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Youth World Champions 2012
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-09-01 00:00:00    
93: Momoka Oda JPN - Dmitry Fakiryanov RUS
95: Jessica Pilz AUT - Sebastian Halenke GER
97: Hannah Schubert AUT - Anze Peharc SLO
Complete results
Austria dominated among the girls as always and by the boys, Slovenia with 2 million inhabitants, got four medals. France did get only two girls in the finals and the best boy was #8. USA and especially Spain did even worse compared to Fra
OffLine Tijl Smitz
  2012-09-01 15:34:14    
Please be correct in your messages. I count 3 French girls in Finals. 3 finalists for USA is only one less than France. Knowing that there were more or less 46 countries participating for 48 finalist places means that having more than one is a nice result. And Spain... they only came with 2 participants so how would they even be able to do better... Cheers, Tijl PS : I can say 'more or less' cause I'm not an official website that spreads official news...
OffLine Miha
  2012-09-01 17:01:52    
:-) slap in the face
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-09-01 17:25:09    
Thanks... the news have been corrected. Do you not find it surpricing that USA did not have better results? It is a very big country with a lot of climbers and the same goes for Spain which has a history of being one of the most succesful countries in the world in competition climbing.
OffLine Ellis Whitson
  2012-09-01 19:44:08    
I find that last sentence to be quite rude. And if you followed youth competitive climbing more it would be obvious this was not a surprising result.  Also, I believe Spain sent one climber to the event this year, so again, not a surprising result given the variables.