Boreal Kintaro's


Tuesday, 28 February


The first impression when taking the Boreal Kintaros out of the box was their brand new rubber (Zenith) superb grip. When pressing both tips of the soles together and holding both shoes in one hand, we witnessed how they literally stuck together.

This model is intended for slight overhangs where edging is needed. It has quite an asymmetric and downturned profile, which eases the bodyweight to be transferred onto the toes. It also has a kind of insert/fold just underneath the first/internal toes offering an extra support. Overall it’s noticeable a greater comfort than the average climbing shoes.

Edging is eased with an anti-deformation midsole together with a super sticky 5 mm sole. Whilst both offer a really nice edging and durability, the downside is that sensitivity is reduced a little. We started feeling more sensibility and confidence with these shoes on small edges when 2 of the 5 millimetres of the sole were worn out.

After a month of use deformation has been just reasonable. Thus, it wouldn’t be a good idea to purchase them quite small. It seems that their sponsored athletes use the same size or half a size smaller than the size used with the same brand’s street/approach shoes.

The adjustability is awesome thanks to a well-designed glove-like heel together with two Velcro closures covering a big part of the foot. Notice that the upper one is wider. Besides, the rear half of the sole and the heel are stripped so as to make heel hooks easier.

We have to say that the heel band is a little bit too low for those with a sensitive heel or having a heel spur.

In short, we recommend Boreal Kintaro’s for those of you looking for a super sticky rubber to be used on slightly overhanging walls where edging is needed, as well as for those whom comfort is a must.

People looking for extreme sensitivity needed for really overhanging walls might benefit more from other softer models in the Boreal range.

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