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One more 8C FA barefoot by Charles Alber42016-12-07 12:34:40
by: Jens Larssen
8B by Melissa Le Neve in Font62016-12-06 23:23:40
by: Aaron Schneider
Jorg Verhoeven - World Class multi discipline challenger22016-12-06 22:50:31
by: George Kahn
The 8a Olympic format in three steps112016-12-04 16:07:18
by: Jens Larssen
Ashima Shiraishi (15) one of the best rock climbers in the world472016-12-02 21:50:53
by: Nschenks87
Adam Ondra proudly sums up Yosemite and givs credit32016-12-01 21:52:34
by: Marcel Heemskerk - responsive mobile platform12016-12-01 17:11:28
by: Garten
Jongwon Chon wins Legends with 5 straight tops42016-11-30 16:22:24
by: Alan Little
Server provider problem52016-11-29 00:59:24
by: Gary Sui
A 24 h ascent of the Dawn Wall - "I admit it is really an insane idea"52016-11-28 13:11:21
by: Nick South
Little Cottonwood Bouldering12016-11-28 11:01:08
by: Robert J
History and updated topo of the Dawn Wall22016-11-25 17:07:15
by: Josh Scripton
Sachi Amma changes horizon92016-11-25 09:24:40
by: Rafa Cliiiiiimb .
8C+ FA by Beto Rocasolano82016-11-24 18:57:05
by: Gérard manffroy
Leonidio - The #1 European future winter destination?192016-11-24 10:14:25
by: Georgios Rouss
Adam Ondra tops out the Dawn Wall92016-11-23 05:53:39
by: Ali baba
9a (8c+) by Daniel Jung in Frankenjura22016-11-22 21:03:09
by: Lila Machado
IFSC apologize for wrong Combined podium72016-11-21 20:51:51
by: Guido Princess
Latest update from Adam Ondra42016-11-21 06:21:17
by: Gael Soldati
Ondra interviewed42016-11-20 19:03:30
by: Jens Larssen
Adam sends the 9a pitches 14 and 1532016-11-20 09:01:13
by: Jens Larssen
Adam has sent pitch #1452016-11-19 21:16:22
by: Franz the Stampede
10 % off on all climbing gear on EpicTV Shop42016-11-19 06:16:45
by: Jens Larssen
IFSC has removed their wrong Combined results62016-11-18 19:37:48
by: Nikolina Marinova
Ondra has finished pitch #1322016-11-18 07:16:49
by: Jens Larssen
Youth World Champions - Combined12016-11-17 13:28:24
by: George Kahn
Ondra's fast and ambitious plan for The Dawn Wall52016-11-16 20:52:35
by: Ivan Kuvacic
Jorg Verhoeven freeclimbs Dihedral Wall32016-11-15 10:20:43
by: Grubber
Ondra is ready, 3 weeks after - "Adam never really trad climb, I've never been on MP"192016-11-14 19:58:15
by: Lorenzo Cambria
Youth Boulder World Champions52016-11-14 09:41:48
by: Frank krane
Ondra is planning to start the big push on Monday32016-11-12 02:30:37
by: Andoni Kepa Txertudi
Heavy rains in China - male Boulder competition cancelled22016-11-11 19:27:56
by: George Kahn
The Dawn Wall - the most impressive FA and Ondra is in another league162016-11-10 17:29:21
by: Jens Larssen
Ondra is shocked by the complexity and difficulty of the Dawn Wall222016-11-08 21:17:32
by: Franz the Stampede
William Bosi (17) doing Hubble 9a (8c+)12016-11-08 10:48:33
by: Daniel Riverside
First 8C by Alexander Feichter192016-11-07 17:30:23
by: Hans Markus Rød
Also Kruder goes for 9? for Es Pontas and possibly Tokyo12016-11-05 14:57:31
by: KlemenP
Sharma working on a new 9b+12016-11-05 10:41:39
by: Franz the Stampede
3x 8B+ by Christof Rauch52016-11-04 20:38:53
by: Fate
Said Belhaj shares his Papichulo 9a+ story12016-11-03 21:52:02
by: Gérard manffroy
First 8c+ by Danny Robertson (41)12016-11-03 11:59:35
by: Tito
9a FA by Christian Münch22016-11-02 19:24:29
by: Frank Grabo
Es Pontas 9? by Jernej Kruder62016-11-02 09:12:04
by: Jens Larssen
It is the degree of obsession that counts!12016-11-01 15:56:03
by: Jens Larssen
Joe Kinder (36) establishes Bone Tomahawk 9a (+)72016-11-01 14:41:05
by: Jens Larssen
Ondra's last 9b with screaming, crazy flexibility and topping out above the last bolt52016-10-28 17:11:39
by: Kolbe Face
First 8C+ for Dave Graham62016-10-28 16:41:19
by: Opi Brey
Ondra and Hukkataival create new 8a All Time High72016-10-27 14:17:48
by: Sidney shaw
Hukkataival's 9A as a push to add a + to some 8C's22016-10-26 07:50:58
by: Nschenks87
Hukkataival opens the world's first 9A162016-10-25 23:37:00
by: Emmanuel
Lucifer 8c+ by Michaela Kiersch12016-10-25 21:07:12
by: Isabelle Faus
Megos repeats Bock's manufactured 9a+32016-10-25 16:53:31
by: Chris Shrawma
Ghisolfi and Garnbret win in China42016-10-25 03:11:28
by: George Kahn
Jim Pope (17) doing 8c+ on Raven Tor12016-10-23 21:07:51
by: Bomberone
Ondra back on the ground after being almost at pitch #1612016-10-23 11:23:45
by: Franz the Stampede
Chris Sharma... back in business! "Joe Mama" 9a+12016-10-21 15:26:12
by: Robert Kasper
Adam Ondra has reached pitch #10 on the Dawn Wall52016-10-21 15:23:16
by: Robert Kasper
The Dawn wall and Ondra updates12016-10-20 16:59:49
by: Chris Shrawma
The Arcoxia in Västervik52016-10-18 14:41:47
by: MAX Räuber
The World's Angriest Boulderer52016-10-17 19:43:37
by: Rjtrials
6th 8C by Ryuichi Murai12016-10-17 16:23:08
by: Chris Shrawma
Add crags to the database3722016-10-16 23:20:25
by: Christian Knoll
8th 8C FA by Dave Graham32016-10-15 23:06:13
by: Conor Clarke
8c DWS for Jernej Kruder who is going for Es Pontas with Hojer22016-10-15 01:00:51
by: Statecny Kral
Ondra has serious plans in Yosemite12016-10-14 10:59:10
by: Franz the Stampede
Roger Schaeli agrees to overall grades on big walls82016-10-12 15:29:29
by: Sam Clarke
Stefano Carnati does a 9a in Céüse12016-10-11 17:37:33
by: Giamo
Lena Herrmann climbs Battle Cat 8c+ in Frankenjura22016-10-09 18:38:27
by: Sune Hermit
Three 9a's by Matty Hong in two weeks22016-10-08 14:18:42
by: Jason Crank
9a by Piotr Schab with 38 clips22016-10-07 15:18:39
by: Jens Larssen
Mowgli does Gecko assis 8B+ barefoot82016-10-06 10:04:07
by: Jens Larssen
Two 9a's by Dai Koyamada (40) in Frankenjura12016-10-06 00:42:00
by: Jerad Friedrichs
Second 8B+ by Isabelle Faus42016-10-04 16:12:16
by: Štěpán Volf
8b+ trad FA by the WideBoyz and going for the 9a+ Crucifix22016-10-04 14:15:58
by: Jens Larssen
9a+ in Céüse by Stefano Ghisolfi12016-10-04 10:09:56
by: Giamo
PBR Final LIVE 6:30 PM PST12016-10-02 06:48:55
by: Chris Shrawma
8c+ FA by Daniel Woods again92016-10-01 21:00:39
by: Majkel
Undiscovered - Isa Belle152016-09-30 16:54:49
by: Jens Larssen
Skin care by Climbskin82016-09-30 10:34:36
by: Paul Muaddib 13
Chuck (60) and Maggie (46) Odette looking for 8b+' again12016-09-30 10:32:22
by: Paul Muaddib 13
9b? DWS FA by Chris Sharma on Mallorca62016-09-28 14:51:44
by: Chris Shrawma
First 9a by Mark Anderson (39)12016-09-27 21:02:06
by: Starboarder2001
8c+ trad by Ethan Pringle102016-09-23 16:44:55
by: Rances Rodriguez
It became an 8C Obsession for Lukasz Dudek42016-09-23 13:05:54
by: Jens Larssen
A simple Olympic format solution212016-09-21 21:16:40
by: Bojan Leskosšek
Adam Ondra's fairy-tale story in Paris22016-09-21 17:12:22
by: Chris Shrawma
Adam Ondra wins in possible the best show ever412016-09-21 02:38:52
by: Paul Brouard
Petra Klingler gets the gold - epic moments22016-09-19 14:09:22
by: Robert Kasper
Thin Trad FAs in Utah Desert12016-09-18 15:19:58
by: SørenG
Narasaki wins in an amazing show32016-09-17 22:37:10
by: Franz the Stampede
Male Bouldering & Female Lead semifinal12016-09-17 17:22:10
by: Jan Zapal
Sensational results in male bouldering32016-09-17 09:36:28
by: Franz the Stampede
Six female topped both routes72016-09-16 08:35:59
by: Rafa Cliiiiiimb .
Crazy match by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (11) on an 8b+142016-09-16 08:31:55
by: Tanka Rhai
World Championship starts on Wednesday52016-09-16 07:30:56
by: Jens Larssen
First 8c by Daniel Martian (48)12016-09-15 09:47:46
by: Dan Rosca
9a+ and 9a FAs by Ramonet52016-09-14 08:48:45
by: Paul Muaddib 13
Chipping of an old 8b in La Balme222016-09-13 12:08:35
by: Paul Muaddib 13
Marcin Dzieński - The fastest climber in the world52016-09-12 00:14:58
by: Chris Shrawma
The Combined format a failure in the WC 2016242016-09-09 12:19:44
by: Arnoud Prinz
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