By: Björn Strömberg  | Date: 2010-04-06  | Category: Gallery    | Comment
The 8a-crew is busy to finalize the yearbook/magasine of 2009 wich will include the ultimate-european-roadtrip, loads of intresting articles and much more, keep your eyes open and order your ex. hopefully in the end of april!
Right now there is 4 hours before my plane leaves for Spain, the conditions in europe is excellent for rock-climbing and i hope many climbers will show up at the crags with their cameras so that i can continue to present these nice pictures every month!
We started this article on test two years ago with the goal to make it a photo-challenge with nice prices from our sponsors. My goal this year is to make this become true at the end of the year! Untill then, enjoy some of the best pictures ever uploaded on!
Michal Madera from United Kingdom took this amazing picture, wich is in my opinion the best uploaded picture ever on!
Jungle Book 7C+, Cresciano. Creciano is one of the most popular boulderareas in the world with boulders in all styles and grades, deffinately worth a visit! (c) Axel Perschmann
Paul Robinson on Lucid Dreaming 8C+, 1 week before the send. This accent must be one of the hardest in the world and it will be intresting to see how long it takes before its repeated. (c) Devlin GandyLouis smashing the Monster Crack, this is one of the top-5 best rated pictures ever (c) Luke Milnes
Layla Mammi from Germany climbing in Terradets. Terradets is in my opinion the best sector in the worl with long, intresting, easy accesable routes in all grades between (6b) 7a and 9a. (c) D.G.

André Braga on "Borboleta no Rêgo", 7b in Redenção, Ceará, Brazil (c) Neudson Aquino
Matthias Polig from Italy with a classic view of the provence-landscape in the bakground while climbing in Ceuse. "It was hard to keep the balance ;-)"
Wang Zhen from China has once again found some nice blocks, this time over the sea! (c) rocker
Peter Kußler in Fat Boy Fb 7c+. Chironico Switzerland March 2010. More Pics here!
Once again it was Rolf Seitz behind the camera, see all his superb pictures here!