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Ondra and Saurwein win Arco KO Boulder22016-08-28 23:51:16
by: Franz the Stampede
Chris Sharma doing the craziest move on his Le Blond 9c project52016-08-27 00:12:08
by: Teiga t
The 2020 Combined Solution192016-08-26 12:41:49
by: Jens Larssen
Sport climbing included in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games262016-08-26 06:08:22
by: Tj Ovesen
Jan Kareš, 42, sets new 6 h pull-up record = 3 56912016-08-24 04:09:23
by: Aron Stockhausen
Edu Marin does WoGü 8c (+) MP22016-08-22 20:22:04
by: Franz the Stampede
Europeans dominate the Lead World Cup12016-08-22 10:43:32
by: Yohan
The Path 8b+R trad by Alex Megos42016-08-20 19:03:39
by: Ethan Yackulic
Finals from Imst live at 19.3022016-08-20 10:42:26
by: Krzysztof Krzyzanowski
Live Streaming from Munich at 11.3092016-08-20 04:12:03
by: Jason Crank
Add crags to the database3672016-08-18 12:00:21
by: Jails
Ashima does an 8c on the 2nd go and reaches 100 000 Instagram followers42016-08-18 09:47:05
by: Andreas Jakwerth
Coxsey and Narasaki superior World Cup winners12016-08-14 23:17:31
by: Aaron Schneider
Semifinals in Munich at 11.3012016-08-13 13:43:10
by: Martijn Pieterse
Jan Hojer and Michaela Kiersch Win Psicobloc 201612016-08-12 14:22:56
by: Kenny Walker
Naïlé Meignan (12) does Florida 8c (b+) in Rodellar12016-08-09 15:33:19
by: Javier Barbadillo
Route climbers European Bouldering Champions42016-08-07 17:24:11
by: Jens Larssen
Sleepy Rave 8C (B) by Ashima Shiraishi (15)192016-08-05 21:10:17
by: George Kahn
Lorenz Ulmer in Rocklands12016-08-02 00:00:41
by: SørenG
Drew Ruana (16) sends Le Cadre Nouvelle 9a and more12016-08-01 18:46:12
by: Rufus5.12
Onsight slaughter again by Adam Ondra and a 9a+ FA72016-07-31 00:58:35
by: Cameron Fearey
Over 65 meter long 9a FA by Adam Ondra in Flatanger12016-07-30 16:35:21
by: BananaMan
The new La Sportiva performance climbing shoe12016-07-30 07:55:56
by: Horss
Wild Country's Revo belay device42016-07-28 23:32:54
by: Franz the Stampede
Monkey Wedding 8C also by Nalle Hukkataival12016-07-27 12:25:10
by: Isabelle Faus
Domen Skofic from Slovenia wins again52016-07-25 23:27:03
by: RasmusJes
Janja Garnbret (17) superior again12016-07-25 15:02:25
by: KlemenP
9a revenge for Stefano Ghisolfi22016-07-21 12:50:33
by: Jens Larssen
Seb Bouin does Thor's Hammer which goes down to 9a132016-07-19 23:15:36
by: Jens Larssen
Garnbret & McColl win in Villars132016-07-19 11:30:55
by: Graeme A
Janja Garnbret (17) from Slovenia takes her first WC victory32016-07-15 21:54:05
by: Jens Larssen
Domen Skofic from Slovenia wins in Chamonix62016-07-14 11:39:58
by: Tanka Rhai
Ashima Shiraishi escapes 14 m ground fall132016-07-13 23:17:34
by: Franz the Stampede
Ramonet - The best WC athlete in the history12016-07-13 13:44:21
by: Garten
Isaac Buckley Climbs King Line 8B12016-07-11 22:22:12
by: Christian Mengel
Safety is #1 - The community needs to know why Shiraishi fell to the ground12016-07-11 13:21:48
by: Gregor Jaeger
Ethan Pringle Jumbo Love 9b story12016-07-09 14:43:03
by: Christoph Barthel
8C FA by Paul Robinson again22016-07-09 13:26:14
by: Majkel
9a FA by Thomas P. O'Halloran in Blue Mountains12016-07-09 07:32:50
by: Diego Rios
8B by Karoline Sinnhuber in Rocklands32016-07-06 11:10:29
by: Gérard manffroy
9a by Stefano Carnati (18)12016-07-05 22:29:23
by: Rai
8c+ by Yuji Hirayama (47) in Flatanger22016-07-04 13:37:31
by: User Deactivated
3rd 8B in June by Isabelle Faus22016-07-02 20:16:59
by: Isabelle Faus
Sharma experiments with Pucseries training12016-06-29 12:15:36
by: Iggi Moore
Martin Keller (38) finishes his 13 year 8C project12016-06-29 10:46:33
by: Joakim Thommesen
La Grotta dei Colombi needs fanatic bolters602016-06-28 23:09:25
by: Piotr Bunsch
Jan Kareš - Another unknown climbing hero122016-06-28 22:47:42
by: 9b
Rustam Gelmanov repeats Hypnotized Mindes 8C+272016-06-28 03:26:01
by: Off The Couch
9a (8c+) by Mar Álvarez (36)12016-06-27 14:06:58
by: Arnoud Prinz
9a+ FA in Flatanger and two 8b+ (c) onsights82016-06-24 11:04:53
by: Sune Hermit
Stefano Ghisolfi doing Biographie 9a+12016-06-22 04:51:41
by: Gonzola
Rockfax/UKC need to update their grade conversions again42016-06-21 16:05:22
by: Jens Larssen
Papichulo 9a+ by Klemen Becan22016-06-20 13:03:13
by: Dani Puigdomènech
Honnold does not agree with UK ethics and grading62016-06-19 15:06:34
by: Jens Larssen
Domen ŠŠkofic and Jakob Schubert on the sending train in Flatanger32016-06-17 14:16:15
by: Tieme
8B flash, Jade 8B+ 3:go and then a nasty fall for Jonwong Chon102016-06-16 16:16:55
by: Majkel
Alex Honnold solos 60 m E7 ~7c72016-06-15 17:21:16
by: Jens Larssen
Boulder WC after 6 out of 7 events82016-06-14 12:41:28
by: Jan V'
Adam Ondra gives 10a interesting thoughts162016-06-11 17:25:06
by: Ming_Men
8c+ by Lena Herrmann in Frankenjura12016-06-09 09:32:03
by: Tanka Rhai
Which discipline in the Olympics 2020?172016-06-07 15:18:31
by: Steve
Alex Megos does UK 9a on his 8th try on the same day32016-06-06 13:07:21
by: Arnoud Prinz
The Wheel of Life 9a (8C) by Alex Barrows232016-06-06 11:46:33
by: Pbla4024
Ondra tries and does Geocache 9a+22016-06-05 00:02:45
by: Truls Martin Larsen
Alex Megos does Hubble 8c+ (9a)402016-06-04 11:42:10
by: Lorenzo Cambria
Sport climbing is very close to be in the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo142016-06-03 12:44:03
by: User Deactivated
Nathan Williams (17) flashes 8A+22016-06-03 02:52:49
by: Off The Couch
Daniel Woods talks 9A22016-06-02 14:58:36
by: Jens Larssen
Ondra does Geocache 9a+ in a day62016-05-31 14:50:11
by: Majkel
9a in Céüse by Stefano Ghisolfi12016-05-31 10:20:28
by: Dario De Santis
Four 8A's for Karo Sinnhuber32016-05-29 22:59:18
by: Herman Claeys Launched!162016-05-26 16:07:27
by: Tieme
Jon Cardwell has done Biographie 9a+42016-05-26 15:48:56
by: Jaka
Practice & Ethics in sport climbing52016-05-26 13:45:07
by: Martijn Pieterse
Practice of the Wild gets 8B+ by Gabri Moroni162016-05-25 14:46:42
by: Leite
First 8c+ by Julia Chanourdie (19)12016-05-24 18:59:50
by: Johannes Geiss
Finals start at 2012016-05-21 18:29:32
by: Herman Claeys
Japan dominates in India722016-05-20 22:13:23
by: Paul Muaddib 5
8C after driving 7 000 km by Tamás Zupán172016-05-20 17:35:09
by: Nordlicht
Adam Ondra does 9a #120, Under vibes12016-05-18 16:47:26
by: Frank Grabo
Stefano Ghisolfi winning Melloblocco22016-05-17 13:10:51
by: Jens Larssen
Antihydral - No more sweaty fingertips82016-05-15 17:53:35
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
Alex Megos does First Round First Minute 9b62016-05-15 15:36:47
by: Jens Larssen
Loic Zehani (14) does Bronx 8c+12016-05-10 10:01:08
by: Sune Hermit
Manuel Huber storytelling about his first 8c42016-05-09 19:59:26
by: Klem Fandango
9a by Alexander Rohr12016-05-09 19:34:34
by: Pbla4024
Climbing products is getting cheaper112016-05-05 12:10:25
by: Martin Knöbl
Estado Critico 9a by Sasha Gerzha32016-05-03 10:21:55
by: Tanka Rhai
8A+ by Malgorzata Rudzinska12016-05-03 10:20:29
by: Maciek 'Leser' Gajewski
8B+ in Magic by Dave Macleod (37)42016-05-02 09:36:42
by: Jens Larssen
Adam Ondra tries 9a+ flash and Sharma says he has 9c, 9c+, 10a ability52016-05-01 19:42:04
by: Jackson Allan
Coxsey win fourth straight and Narasaki his first12016-05-01 18:26:18
by: Graeme A
19 pull-ups in 1 + 1 finger = New world record42016-04-28 09:16:19
by: User Deactivated
Wild landscapes of Norway22016-04-26 14:51:54
by: Jens Larssen
Disadvantage starting last in the boulder final1062016-04-26 13:01:06
by: Jens Larssen
La Reina Mora 9a (8c) by Stéphane Hanssens12016-04-26 12:01:43
by: Joakim Thommesen
First 8c by Gudmund Grønhaug (43)12016-04-26 08:31:45
by: Joakim Thommesen
Alex Megos does 20+ boulders 8A and harder in Sweden12016-04-25 18:10:13
by: David S.
Rustam Gelmanov wins in Kazo42016-04-25 14:42:22
by: Jens Larssen
We are working on the log-in problem22016-04-25 09:40:48
by: Jens Larssen
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