By: Björn Strömberg  | Date: 2009-12-14  | Category: Gallery    | (1) Comment
This year is coming to an end and most climbers escapes to warmer places. The focus from our side is to manage the yearbook of 2009 and articles like this comes in second hand. When it comes to the yearbook we are still searching pictures. At this time i would like pictures from: Lleida, southern France, Frankenjura, Portugal, Slovenia and many more. More info in the crag database and more info will also be published, send your pictures to:
Many excellent pictures was uploaded last month, here are a few of them, enjoy!
Eivind Wilhelmsen from Norway: "Jumping the Goat, a granite tower hanging high over the city of Svolvær, Lofoten. After climbing the route Forsida 5c traditional. A great day, and by luck some photographer spotted me and set up to take this photo.(c) Mads L. R." Nicolas Altmaier from Germany Bouldering on the San Gottardo pass Juni 2009. See more nice pictures here! (c) Nicolas Altmaier
Carlos Padilla from Spain on Maldita Maria 8b+, in Cuenca. Cuenca is according to the database a supercrag with 5000 accents in the database. (c) Jose Luis G.(Caco) Wang Zhen from China, Yangshuo climbing festival 2009. About a year ago we got news that there were problems with the farmers near by the climbinbcrags in China, is this sorted out? (c) ROCKER
Tj Ovesen from Norway on the forth pitch of Chicken head. (c) Terje Aamodt
Martin Arvidson from Sweden "A nice cold day out on the island" This might be the worlds hardest 5-slab, 8c-climbers have failed to complete this boulder ;) (c) Martin Arvidson
Matheus Veloso from Brazil climbing on the classic DWS cliffs in Mallorca. Mallorca is still the most popular DWS area in the world and definitely worth a visit! (c) Agni Morales
Barbara Raudner from Austria on Gott gegen Lisa Simpson 8b+. (c) Claudia
Andrea Cattarossi from  Italy took this beautiful picture of  Talvena.
Heiko Queitsch from Germany on Project "Hunde die bellen beißen nicht!" (c) Frank Kretschmann
Andrea Cartas from Spain on Lagunas Mentales 8b, in Otiñar, Spain. Andrea is third in the Spanish ranking with 8b+ as her best! (c) C.PADILLA
James Zanoni from United States on Paradise Lost 8a, in Red River Gorge. RRG is one of the most popular crags in the world with over 16000 accents in the database. (c) Jeff Lehmkuhl