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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2008-12-06  | Category: Gallery    | Comment  

An other month has passed and as usual i could say that more pictures, and better, than ever have been uploaded. The article is really popular and I will this month look around for sponsors so that we can give back to all of you contributing! As the pictures are getting better and better i would also like the photo texts to be. A picture with a good photo text will from now on more likely be chosen to be published! Here is the best voted and most inspiring pictures of November, enjoy. Also check out the old articles : January, February, March, April, Maj, June, July, August, September and October!

Guntram Jörg from Austria on Gold Rush, 7a in Silvretta Pass, Austria. This was one of the most and best voted pictures this month! (c) Hadwiger Dominik Hagen Fries from Germany on Inquisition- Ringlerwand, Frankenjura. There are 6000 accents in the database from Frankenjura and the best time for climbing there is from spring to autumn. The best route is "Das Spiel ist aus" 7c+! (C) Flo
Eduard Martin from Spain on "Piel roja", 7a in Entrepeñas, Spain. This is one of the most popular routes in this sector! (c) curro  Christian Rudigier from Austria on a unknown boulder. This was actually the best rated picture this month! Pictures with a story, a good photo text are more likely to be chosen! Hope u enjoy this great picture anyways. (c) Dominik Hartmann -www.digiclix.at

Adam Ondra from Czech.Republic on Open Air 9a+ in Schleier Wasserfall. This was the second accent of Hubers old route! Adam is second in the worldranking but would have been nr.1 by far if he had not downgraded as he does. This year Adam has done 12 9a or harder and i do think many agrees with me if i say hes best in the world and truly a role model! (c)Vojtech Vrzba
Yes, we have seen it before, this is a classic picture from a classic place but still it seem to be really popular! This time its Aris Theodoropoulos from Greece on "The end cave. HarlemNights" 7b+ Kalymnos, Spartan wall. (c) Nicolas Smalios

Florian Murnig from Austria on Nashorn 8a in Das Gegenüber. This was one of the best rated pictures this month but as i see it the best and most inspiring picture, taken by Bernhard Kerschbaumer.

Gery Unterasinger from Canada on "Devision Bell", 8b in Check Canyon/BC. (c) Gery.Unterasinger
Andrea Cartas from Spain on Botanics 8b+ in Rodellar.
Andrea has don 4 8b or harder this year and seem to be in better chape than ever! Rodellar is on of the best places in the world for a climbing-trip with more than 2000 accents in the database. "Maria ponte el arnes" 7b+ is the best rated route! Its possible to climb there from spring to autumn but should be at the best in the autumn! (c) Isrrael Maciá
Mario Kuess from Austria on Schattenkrieger 8a in Silvretta (c) Emi Moosburger

Martin Mayer in Albarracin. Albarracin is one of the best and most popular boulder-area in the world and we hope to keep it that way. I guess most knows that there has been access problems tough peoples have been trowing garbage and doing their "needs" next to the trails.. Keep it clean everyone, we do want to be able to climb there in the future aswell! (c) Nicolas Altmaier
Guntram Jörg on Golden Gate, 8b in Silvretta, Austria. (c) Dominik Hadwiger................................