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Forum: AUS / News / Adam Ondra's push creates New all time high Login in to contribute
Adam Ondra's push creates New all time high
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-11-21 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra's push on the Dawn Wall has created a new all time high. Measured by Google analytics, last week 144 186 sessions were made on 8a.nu meaning that the total number of visits were over 200 000.

In comparison to last year, the traffic has increased with some 20 % and daily we now have 13 000 unique visitors. The three biggest countries were USA with 13 % out of the total visits followed by Germany and Spain with 11 % each.
OffLine Kenny Walker
  2016-11-21 09:19:54    
So what you're saying, Jens, is that Adam Ondra is very good for business. This is supposed to be a climbing news website, not a business website. So, apart from your advertisers, who cares?!?
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2016-11-21 09:29:00    
This is a news website which will get better if we get more income as we can hire more people to create more content and also to develop the design and user friendliness. I think this info is interesting for many 8a visitors.
OffLine Marcus Norman
  2016-11-21 17:43:49    
What's more interesting is the lack of Ondra Dawn Wall coverage from major US climbing media outlets like Climbing.com Seriously - go look at their 'news' page.
OffLine Jeff A
  2016-11-21 21:32:07    
Marcus, I'm not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once....no wait I'm an American that likes to read the news and accomplishments of ANY climber. Maybe we don't find it as newsworthy (as 8a.nu thinks that it is) that someone is making a 2nd Ascent attempt on the Dawn Wall, maybe we find it offensive that 8a.nu continually tries to tell everyone why Ondra's attempt is far superior than the FA's, maybe we simply could careless because it's already been done, or it could be the dreaded 4th option, our precious American egos can't handle Europeans coming over here and pissing all over our accomplishments.

Good luck getting half the attention that Tommy and Kevin received with their first ascent, and I doubt President Obama is going to personally call Ondra up and congratulate him when he repeats the route like he did when Tommy and Kevin summited the Dawn Wall.

So while 8a.nu spends their entire news section with this Ondra vs the FA's, we (American's) are busy reading about silly stuff like the wingnut that decided to solo the Trump towers.
OffLine Jeff A
  2016-11-21 21:32:08    
OffLine Jeff A
  2016-11-21 21:32:09    
OffLine Jeff A
  2016-11-21 21:32:10    
OffLine Jeff A
  2016-11-21 21:32:11    
OffLine Marcus Norman
  2016-11-21 22:07:06    
I dunno Jeff - I think BOTH are worth reporting on. It's a wacky world after all.
OffLine Erik Lj
  2016-11-22 04:07:31    
While what Jens does is pretty annoying (i.e. conparing Adam Ondra's achievement vs the FA's), it should give us CERO surprise that US media only gave a double coverage (both National Geographic and NY Times) when Ondra got shut down in the 14th pitch... Besides, not only he is non american, not climbed trad before (not even being at Yosemite for Christ's sake!), but he had the nerve to repeat (just a lousy repeat after all, Jeff...) the most difficult rock climb big wall in, arguably, the world to date... hahaha  He is definitely super sad that the peace nobel prize winner Obama is not calling him tomorrow (prob he would care more if Milos Zeman calls him...). No, wait!! He didn't won the nobel prize.... bummer! ALL NONSENSE aside: He did the dawn Wall in his first time at Yosemite! I'm amazed at his efforts, his path and how he shared with us (and his partner Pavel as well) all the ups and downs of his journey at this truly masterpiece of a climb!  Well done Adam
OffLine tomas beena
  2016-11-22 11:35:31    
@Jeff: I actually think it IS the dreaded 4th option. Imagine the coverage if Sharma had gotten the first Dawn Wall repetition (not that I think Sharma would be capable. At least not as quick as Adam)