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The Hardest Rock Climb in Thailand (Insane climbing)12017-03-17 07:22:50
by: Ben Benas
Climbing partner 14.3. - 25.3. ?12017-03-09 22:40:41
by: Stanislav Stanislawsky
Problem with super dry hands.52017-03-04 19:55:46
by: Manacubus
The HIG award 201722017-02-27 12:04:42
Looking for a Partner Buoux France March12017-02-24 03:32:08
by: Neal Gerber
Teneriffa 2nd - 9th of march12017-02-19 21:21:13
by: Matthias Weber
Training Survey32017-02-01 05:31:37
by: Pat Klein
Looking for a climbing partner Geyikbayiri, January22017-01-22 01:38:55
by: Holly Nallets
What mountain do you want to visit?12017-01-22 01:37:26
by: Holly Nallets
The HIG award 2016.22016-12-21 12:40:18
Climbing in Bariloche 1st of January 201712016-12-20 17:32:20
by: Camilo Contreras
Another attempt to initiate a discussion on steroids.122016-12-09 13:15:13
Renting a Van in Paris22016-11-25 10:24:44
by: Une Poule
Training log failure22016-11-15 06:52:01
by: Jens Larssen
8a censorship222016-11-14 08:35:21
by: Mirko Pril
Why has no one repeated these Chris Sharma routes?182016-11-02 08:36:37
by: Sloclimbing
WEB, cannot see the crag sector option in the search page.42016-10-10 14:14:49
by: Llavor de la Discordia
Error message when trying to upload pictures.42016-09-30 12:13:57
by: Jens Larssen
autoplay epic tv42016-09-01 10:13:14
by: R1ddl3
Introductory Thread12016-08-16 10:06:10
by: Mike Craig
Zurich bouldering12016-07-24 20:21:17
by: Jan O
Anyone on Kalimnos from 14 to 28 August??12016-07-14 09:57:22
by: Kacperro Czubacki
Can tall climbers reach highest level?632016-06-30 15:53:51
by: Felix T
A discussion on the introduction of weight classes in climbing (like in boxing).42016-06-27 09:58:32
Dynos: Why do women struggle with them, or do they?22016-06-25 21:48:01
by: Travel Alternative
Dab?42016-06-23 10:39:26
by: Al Arud Arud
Dab?12016-06-21 02:40:44
by: Chris Healy
open hand? climbing52016-06-20 12:03:41
by: Pbla4024
open hand? climbing12016-06-19 00:40:01
by: David Way
Squamish Rampage Bouldering & Acroyoga Festival Aug 13 Sat!12016-06-18 00:09:20
by: Joseph Wong
Sean McColl - Live Streaming Trainings12016-06-15 18:54:28
by: Andrei Santcevich
Rubtsov deserved 2nd in Vail32016-06-13 13:59:30
by: Jens Larssen
Bug in 8a total climbs logged stats?22016-06-09 20:40:53
by: Blagovest Tsolov
Vandalism in Tyrol!!!92016-05-25 10:51:00
by: Christian Stohr
Sabotage in Austria/Zillertal!!! Moonwalk destroyed!32016-05-23 11:35:58
by: Bam Bam
In search of Tom Kern32016-05-17 14:02:40
by: Silvana de Liefde
no good footage of Serpentine, Grampians ?52016-05-02 11:50:29
by: Evan Wells
climbing in Canada12016-04-08 18:36:00
by: Someone
climbing in Canada12016-04-08 18:35:54
by: Someone
Survey Rock climbers12016-04-07 01:23:45
by: Hans Christian Montenegro
Escalada/ Climbing in Granada 8.4-28.4.1612016-04-03 20:01:18
by: Chili Climber
Guia de Cuenca desaparecida en Sombretivo - Cuenca12016-04-03 17:29:11
by: Lau
MountainProject thread: "FrictionLabs chalk: lots of false statements in their website. I would not trust them"42016-04-03 15:05:11
by: Jens Larssen
Bouldering around Bergamo12016-04-03 13:47:19
by: Mks
Conditioning for climbing12016-03-29 21:52:19
by: Ben West
Problem with norwegian letter Ø in add ascent dialog.72016-03-21 10:26:57
by: Joza
Dirt bagging around France12016-03-16 23:25:16
by: Sebastian Flynn
All Railay log entries changed to 123.32016-03-10 17:19:48
by: Tieme
Anorexia is good for climbing!!442016-03-09 11:03:23
by: Jens Larssen
Climbing gym location in Al Khobar area, Saudi arabia12016-03-03 13:45:42
by: Victor Herrera
A wikipedia article on the legal status of anabolic steroids.12016-02-17 12:36:11
by: FBAI Langley
Will Stanhope article about The Shadow, a Peter Croft flash FA.12016-01-13 18:28:47
by: James Cole : Europeans don't count working a route as a try92016-01-12 20:26:23
by: Julia Fiser
Ketogenic diet and climbing52016-01-06 19:10:50
by: Alan pierce
More than just power22015-12-28 19:47:25
by: Jens Larssen
Hope for the elderly :-)12015-11-14 21:19:47
by: Simpson
IFSC rules question32015-11-10 22:47:49
by: John Meget
climbing season in new zealand?12015-11-04 08:46:31
by: Martin G
Knee pads182015-10-27 08:30:01
by: Ida Gandeva
Busco Compi para finde 10y11 de Octubre Madrid 7a12015-10-06 21:50:15
by: ElBarbas
Kalymnos: climbing partner wanted (1-13 Oct 15)12015-09-22 10:58:06
by: Daniel Eberhard
Climbing partner for Hampi, India in early November12015-09-19 14:37:41
by: Jean Paul de Villiers
Add crags to updates: bug/problem112015-09-16 09:51:06
by: Daniele Carzaniga
Mallorca climbing - fees 2015 - Bunyola12015-09-03 11:51:25
by: Matej Krupar
climbing partner for 8th Sept to 21st Sept around Houston/Austin12015-08-29 23:56:00
by: Christian Reuter
climbing partner for 04/09-06/09, Geyikbayiri, Turkey32015-08-24 10:18:47
by: Evgeny amanov
Bouldering jump/dynamic start - ethics?42015-08-18 13:53:25
by: Tanka Rhai
How to log extentions42015-08-15 14:47:27
by: Endre Verden
The Snake Charmer - Please support me winning a photo contest!12015-08-14 08:08:55
by: Dreamingof8a
Squamish Rampage comp. @ Squamish August 15 this Saturday!12015-08-13 09:34:01
by: Joseph Wong
Basque country Spain August 26-september 3: climbing partner???12015-08-10 20:18:37
by: Relkoz
Red River Gorge climber hit by a truck and in need of help.12015-08-04 17:47:34
by: Robert Smith
Norway : climbing partners july August 201512015-07-23 10:43:03
by: Cécile Li
Lost Gear in Bishop, CA22015-07-22 17:16:20
by: Jill Church Waters
few ideas for webmasters42015-07-21 14:20:46
by: BOR
Repopulate small village in the mountains in Spain - Repoblar pueblo en las montañas en España12015-07-16 12:40:23
by: Diego Quesada
Sport climbing going olympic in 2020?12015-06-24 21:09:01
by: Dreamingof8a
Sweden - Gävle - Looking for climbers12015-06-23 23:03:28
by: Piotr Bunsch
Auto-complete route proprties by name32015-06-19 00:04:58
by: Dreamingof8a
The Cheapest Climbing glasses12015-06-16 12:34:16
by: Angel Durán
A new APP to connect with climbers worldwide12015-06-16 03:38:39
by: Jack Lyons
automatic crag sector re-assignment12015-06-15 18:55:22
by: Julien Gasc
How to remove a crag from My Updates?32015-06-05 23:31:04
by: Michael Shishlyaev
Abella Climb 2nd Climbing Festival 22 May 2015 and double back flip video!!12015-05-21 12:13:04
by: Nicolas durand
Abella Climb 2nd Climbing Festival 22 May 2015 and double back flip video!!12015-05-21 12:12:58
by: Nicolas durand
DIY Climbing Topos32015-05-10 05:54:54
by: Ali baba
Vote for Janja Garnbret - Young Slovenian talents32015-05-04 13:34:07
by: Gorazd Hren
Climbing partner in Yosemite - June 201512015-05-03 23:19:27
by: Rafaelandreollo
Bouldering Cape Town12015-05-03 17:05:57
by: Horss
Climbing wall design contest - Harmonized system12015-04-28 08:36:08
by: Johan Angstrom
First time in Siurana, need some advices122015-04-27 00:15:11
by: Nube Magrana (f)
LivingSiurana. Climbing accommodation.12015-04-27 00:13:35
by: Nube Magrana (f)
Chris Sharma and Jimmy Webb weights42015-04-18 10:37:22
by: Franz the Stampede
Climbing partner Margalef 25.4. - 14.6. 201512015-04-14 12:47:51
by: Lukas Havelka
Searching for a sticker12015-04-11 10:00:47
by: Jonas Hilmo
First time in Fontainebleau12015-04-03 12:19:40
by: Yaroslav Makarenko
Topo/climbing guide muzzerone12015-03-27 12:27:19
by: Dominik zigmund
Climbing Partner Leonidio 25th of April - 2nd of May12015-03-27 00:28:02
by: G H
Idea of a different ranking list...112015-03-21 20:09:44
by: Alan pierce
Arco vs Kalymnos72015-03-17 08:46:43
by: Matteo Humar
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