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 By: Jens Larssen  | Date: 2010-02-19  | Category: Tips & Tricks    | Comment  

Use your head - Look down and swing your head!   (11) 19/01/10

Training/Jens: There are three physical ways you can use your head better as the angle of your head has impact on your seesaw balance point. (The biggest impact you will have on 0 - 20 degrees overhang doing front moves.)

Looking up increases the impact on your hands as the centre of gravity is moved outwards. While relaxing, the head hangs in between your shoulders. If we would have eyes also on top of our head we would never move the head outwards as this makes the moves harder.

A: During (redpoint) moves, you should try to lift your head as late as possible or even doing them with the head downwards.
B: Sometimes you can start with the head as far out as possible and in an exaggerated way throw your head inwards in order to create a momentum.
C: In order to create longer contact time on the landing on a dynamic move, you can use move your head outwards, .i.e. the rubber neck.