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from Sender films

"The Sharp end" takes us on a journey all over the world, but more importantly into the minds of the players who needs to visit the danger zone to get their fix. From highball bouldering around Bishop to the high peaks of the Indian Kashmir, via wing-suit base jumping and trad climbing and jumping on the sandstone towers of the Czech republic, we get to know the people who feed on adrenaline.

If you liked First Ascent, you'll definitely like this film as well, as they're pretty similar in terms of outline and narrative. The focus is very much the people and they get plenty of opportunities to explain views and motivation. Why do they put themselves in these extreme situations? The answers are, if you ask me, everything from naive to philosophical.
The footage is, as always, flawless, and sometimes innovative.  I really recommend you not to skip the Making of-part of the extras material. Quite interesting stuff.
And, in case you were wondering, the answer is YES, Sender films delivers, this film WILL make your fingertips sweat, and we all know that says it all... I'm looking forward to the next film. Bouldering and competition perhaps?

  • High end trad climbing in the Eldorado Canyon
  • Knot-protected, chalkless, run out sandstone climbing in the Czech, with Alex Honnold, Matt Segal, Renan Ozturk, Cedar Wright and co.
  • Aid climbing on El Cap with Ammon Mcneely, "the El Cap pirate"
  • Wing-suit base jumping in the Sarca valley, Italy with Chris McNamara
  • Free solo climbing with Steph Davies and Dean Potter
  • Highballing with Lisa Rands and Wills Young
  • Alpine climbing with Johnny Copp and Co.
  • Extras section, featuring extreme sport climbing with Adam Ondra, another first one day multi-pitch ascent by Tommy Caldwell, including an absolutely heinous looking 8b+ slab-pitch and much more