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Silence is your groove, maaan!
OffLine Aki Hassinen
  2009-06-24 21:19:32    
After last friday the weather turned to be wonderful, summer really started all over Finland. Midsummer feelings were enhanced by easy first ascents in Hirvensalo. Somehow I got the groove back, had bad time with frustrations and injuries for toooo long, maaaan. Seems that I didn't make enough basic workouts and just hit my head to the wall time after time. Or is it more a mental thing? Thinking you are strong and climb well, you climb well. Believing this is a sh#t day, it's a shi#t day and climbing is also crap. Can be. What ever the reason, at the moment climbing is only gettin better. The flow, u know, The flow is back!

Here are some shots during last weekend.

Victory 5b, with sit start it might be a little bit harder. Corny name, i know, jeje, but the tophold is a V-shape pocket and the whole piece of boulder is V-shape, thus Victory;) Round shape and edges remind me from font. Let's hope the assis goes this summer..we'll see..

Some slopers above quite bad landing, beautiful though!

Now this is a piece of cookie that I know I can crack! Traversing smooth slopy edge running till the top. Jiiiz, cant wait to start really projecting. Laurizio tyyppaa cruxia, Imatran voima 7a.

Blog by: Aki Hassinen
OffLine Elis
  2009-06-24 23:03:50    
looks like a cool place :) kiitos for the link