Finger power training


Tuesday, 30 November

Part 2 of 3: Finger power training - Hypertrophy 

Training/Jens: Hypertrophy training aims to increase the size of the fibres. It is best done by exercising the muscles to the point of failure once your muscles fibres are fully recruited. Sit on a mattress and repeat the same move 4 - 6 times. You will become stronger by the first repetitions sessions because of muscle recruitment. Rest 2 - 3 minutes and stop once your performance stagnate.

Once fully recruited, do 1 or 2 moves and lock of between 10 - 15 seconds. If you can go longer, reduce footholds or lean out. Rest 4 - 6 minutes and continue until your performance decline. This is only for the advanced climber and rest 48+ hours in between sessions.

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