Endless mental game


Tuesday, 15 November

Training/Jens: If you had the mentality of a top climber you would most probably immediately improve two grades. But what seems easy to adopt is actually almost impossible to practically accomplish if you not make it your endless mental game. In spite of this, most climbers do not train mentally! Here is where and how you could improve your mental game and the key is to do it actively together with your friend or a coach for a month and you will probably improve one grade. 1. Anxiety: The pressure from others to perform is what normally hinders good result for any athlete but for climbers there is also; 2. Fear of height: Start every session by warming up and slightly challenging your fear. Focus on pushing your comfort zone taking many small falls or just hang-dog instead of taking long falls. 3a. Failure Analyses: Climbers calculate unconsciously the risk for failure encountering hard moves in the beginning, thus spending time, energy and confidence instead of using the "No Thinking" mode like the best climbers. "One more move" or "Hit the wall as high up as possible" is what should go through your mind instead of doing analyses. 3b. A Muerte Pain: Very few climbers move on their absolut maximum as they let go instead of risking the friction pain, even on smooth plastic holds. Fighting to the death means that you hit the holds as hard as you can.

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