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"The Height of Injustice"52018-02-23 11:11:55
by: Dreamingof8a
Dreamtime 8B+ (C) by Jakob Schubert162018-02-22 21:39:54
by: Dan Cannaday
Climbing Lifestyle in Spain - Sasha Digulian22018-02-21 19:25:57
by: Jens Larssen
Best Climbing Shoes - 2018?32018-02-20 16:24:17
by: Colorado Crusher
Ondra technical training and flexibility is most productive42018-02-20 13:30:17
by: Jens Larssen
8C in an hour by Nomura Shinichiro82018-02-20 11:04:13
by: Yuki Yuki
In own matter: redesigning 8a.nu132018-02-20 10:46:31
by: Endre Verden
Ondra comments his 9a+ flash72018-02-17 21:46:21
by: Igor Kosic
8b by Chuck Odette (62) going for 8b+32018-02-17 12:20:03
by: Jens Larssen
9b FA by Adam Ondra162018-02-17 08:23:07
by: Sylvain FAVIER
Adam Ondra does the FA of Eagle 4 9b22018-02-16 13:58:55
by: Carlos "Banderas"
World class today and for most years12018-02-15 22:26:09
by: HPudzich
Best Climbing Shoes - 2018?172018-02-15 12:24:41
by: Gloria Romulo
Cotting: The Story of Two Worlds 8B+262018-02-14 18:24:12
by: Joakim Thommesen
8b (+) trad ascent by Tom Randall22018-02-14 16:57:22
by: Jens Larssen
Dreamtime 8C by James Webb22018-02-13 09:03:16
by: Frank Grabo
9a+ flash by Adam Ondra62018-02-12 15:45:02
by: Franz the Stampede
Japan Cup podium presents new faces to the WC22018-02-11 17:54:53
by: Paulo
8c+ by Michaela Kiersch again52018-02-10 05:07:27
by: Jason Crank
The complete 8C to 9A list and the progress12018-02-09 12:19:19
by: Jeremy Jennings
The Story... low, 8C by Sebastian Cotting42018-02-09 08:51:41
by: Sune Hermit
Ten very hard FAs by Giuliano Cameroni in Ticino32018-02-08 09:06:18
by: Alexander Förschler
One more 9a+ (b) by Adam Ondra132018-02-07 18:08:37
by: Jens Larssen
Add your crag and boulder area to the data base132018-02-06 15:26:51
by: Jens Larssen
Silence 9c video streamed 23/2 from Arco22018-02-06 12:17:17
by: Rajko Zajc
Catalan Witness the Fitness 8B+ (C) by Dave MacLeod (39)52018-02-05 19:49:39
by: Nschenks87
Nacho Sánchez on the FA of 'Gabo', 8B+ in La Pedriza12018-02-05 18:37:30
by: Sam Weir
La Plancha 8b+/V14 Sam Weir12018-02-05 18:36:23
by: Sam Weir
Puccio and Coleman win great show in Nationals142018-02-05 17:13:04
by: Jens Larssen
USA Nationals scoring by points112018-02-04 14:28:53
by: Jens Larssen
Dry wet rock with a sock, chalk and a brush62018-02-03 22:53:39
by: M gutek
The complete 9a+ to 9c list and the progress62018-02-02 13:45:29
by: Juan Ignacio Ramirez
The Story... 8C by Jelonek incl. "low" 8C (+) by Rauch22018-02-01 08:08:52
by: Jens Larssen
Ramon Julian Puigblanque #1 in the male IFSC history12018-01-31 16:23:49
by: Bojan
ISPO Gold Award 2018 for the Rock Selfie!32018-01-31 09:22:16
by: Jens Larssen
Most points, wins and titles in the comp history92018-01-30 22:31:55
by: Jens Larssen
Golden Shadow 8B+ by Oriane Bertone (12)222018-01-30 22:28:56
by: Jens Larssen
Add crags to the database3812018-01-29 20:17:07
by: Owen Summerscales
The best competition climbers in the history42018-01-29 20:12:05
by: The Whistleblower 5
Beto Rocasolano flashes another 8B (A?)42018-01-28 21:12:50
by: Jens Larssen
One more 8C FA by Dai Koyamada (41)12018-01-27 17:26:32
by: Christian Mengel
79th 8c onsight by Adam Ondra12018-01-25 09:04:58
by: Andrew Murray
Boulder WC Kitzbühel172018-01-25 07:18:13
by: Vlad Belkin
2nd 8b by Maria Sperl (39) who started slowly being 3012018-01-24 14:37:46
by: Tanka Rhai
Stay updated on ascents in crags and friends22018-01-24 10:10:13
by: Jens Larssen
Ondra/Markovic and Stöhr/Moroni win in Milan32018-01-23 22:31:23
by: Rainer Held
Climbing is dangerous - comic story22018-01-22 21:09:26
by: Steve
8c+ FA in Siurana by Tomas Ravanal12018-01-22 00:54:17
by: Nschenks87
8A by Max Bertone (10) in Rocklands122018-01-21 11:40:39
by: Jens Larssen
Underground training with Ned Fedhally22018-01-19 05:36:02
by: Manacubus
8A and 8A+ by Kintana Iltis (14)12018-01-17 13:00:18
by: Oriane Bertone (f)
Get better endurance by resting in the top jug12018-01-15 22:22:45
by: 2big2boulder
Jakob Schubert flashes Catalan Witness the Fitness 8B+(8C)12018-01-13 21:45:52
by: Adam Morgan
Which is the best crash pad - 2018?22018-01-13 19:14:34
by: Geo
8C FA by Tamás Zupán12018-01-13 12:25:48
by: Róbert Arató
9b again by Stefano Ghisolfi42018-01-13 09:28:22
by: Bojan
8A again for Oriane Bertone (12)32018-01-12 03:45:41
by: Romain Thiery
One more 9a by Janja Garnbret in Santa Linya92018-01-11 10:35:54
by: Bojan
Sport Climber of the year 2017 - Draft302018-01-11 02:29:54
by: Aron Stockhausen
Margo Hayes doing Biographie 9a+302018-01-08 11:15:13
by: Vladimir arnaoudov
The Story of 2 Worlds 8C by Alex Khazanov32018-01-06 13:23:34
by: Gareth Parry
Beto Rocasolano doing 8B+/8C and 8C FA's52018-01-04 14:09:16
by: Dani
8c+ and 9a by Janja Garnbret (18)122018-01-02 12:26:27
by: Rai
First 8A+ by Ivana Řezníková (35)12018-01-01 19:43:27
by: Arnaud Binet
Extreme progress also in 201732017-12-22 14:18:33
by: Michael Ritler
Honnold and Ondra did the most ground breaking ascents in 201732017-12-21 16:36:23
by: Jan V'
IFSC 2017 analysis by Neumann and Fischhuber32017-12-21 10:55:27
by: Bojan
Megos & Hayes won Moonboard Masters52017-12-19 22:43:25
by: Bomberone
Two 8B and one 8A+ flash by Florian Schmalzl22017-12-19 19:36:11
by: Giuliano Cameroni
Nacho Sánchez doing Esperanza 9a32017-12-18 13:11:28
by: Pato Lucas
9a+ in Margalef by Sangwon Son12017-12-16 12:39:07
by: Pano .
863 boulders 8A and harder by Paul Robinson32017-12-15 19:51:20
by: Brian Antheunisse
9a/+ and 8c+ by Anak Verhoeven in Santa Linya92017-12-15 11:39:40
by: Grubber
Second 8B by Oriane Bertone (12)32017-12-13 17:25:11
by: Joakim Thommesen
9a/++ FA by Anak Verhoeven in Santa Linya12017-12-12 09:06:01
by: Ruben warrinnier
Chris Sharma doing an 8c+/9a22017-12-11 13:06:28
by: Kenny Walker
Most ground breaking ascents 2017?42017-12-07 23:58:12
by: Jason Crank
Iker Pou (40) 8c+ FA in Margalef32017-12-06 16:47:27
by: James C
West Virginia's DWS Competition12017-12-06 09:47:23
by: Thatis Odd
8C by Florian Schmalzl32017-12-05 19:49:07
by: Anonymous 2.0
8A+ in an hour by Alex Puccio72017-12-04 17:13:49
by: Oldman Johnson
11 points system for bouldering scoring172017-12-02 13:36:01
by: Gianluca
Gems in Fontainebleau12017-12-01 13:25:20
by: Thatis Odd
La Sportiva Legends Only Highlights12017-12-01 13:24:05
by: Thatis Odd
Ondra and Hill are the climbing heroes of 2017112017-11-28 14:04:49
by: Philippe Vaucher
9a by Stefano Carnati (19)12017-11-28 10:48:17
by: Giuliano Cameroni
Shauna Coxsey wins La Sportiva Legends Only12017-11-26 10:25:51
by: Thomas Maatz
Ryohei Kameyama presentation32017-11-24 12:33:20
by: Dabreu
9b by Stefano Ghisolfi32017-11-23 13:01:14
by: Adam Ondra
Who is your male climbing hero?72017-11-22 19:10:25
by: Vnz Scamp
Paul Robinson - Hide and Sick 8B+ Maltatal (2nd Asc.)12017-11-22 07:04:42
by: Bomberone
Is it counterproductive to train Speed before 2020?432017-11-21 17:42:58
by: TJ Vrag
Patxi Usobiaga profile presentation12017-11-21 17:15:35
by: Till Teufel
Two 9a's by Adam Ondra52017-11-21 01:30:03
by: ®ents
9b FA by Adam Ondra in Arco52017-11-19 15:36:43
by: Zapfenwolfi
Record big IFSC competition season 201812017-11-16 22:53:07
by: Çamouél
8C+ low start extension by barefoot Charles Albert242017-11-15 19:40:12
by: Jason Crank
Record in ties and Hojer and Coxsey to the final92017-11-15 13:12:55
by: The Whistleblower 5
Perfect show ends the 2017 season12017-11-13 15:35:48
by: Bojan
Lead overall 201712017-11-13 08:45:06
by: Renets
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