13:54:46    
I'm having trouble adding a crag via the "Add" link described above ( I keep getting an "Error Adding Crag" notice). Could you please add the following: crag: Guy Ben Hinomcountry: Israelcity: Jerusalemsectors: none Thanks
OffLine Sebastian Schwertner
  2014-08-31 22:14:04    
can you please merge Italy - Dolomites and Dolomiten. English and German name for the same area.
OffLine pastou09
  2014-10-22 14:06:08    
pays: france crag:Ax les thermes sector: en castel merci et bonne grimpe
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2014-10-22 15:00:26    
Just click "Add" up to the left and you will get the link where you can add crags and sectors by yourself :)