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OffLine Aki Hassinen
  2009-03-07 22:00:37    
Rambling, exploring, hiking, scouting.. and finally finding nice level of place is worth of the effort. Or what do you think? So far climbing as a hobby and a sport, has taken me to very unique and special places. It doesn't matter if a boulder is big or small, close or far, high or low, easy or hard.. The stunning beauty of rock environment is just sometimes incredible. Sacred place, where the mind wants to stay. The experience of it will leave a permanent mark on you.

And have a look at this http://27crags.com/ database of climbing places, I like it. Now everyone can make a topos of climbing places easily. Beta, beta, beta. Support it, I know you can.

Have a good sunday:)

Blog by: Aki Hassinen
OffLine Clemens Kurth
  2009-03-12 11:29:52    
Dude! Looks pretty good. Is it not developed yet? Go for it