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Verhoeven and Korenaga tie-break winners in World Games92017-07-24 22:29:49
by: J. Smith
Alex Megos repeats Hukkataival's 8C in Rocklands42017-07-24 16:49:46
by: Rai
Dani Andrada: "It is harder to climb a 9a+ than an 8C"172017-07-22 09:53:03
by: Jens Larssen
Stasa Gejo win World Games12017-07-21 23:26:19
by: The Whistleblower
World Games Bouldering finals today22017-07-21 17:25:49
by: Thhj
Beta site updates132017-07-21 13:21:47
by: Jens Larssen
European Youth Cup - L'Argentière22017-07-20 13:28:44
by: The Whistleblower
Add crags to the database3782017-07-19 14:38:28
by: T Toni
8B by Liting Xu in Rocklands32017-07-15 22:21:17
by: Jason Crank
Four Tops and Bombardi won being faster82017-07-15 16:50:12
by: J. Smith
Chamonix World Cup222017-07-14 01:43:02
by: Steve
9b FA by Adam Ondra in Flatanger again12017-07-13 08:06:14
by: Thomas Maatz
Monkey Wedding 8C in 30 min by Alex Megos92017-07-12 08:38:55
by: JBee
Crutches but progress to 8B+ by Thomas Blaabjerg32017-07-10 12:25:17
by: Tom Thudium
Desgranges and Garnbret win in Villars62017-07-10 10:20:02
by: Philippe Vaucher
9a+ or 9a/+ FA by Dani Andrada32017-07-05 16:33:15
by: Ps
Mixed feelings for Speed22017-07-04 22:15:50
by: Jens Larssen
Rebolting guidance from Fixe112017-07-03 09:42:40
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
European Championships in Campitello72017-07-01 22:26:13
by: Alex Durrant
ECH Finalists live streaming 20.4522017-07-01 22:16:51
by: Chad molino
All favorites but Halenke and Ramonet to the semifinal12017-07-01 15:27:59
by: Mitja Predikaka
8C or harder FA by Hukkataival in Rocklands12017-06-30 01:19:05
by: Franz the Stampede
Godoffe's first 8A in Font tried by Schubert and Stöhr12017-06-28 06:47:39
by: Bomberone
8C by Ondra as a preparation for ECH and his 9c project12017-06-27 14:14:33
by: Micha Br
Beal Esacaper - Scary magic to rapell and pulling 60 meter rope142017-06-26 14:42:15
by: Mark Nauser
Chon and Coxsey win in India12017-06-26 10:42:17
by: Grubber
8A (+) by Oriane Bertone (12)12017-06-25 12:10:40
by: V Xeuge
30 m ground up DWS 8b+ by Chris Sharma42017-06-23 23:01:55
by: Fabbie
Jungle Boggie 9a+ by Alex Megos12017-06-22 14:07:57
by: Ming_Men
Barbara Zangerl - The world's best female rock climber102017-06-22 05:33:22
by: Jason Crank
Dramatic traffic increase for 8a62017-06-21 20:20:38
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
Mind-blowing pictures of Honnold's free solo22017-06-20 03:29:07
by: Kenny Walker
9a+ FA by Alex Megos in Götterwandl12017-06-18 21:26:58
by: John Olsson
9a+ and two 8c+ by Alex Megos42017-06-16 20:33:26
by: Pbla4024
8A and 8A+ by Alex Puccio22017-06-15 11:20:47
by: Tuf La
Alex Honnold free solos Freerider, 30 pitches up to 7c+532017-06-14 06:17:05
by: El Scorpion
Boulder WC after 5 out of 7 events, counting all but one12017-06-13 01:58:06
by: Bojan
We have ordered more server capacity32017-06-12 18:57:14
by: Jens Larssen
Top-10 climbing shoes 2017 by Wiki12017-06-08 22:46:50
by: Steve
9a+ FA by Daniel Fuertes12017-06-08 12:37:33
by: Nacho Olabarri
Steve McClure 9b footage and talk from Malham12017-06-07 21:19:58
by: Olmin
First short video from Honnold's solo climbing12017-06-07 14:22:33
by: David Nieto
Steve McClure - The late bloomer doing 9b FA at 4652017-06-07 13:48:17
by: Zapfenwolfi
9b by Steve McClure (45)92017-06-06 08:51:59
by: The Whistleblower
18th 8B by Alex Puccio as preparation for Vail WC82017-06-04 13:35:29
by: Steve
Quickdraw sling (dogbone) breaking incident32017-06-04 04:56:52
by: EkiM dnoB
8B (A+) by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk62017-06-01 21:07:26
by: Jens Larssen
Great European Youth Cup in Imst32017-05-30 16:48:12
by: Ian Dunn
Two 8c+' by Rafa Fanega (42)12017-05-29 09:23:00
by: Joakim Thommesen
Yoga for Climbers12017-05-27 23:40:09
by: Jason Crank
Ondra reports great progress on his 9c Flatanger project92017-05-25 23:15:32
by: BananaMan
The straight forward Russian machine122017-05-25 21:39:59
by: Jan V'
O-Key also a Safety First innovation182017-05-25 16:57:12
by: Christoph Gotschke
9a onsight again by Alex Megos162017-05-24 05:09:24
by: El Scorpion
Adam is working on his no-hands rest on his 9c project72017-05-18 23:04:03
by: Opi Brey
Minvielle and Favier repeat the first female 8a in the world22017-05-15 20:41:54
by: Pbla4024
8b (a+) by Cathy Wagner (51)22017-05-12 21:04:37
by: Jerr roberts
Hukkataival questions his Golden Piton "Boldest Move" award342017-05-03 20:22:38
by: Jens Larssen
Secret body control training explains Watabe's extreme progress82017-05-03 10:40:11
by: Kenny Walker
Watabe and Coxsey win in Nanjing132017-05-02 17:19:53
by: Dan Cannaday
Ueli Steck dies in an Mount Everest accident42017-05-01 09:05:02
by: Puntorosso
Japan dominates also in Nanjing - Many sensations22017-04-29 20:07:23
by: Jacob Niemann
The multi-discipline superiority of Adam Ondra is unique and it is not about physical strengths342017-04-29 10:11:02
by: Jan V'
Ghisolfi's 8c+ gets 9a by Reffo and Megos12017-04-28 14:39:26
by: Stefano Ghisolfi
No Foot Contest #8 in Strasbourg12017-04-28 14:12:49
by: Steve
Chongqing highlights12017-04-25 21:33:38
by: Evan Erickson
Convincing victory by Chon and Garnbret in China102017-04-25 11:35:31
by: Bojan
First 8c+ slab in La Pedriza by Ignacio Mulero22017-04-25 11:15:57
by: Bomberone
9a+ and 9a FAs by Adam Ondra12017-04-23 12:48:31
by: BananaMan
9b and 9a in a day by Adam Ondra62017-04-22 13:44:40
by: Pbla4024
Ondra talks onsight and then does an 8c (+)32017-04-22 10:16:17
by: Franz the Stampede
Another extreme strike by Moritz Perwitzschky (17)22017-04-20 09:49:46
by: Martin Classen
La Rambla 9a+ also by Klemen Becan42017-04-19 22:24:42
by: Miha
9b knee-dropping, clipping and screaming :)22017-04-19 14:35:34
by: Steve
Shauna Coxsey saves the show262017-04-19 14:01:51
by: Jens Larssen
Adam Ondra opens Arco's first 9b32017-04-19 09:52:53
by: Franz the Stampede
9b FA by Adam Ondra in Arco22017-04-18 22:13:04
by: Arnoud Prinz
No-Edge Technology explained12017-04-14 22:31:16
by: SørenG
Open letter from athletes' commission to IFSC132017-04-13 12:10:01
by: Jens Larssen
IFSC live-streaming free of charge!12017-04-13 09:34:31
by: Franz the Stampede
Papichulo 9a+ by Patxi Usobiaga (37)42017-04-12 16:37:23
by: Jens Larssen
Critical open letters to the IFSC President32017-04-11 13:30:41
by: Vincent Bouillot
Estado Critico 9a (8c+) by Gonzalo Larrocha42017-04-10 19:35:53
by: Jens Larssen
You need to pay USD 20 monthly to watch the WC 2017302017-04-09 13:49:57
by: Steve
IFSC are indeed "victim of their success"82017-04-08 08:19:01
by: Mark Nauser
A bolted project gets trad ascents by Larcher and Zangerl32017-04-07 14:09:42
by: Giamo
8C+ by Dai Koyamada (40)42017-04-06 00:57:49
by: Hank Sato - responsive mobile platform22017-04-05 14:56:40
by: Tieme
Alex Huber was right and deserves more credit382017-04-05 14:27:00
by: Robert Kasper
Thilo Jeldrik Schröter #1 in Boulder Flash ranking12017-04-03 12:49:02
by: Reino "Nicki" Horak
La Rambla is 9a+ by today's standards322017-04-01 11:08:36
by: Bojan
Three ropes by FA McClure on The Elder Statesman12017-03-31 16:08:37
by: Ari
#1 8a ranked SA climber win 700 Euro22017-03-30 23:04:26
by: Endre Verden
Gibert & Kruder win BlocMasters12017-03-27 16:26:09
by: Fabbie
Mile Heyden jumps from 8A to 8B+12017-03-26 08:43:19
by: Axel P.
Fish Eye 8c by Ella Adamovska (15)12017-03-24 13:32:23
by: Alena Fajstova
The world's fastest 8c+ climber, Steve Townshend, is 36 and 190 cm142017-03-23 20:57:40
by: Steve
Megos & Le Neve win CWIF through rock climbing preperation182017-03-23 09:20:03
by: Jens Larssen
Speed and the importance of breathing12017-03-23 07:06:38
by: Roberto "Boby" Larripa
8B+ in Font by Melissa Le Nevé12017-03-21 20:49:23
by: Bomberone
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