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Ondra and Hill are the climbing heroes of 201712017-11-24 01:30:13
by: Nschenks87
Ryohei Kameyama presentation22017-11-24 01:15:21
by: Mouneau Flo
9b by Stefano Ghisolfi32017-11-23 13:01:14
by: Adam Ondra
11 points system for bouldering scoring112017-11-23 11:33:04
by: Jens Larssen
Who is your male climbing hero?72017-11-22 19:10:25
by: Vnz Scamp
Paul Robinson - Hide and Sick 8B+ Maltatal (2nd Asc.)12017-11-22 07:04:42
by: Bomberone
Is it counterproductive to train Speed before 2020?432017-11-21 17:42:58
by: TJ Vrag
Patxi Usobiaga profile presentation12017-11-21 17:15:35
by: Till Teufel
Two 9a's by Adam Ondra52017-11-21 01:30:03
by: ®ents
9b FA by Adam Ondra in Arco52017-11-19 15:36:43
by: Zapfenwolfi
Record big IFSC competition season 201812017-11-16 22:53:07
by: Çamouél
8C+ low start extension by barefoot Charles Albert242017-11-15 19:40:12
by: Jason Crank
Record in ties and Hojer and Coxsey to the final92017-11-15 13:12:55
by: The Whistleblower 5
Perfect show ends the 2017 season12017-11-13 15:35:48
by: Bojan
Lead overall 201712017-11-13 08:45:06
by: Renets
Kranj semifinal12017-11-11 20:51:50
by: Franz the Stampede
Shauna Coxsey tries crack climbing with Pete Whittaker32017-11-11 20:08:13
by: Jens Larssen
Megos prepared for Kranj WC mainly in Leonidio32017-11-11 18:49:05
by: John Leeman
Kranj World Cup this weekend12017-11-11 12:56:06
by: Jan V'
Patxi Usobiaga sends Pachamama 9a+/9b22017-11-11 09:58:10
by: Franz the Stampede
8C/8C+ (9A) traverse by Jorge Díaz-Rullo (18)32017-11-11 07:26:28
by: Jens Larssen
Angy Eiter's 9b video72017-11-10 15:33:37
by: Bojan
Hukkataival talks the Lappnor Project 9A42017-11-08 22:21:50
by: JBee
Hukkatival talks The Lappnor Project 9A22017-11-07 19:52:42
by: Jens Larssen
Leonard Moser - Antonator 8B12017-11-06 18:21:07
by: Travel Alternative
9a in Céüse by Loic Zehani (15)152017-11-05 21:01:03
by: Rai
8A again by Karo Sinnhuber12017-11-05 07:56:47
by: JBee
Estato Critico 9a by Tomás Ravanal12017-11-04 00:42:25
by: Une Poule
Server migration this afternoon32017-11-01 08:28:22
by: Nocker
Rubtsov's 8C in Russia12017-10-31 23:54:04
by: Hans Markus Rød
7c+ (8+) in Donautal by Mischa Hawker-Yates22017-10-31 23:06:05
by: Anselm Geimer
THE FIRE WITHIN - Stephan Vogt doing Action Directe 9a12017-10-30 18:24:19
by: Tito
Eiter's 9b most groundbreaking ascent in the history!?392017-10-28 04:51:37
by: Aron Stockhausen
The Big Island 8C by Taylor McNeill122017-10-27 23:38:34
by: Jason Crank
8B (8A+) by Stefan Bednar in Chironico42017-10-26 23:32:23
by: Jason Crank
First 9a by Jose Agustí (40)22017-10-26 22:16:05
by: Jose Agustí
Angy's 9b story of the possibly #1 ground breaking ascent in the history of climbing!?92017-10-26 16:36:30
by: Steve
First ever female 9b by Angy Eiter (31)132017-10-24 10:56:05
by: Robert Kasper
The Wheel of Life 8B+ (C) by Tom O'Halloran122017-10-23 22:32:56
by: Guido Princess
Olympic 2020 prediction #222017-10-20 07:31:29
by: The Whistleblower 4
First spanish 8C+ by Beto Rocasolano62017-10-19 11:03:15
by: Talets
Korenaga and Verhoeven win in Xiamen152017-10-18 21:47:50
by: TJ Vrag
First 9a by Davide Picco12017-10-18 15:15:57
by: Joakim Thommesen
8C/+ FA by Adam Ondra52017-10-18 07:50:40
by: Machiatoman -
Two 8c+ by Megos who will do more World Cups22017-10-17 09:28:15
by: Franz the Stampede
Lead World Cup with Kranj remaining12017-10-15 16:18:48
by: Bojan
Total Asia domination in a semi with big problems12017-10-15 13:08:46
by: TJ Vrag
Best ever Lead WC semifinal for Asia102017-10-14 19:26:35
by: Jan V'
Ondra upside down speed screaming Silence 9c62017-10-13 02:16:19
by: Re_Si
First 9a by Alfredo Webber (48)42017-10-11 12:49:23
by: Joakim Thommesen
Pirmin Bertle's 9a+ story from Chile72017-10-11 10:37:50
by: Pbla4024
Alex Megos crushes in Switzerland62017-10-09 04:27:10
by: Steve
Wuijang Lead World Cup12017-10-08 09:30:11
by: TJ Vrag
Hemetzberger does WoGü 8c MP12017-10-04 15:42:30
by: Tanka Rhai
Era Vella 9a (8c+) by Muriel Sarkany (43)212017-09-30 16:35:27
by: Francois Fonfon
Desgranges and Garnbret win in Edinburgh262017-09-29 21:13:50
by: Bmk
Biographie 9a+ by Margo Hayes382017-09-29 20:52:43
by: Jure Franko
Third 8B in a week by Alex Puccio12017-09-26 12:45:39
by: Fate
Edinburgh finals live at 17.3032017-09-24 21:34:55
by: J. Smith
Live-streaming on Sunday from Edinburgh 10.3032017-09-24 11:04:35
by: Endre Verden
8c+ in Flatanger by Paige Claassen32017-09-20 15:54:27
by: Franz the Stampede
9a+ and 9a FAs by Adam Ondra92017-09-20 12:04:38
by: Fifty
Puccio and Narasaki excel at Adidas Rockstar22017-09-19 12:06:08
by: TJ Vrag
9a+ FA by Anak Verhoeven342017-09-18 17:24:03
by: Tanka Rhai
Adidas Rockstar is live102017-09-17 15:16:17
by: Steve
Pirmin Bertle does Bolivia's first 9a12017-09-17 11:05:18
by: User Deactivated
The Japanese show that Power and Endurance are less important302017-09-15 22:24:37
by: Jens Larssen
Very impressive and promising Youth Worlds92017-09-12 18:27:15
by: Jens Larssen
Marcel Remy (94) has done a 12 pitches 5b+12017-09-11 22:26:32
by: Rajko Zajc
Sam Avezou wins through his Speed92017-09-11 18:10:30
by: Jens Larssen
Megos does 12 routes 8c and harder in 8 days182017-09-09 18:13:28
by: Bomberone
Schubert wins anti-climax show in Arco202017-09-08 21:19:58
by: Bmk
Adam Ondra has done his Project Hard 9c?122017-09-08 19:00:16
by: Jan V'
Shiraishi and Schenk win also the Lead semifinal12017-09-08 15:40:44
by: Bojan
Adam Ondra interview32017-09-04 20:38:24
by: Kenneth Rasmussen
Russia dominates Youth A Speed12017-09-04 19:55:35
by: Nikolina Marinova
Perfect route setting for the Juniors in Innsbruck12017-09-03 04:10:00
by: Aron Stockhausen
Schenk and Shiraishi Youth A World Champions52017-09-02 23:45:10
by: Bojan
Schenk and Shiraishi World Champions32017-09-02 09:45:15
by: Ben Lepesant
Jimmy Webb repeats Creature from the Black Lagoon 8C+ in RMNP62017-09-01 07:52:47
by: Franz the Stampede
Bad start of Youth Worlds in Innsbruck92017-08-31 23:50:00
by: Reino "Nicki" Horak
Tomasz Oleksy - Best ever in Combined242017-08-30 11:37:14
by: Bojan
Arco Semis at 11:00 today, finals at 17:0032017-08-26 17:27:56
by: Krzysztof Krzyzanowski
First 9a by Bruno García12017-08-26 17:22:33
9a FA by Thibault Lair again22017-08-23 21:12:57
by: Jens Larssen
First 9a+ by Jorge Díaz-Rullo12017-08-23 00:59:52
by: Alexej Pin
Everyone is going for the Olympics22017-08-20 21:34:37
by: Jens Larssen
Chuck Odette's (61) 8b+ FA great story12017-08-17 16:29:11
by: Michi Schelli
8B+ by James Squire (19) in Magic Wood32017-08-16 11:03:29
by: Joakim Thommesen
Jakob Schubert does 55 boulders 8A and harder in 17 days22017-08-16 00:19:34
by: Opi Brey
8b+ FA by Chuck Odette (61)32017-08-14 12:15:59
by: Pbla4024
Add crags to the database3802017-08-13 09:32:00
by: Ivanab04
Ondra's power endurance campus boarding62017-08-10 16:24:40
by: Árpi Zsigmond
OHM - A future smashing success22017-08-09 14:57:55
by: Mike C
Route setting problems again202017-08-09 09:17:18
by: Jens Larssen
The 8a Ticklist gives you the best climbs in the world22017-08-06 11:04:15
by: Jens Larssen
8c in Céüse by Laura Rogora (16)12017-08-04 23:21:21
by: Frank krane
8C FA by Giuliano Cameroni22017-08-04 09:40:52
by: Simone gennai
Garnbret win her third straight WC182017-08-03 18:09:29
by: Rai
Barbara Zangerl injured at Psicocomp32017-08-03 09:10:10
by: Thomas Maatz
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