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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2008-08-08  | Category: Gallery    | (2) Comments  

One more month has past and it´s time to present the best/most inspiring pictures of July. Summer is here and climbers seem to be out climbing instead of uploading pictures, alltough some really nice pictures has been uploaded and here they are! Dont forget the old articles from january, february, march, april and june!

Layla Mammi (f) from Germany in Kamouraska, Canada. One of the best votet pictures this month wich is not so hard to understand ;) (c) Udo Neumann Matjaž Zorko From Slovenia on the classic route Corps Entrager in Céüse, France. Céüse is one of the best crags in the whole world and the long walk up to it is worth the effort for sure! The crag is located on some 2000 meters hight and you will have the best chanses for climbing during the warmer parts of the year. (c) Albin Snimoniè
Vitalii Lagutin from Ukraine on a 8b+ in Rodellar, Spain. Rodellar is absolutely one of the top 5 places in the world for sportclimbing. A beutiful place with routes in all grades and all different styles just some 2 hours from Barcelona, go there!   (c) Alecsandr Zilinskii Ivan Luengo from Spain on Potrillo desbocado 7b+, La Pedriza. (c) Talo Martín
Cody Roth on No Late Tenders 8a at the Fields of Joy sector, Rocklands. Rocklands is the biggest and the most popular place for bouldering in South Africa just a few hours away from Cape Town (c) Micky Wiswedel -javipec from Spain on Midnight Lightning, a classic boulder in Yosemite, USA.

Roberto Palmer from Spain on Cosmos(8a+),Albarracin......... Albarracin is the most visited and the biggest boulderarea in Spain with many great lines. There have been some accesproblems so please pick up your trash and keep it clean on your next visit! 
Petra Dvorak (f) from Switzerland on Iron Butterfly 7b+ in Magic Wood. "Magic" is a really popular place for a bouldertrip with many great and classic lines!

Andreas Barth on Riot Act, 8b+ in Frankenjura. Frankenjura is well known for the routeclimbing but many new and old boulders are being sent just in this moment ;) Andreas is first in the German boulderranking and 13th in the world with 3 8b:s or harder just this year. I do think we will see more of this guy in the future! (c) Dorothea Karalus

Juri Chiaramonte from Italy on Pura vida 8a+ in Magic Wood. Pura Vida is just one of many classic lines in this area! (c) Mario Kuess