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 By: User Deactivated  | Date: 2008-05-07  | Category: Gallery    | Comment  

The "most inspiring pictures of.." has turned into a great success and the last article had more than 6000 viewers. This was the highest number so far and we don´t think it will take long before our sponsors gets interested in those articles, which means we can turn it into a foto challenge :) Last month all records were broken when it comes to uploaded pictures. This month might have been even better, proudly we now publish the most inspiring pictures of April, enjoy! Also check out the most inspiring pictures of January, February and March

Jon Cardwell, United States climbing Automator 8b, RMNP. This was the best voted picture in April and behind the camera of this great picture we had  Nathan Bancroft.

Michal Kawecki sending Strzal w dziesiatke, 7b, Podlesice in Poland (c) Maciek 'Leser' Gajewski. Accordning to the database there are loads of climbing in Poland but it seems not to be very well known. If anyone would like to write an article about the crags we would gladly publish it!

Luis"bib's" Carlos from Portugal on Techo Vivac Pradera 6c in Hoya moros. The picture and the boulder looks awesome but maybe the cleaning wasn´t too good!? ;) (c) Ricardo Alves. Tomoko Ogawa from Japan on Mizugaki Japan 7B+ in Koyahijiri. Tomoko Ogawa is ranked 8 in the world and has 8A+ (Karamba) as personal best and she seems to be in good shape and are moving up in the ranking. (c) Hiroaki Yamamoto

Dave must be one of the most inspiring climber in the world, here he is caught on The Island. He has been one of the best climbers in the world for years and are now travelling the world and are climbing everyting that can be climbed and "can´t" be climbed...............................   If you want to read more about Dave read  NataljaGross nice article .  (c)Stef Denys
Rowan Druce on "Scarface" in Indian Creek. (c) Gerhard Schaar. Check out Gerhards  great pictures, we hope more to come!

Sebastien Massart, France on Princess, 7c at Telendos, in face of Kalymnos, Greece. Not the first nice picture from Kalymnos and most probbably more nice picture will be upploaded from this great and popular place.     (c) Xavier

Rob Nagel, United States making the last move of an FA on a new boulder

(c)Mike Bockino

This crazy picture is on Leon Du Toit, South Africa. The colours is just awesome but it sure looks strange..

(c) C Hopkins

Johanna Ernst, 16, from Austria onsighting(!) White Winds 8a+ in Schleier Wassefall. The route has according to the database 27 accents and are highly recommended. Johanna must be one of the most talanted climbers out there and we do believe that we will se much more of her in the future!    (c) B.Ernst