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Forum: AUS / News / James Webb is taking it to new grade levels Login in to contribute
James Webb is taking it to new grade levels
OffLine 8a.nu
  2013-07-04 00:00:00    
James Webb continues his rampage in the Rocklands. In two weeks he managed to do 25 8A's and harder, using his personal grades. 10 of those 25 ascents were flashes!

Most of them were originally graded one or two grades harder by the FA. Yesterday he flashed Green Mamba and Shosholoza giving them a personal grade of 8A although they were both set up as hard 8B's.
OffLine Andrew Murray
  2013-07-05 02:05:58    
where are the new grade levels?
OffLine ®ents
  2013-07-05 03:07:04    
It could be time for Jimmy to realize he is an absolute beast. Just about everything he climbs gets the down grade. Notice that according to Jimmy's personal grades, he has never climbed 8C, which seems out of alignment for a guy who can flash established 8B+.
OffLine Carlos Lugo
  2013-07-05 17:36:33    
Interesting thing to note:   When you look at Jimmy Webb's 8a.nu ticklist for boulders, the word "soft" appears 265 times. That's almost as much as the top three ranked ticklists combined : Woods, Traversi and Graham wrote the word 294 times between the three of them. I wonder if this has more to do with Webb's increasing role as a top boulderer, or simply part of the way he perceives grades and difficulty.
OffLine Jason Crank
  2013-07-05 18:37:02    
Not to speak for Jimmy, but it may be part of where he came up.  I can tell you that the guidebook for HP40, just over an hour from Chatanooga where he is based, says of the grades in the book:  "The grades here assume (1) ideal weather conditions, (2) intimate knowledge of the problem and (3) its your style"   Nearby Stonefort and Rocktown aren't graded quite as stiffly, but in some areas there is a culture of sandbagging.  Jimmy has a first ascent or two that haven't seen repeats as far as I know, it'd be interesting to see if anyone has put enough time time on them to see how they rank.