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Monday, 29 April

Code of Ethics in the 8a Forum - Swedish translation

At we strive to have a pleasant and mature tone on the comments and the debate in general. Below is the Code of Ethics we started to apply from April 2013. To be able to post a comment or to start a forum thread it’s required that you are a registered member and you are logged in. You may register as a member by filling out a form under the New member button. Do please enter your real name. The use of clearly fictional personal details may lead to a ban of your membership.

1 Ethics
These rules are general and largely common sense.

1.1 Be friendly and respectful in your posts. Ask yourself if what you are posting is actually constructive.

1.2 Statements that may be considered insulting or offensive are not allowed. You are welcome to argue and discuss, but do not insult others. Attacks on ethnicity, sex, gender, religion, etc. are strictly prohibited.

1.3 If you have a personal issue with someone, please contact them through the Messages function instead of carrying out a private discussion in the forum.

1.4 Being provocative just to annoy others (aka trolling) is not allowed.

2 Think about how you write.

2.1 Thread topics/titles should be written simply and directly relate to the

2.2 Do not create multiple threads about the same topic. If a moderator has locked a thread, do not create a new thread
on the same topic.

2.3 Write consistently and in a way that everyone can understand. English is preferred but you may write in
another language. Use of irony, word-play and/or slang is often lost on non-English speakers, so please make
sure the point of your response is clear.

3 Report offensives posts
To report and offensive post, please contact an editor or moderator.

4 Signatures and avatars

4.1 Avatars must not depict something offensive or inappropriate.

4.2 Avatars and signatures are personal.
If you wish to use another user’s signature or avatar please contact
them first.

5 Offences

It is not allowed to call for criminal actions or spread incitement to criminal acts. All content in this site is governed by Swedish law.

6 Marketing and sales

The forum should not be used for marketing or sale or any related activity. Would you or your company like to advertise in contact the editors.

7 Users

An individual may not register more than one user and it is not allowed to register a new one if the old one is banned.

8 Complains

If you have any complains about how editors have acted relating to a comment, post or forum thread, please contact us directly, do not create a thread in the thread.


Moderators are there to help you and make the community as nice as possible, but their role is also to ensure that the rules hereby are followed. To facilitate the work of the moderator, you can report violations by contacting the editors.

Moderators have the right to lock, delete, or modify a thread that does not comply with these rules or otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Rights claim no ownership of user generated information. By posting text, images or other media, you are giving however unlimited permission to globally and royalty free reproduce, adapt and publish the material.

User Generated Information

Anyone can register a user account. All posts in the forum, comment on articles and galleries are user-generated information and does not reflect's views or positions.

Privacy follows the Swedish law as stated in the Privacy Act.

Terms and conditions are subject to change. If this happens an announcement of the change will be published in the forum.

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