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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2008-07-02  | Category: Gallery    | (2) Comments  

It´s time to present the most inspiring pictures of June. Many hard accents and many really good looking pictures have been upploaded. This article have been really popular and when so many nice pictures are being upploaded its a plessure to publish it. To have a bigger chanse of getting your picture choosen write a good story in the text-field! Keep on taking pictures and do uppload them, enjoy! Also check out the most inspiring pictures of January, February, March, April and May

Jon Cardwell fromUnited States on "Evans projekt". Jon seem to be in good shape and have done 5 8B.s or harder but also 3 8c:s. He is now 7th in the combined ranking and according to his trend expect to see more from this guy! (c) Nalle Mélanie Cannac from France. This nice picture was taken by Sam Bié
Unio Joubert from South Africa. South Africa is acoording to the database a great place for a boulder trip and new areas are in this moment being cleaned up. Unio seem to be one of the guys doing some hard job putting up FA:s. We are working on a article from south africa, old and new areas, and will publish it later this year. Brad Weaver from United States on 50 Words for Pump 8c+ in Red River Gorge. RRG is according to the database one of the best crags in the whole world and truly worth a visit. Brad has done a couple of hard routes this year including this one and i dont think we´ll have to wait long for a new hard accent ;) (c) Nathan Drolet
Duncan Hunter from Australia on Mr Logistics 7b, Point Perpindicular. A great picture from a spectacular climb! Mick Wells from Australia on Flight of the challenger 7b+, Squamish. Check out Micks all nice pictures here.

Live.Lundemo,working Pendragon 8a at the Roadside boulders in Rocklands, South Africa. As said earlier SA is a great place for the boulder trip, just look at this line ;) (c)Micky Wiswedel. Micky is one of the most active upploaders of great pictures, do have a look on all his GREAT pictures here.

Greg on Barracuda Rail 7b at the Fields of Joy, Rocklands. South Africa. Once again its Micky behind the camera, do have a look on all his great pictures here.
Juri Chiaramonte from Italy on Frogger 8a in Tessin (c) Mario Kuess. Juri got some really nice upploaded pictures, see them all here.
Tere TROYA from Spain on Power 8a in Orihuela