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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2008-10-08  | Category: Gallery    | (3) Comments  

The first Autumn-month has past and i have had a hard time updating pictures every day. As i asked for in the last article more pictures than ever have been uploaded, we do appreciate it! This article is one of the most popular articles on 8a.nu and as we had said earlier we will try make it into a photo-challenge with prices from our sponsors. As it´s going so well we will start giving out some stuff in the start of next year for sure, so keep on uploading! Also watch the most inspiring pictures from January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August!

Lisa Auer in sunny mode. Capo Testa, Sardenia. What a feature! One of the best voted pictures of September by Martin Svensson "Ben in the Sassies...." A nice picture and top voted by Unio Joubert. Just one of many great pictures, see all his pictures here!
Nina Caprez from Switzerland on Supernova, 7C Magic Woods. Nina is the best ranked girl in Switzerland in both lead and boulder. She is also 3rd in the combined ranking! (c)Stefan Schlumpf. Stefania Daniele from Italy on Resistenza Atipica, 8b in Ferentillo, italy. Ferentillo seem to be a nice crag to visit not far from Rome. (c) P.Amato

Martin Keller from Switzerland doing a"Schön wie...", 8B (FA) in Sustenstass. Martin has done 6 8B or harder this year and seem to be in his best shape ever! (c)Angela Wagner
Mattias climbing on the high boulder "Love is in the air" in Targasonne, France This nice photo was taken by Martin Arvidsson, see all his nice pictures here!
Unio Joubert from South Africa climbing in South Africa "where the stone is clean and unspoiled..." Just one of many great pictures uploaded by Unio, watch them all here!

Petra Dvorak from Switzerland on Supernova, 7C, in Magic Woods. Supernova is one of the most popular and classic lines in Magic Woods but also just one of many! There are almost 6000 accents registered from Magic and when you go there here is the best rated problems ;)            (c) J.Schrödel

Pete enjoying the classic "Roof on Fire" at the Roadcrew sector, Rocklands. Once again South Africa must be one of the best places for a boulder trip. We are working on an article with old sectors and new sectors and will hopefully publish it later this year. Once again it´s Micky Wiswedel from South Africa behind the camera! See all his GREAT pictures here!

Last out this great picture of "Matt from christchurch on a new arete line right in the centre of castlehill, New Zeeland. He sent it the next day, graded about v8." (c) Jim MacPhail