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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2009-01-03  | Category: Gallery    | (1) Comment  

A new year is here, a new year with new possibilities to push yourself even harder, to visit new places and climb some great climbs! This article is meant to inspire climbing and we are thankful for all pictures that are being uploaded! We have said before that our goal is to make this article into a photo-challenge with prices and we are searching possibilities for this at this very moment and will come back with further information, hopefully before the first article of 2009 are being released! This is the most inspiring and best voted pictures of December, enjoy! Also check out the articles from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November!

Porter Jarrard from United States on The Racist, 8a in New river Gorge , in the USA. There are more than 4000 accents from NRG in our database and the best route is "Thunderstruck", 7b. One of the best voted pictures this month which is not so hard to understand! (c) Mike Turner Rachel Goldman from United States on "Whipstocking", 6c, Red River Gorge, USA. RRG is one of the best places in the world for climbing with more than 11000 accents in the database... Surely worth a visit during this lifetime ;)! (c) Matt Stark
Robert Heinrich from Germany. Robert is 5th in the German routerannking. Just one of many great uploaded pictures by Robert this month, See them all here! (c) Ruben Schmidt Xenia from Poland on "Pochylec" 7b , Poland. Just one of many great pictures by Michal Wisniewski, se them all here!
Aristomenis Thanopoulos from Greece on "Fabio's Route", 8a+ at Spurt Wall. This was the second best voted picture this month! Aristomenis is second in the Greece ranking with a few 8c.s at his best. (c) Lappas Peter

Michal Wisniewski from Poland got this great picture from the classic place Siurana. Siurana is one of the most popular place in Spain for a climbinbtrip. With more than 8000 accents and just a few hours away from Barcelona its not hard to understand! The most popular route is "Llargaruda", 7b+.
Christina Pilo from United States climbing Erasure, 6c+ on Ireland. (c) damon corso
Layla Mammi from Germany in Katla Cave. A most impressive bouldercave but also a excellent photo by Simon Sticker

Dirk Uhlig from Germany on"L'ami de tout le monde" in Céüse, France. Céüse is one of the most impressive crags in the world and surely worth a visit.. Climbing is best in Céüse during summer as its located 2000m abouve sealevel. (c) Pirmin Bertele

Donkermaan, South Africa, Die Beloofdeland. This is the best voted picture ever in those articles. A great photo by Unio Joubert. The potential in South Africa seem to be unlimited and this year an article will be published!
Pedro Arnal from Spain on a great climb it seems. (c) Bernardo Jimenez

Tobias Kleemair from Switzerland on "Freak brothers", chironico, Switzerland. Chironico is one of the most popular boulderplaces nowadays and many hard accents are being reported from there!