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 By: Jens Larssen  | Date: 2011-11-15  | Category: Tips & Tricks    | Comment  

Training/Jens: Climbing makes you stronger and for long time progress you do not need to follow any program but sometimes, stay away from being pumped. Here is a quick and easy recipe that will make you significantly stronger over 10 session during a month or so.

1. Create some 3-5 boulders on different angles where you can reach the top in a controlled style looking of 1 second between each 6-8 long moves.

2. Start with the vertical one and repeat it 2-4 times and then rest 3-5 minutes. Make sure you absolutely do not get pumped, if so longer rest and fewer repeats.

3. Work your way into the steeper terrain and probably you need to rest longer and also in between the repeats, in the end of the session. A session should exclusive warming-up take 45-90 minutes. <b>You should get tired but not pumped.</b>

4. Rest at least one day and after 2-3 sessions you will feel the great sensation that you can increase the 1 second lock-of into 2-3 seconds. When you can lock-of longer it is time to re-do the boulders. Good luck :-)

WARNING: If you have not at least two years training experience or so I recommend you to NOT focus on strength training like this, as it might get you injured. If you do it anyway, skip the lock-of as these can get you elbow injuries.