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Adam Ondra: Road to Tokyo #1  Facebook

El Dorado 9a FA by Carlos Ruano  Facebook

Leonidio Climbing Festival 2018  Facebook

La Pelle 8A Karo Sinnhuber  Facebook

La Pelle 8A karo sinnhuber from Karoline Sinnhuber on Vimeo.

Giuliano Cameroni: Deal with the Devil (8B/V13)  Facebook

Vertical-Life Smart Quickdraw ISPO winner  Facebook

Zlagboard with interactive training program  Facebook

Witness the Fitness 8C by Woods in 2013  Facebook

Faus and Fultz in Clear Creek Canyon  Facebook

How they filmed Alex Honnold Free Solo  Facebook

Moritz Welt ten days in Ticino  Facebook

Alex Honnold interview  Facebook

Felipe Camargo doing Gancho Perfecto 9a+  Facebook

Shawn Raboutou FA of Off the Wagon sit 8C+  Facebook

Swedes in America  Facebook

Michael Own and Jurassic Park  Facebook

A climbing life from H2M images on Vimeo.

Japan Cup Bouldering  Facebook

Living Legend Rolando Larcher  Facebook

Ondra in amazing Chile doing FAs 8b & 8b+ onsight  Facebook

Sleepwalker 8C+ FA by Jimmy Webb  (7) Facebook

Daniel Woods reports on Insta that he did the second ascent today.

Bombero de la Roca 7a+ in Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Pau Contreras en Wonder boy (8b) FA, Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Rescat Emocional (7b+), Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Hungry Monkeys in Railay  Facebook

Hungry Monkeys from Ironmanfilms on Vimeo.

Stefano Carnati (16) does Three 8c's  Facebook

On the road to The North Face Kalymnos Festival  Facebook

8A+ by Shauna Coxsey (18)  (6) Facebook

UKC has the full story of Shauna jumping directely from 7C+ to 8A+.

Pilgrim 8a+ from Shauna Coxsey on Vimeo.

Adam Ondra sends fourth 9b in 10 weeks **Updated  (11) Facebook

After firing-off 'Chilam Balam' he had mention that he wanted to send a project in the same crag, Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga-Spain). Now, following what 9b reports, the Czech wonderboy Adam Ondra would have sent such route named La planta de Shiva, 9b in 14 tries (not the 8 we published before).

The photographer, David Munilla, publishes in his blog together with some nice pics that the route is divided in two pitches: a first one of an 8c+ which he failed to on-sight and in a 2nd go, and a second pitch much more difficult "in which Adam needed to do his outmost, as well as brush it, smash it and use some sika."

Video trying it showing his unique style when it comes to speed, foot placement, flexibility and changes in tempo etc:


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