La Rambla 9a+ by Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung, who previously has done eight 9a's, has done his first 9a+, La Rambla in Siurana. (c) Bernando Gimenez From his blog we can understand that it was a long exciting project including swollen fingers, skin problems and wet holds etc. His next project is to finish a new boulder gym in Siegen with his brother Markus. La Rambla is one of the most famous hard core routes in the world and the 8c+ FA was done by Alex Huber in 1994. In 2003, Ramonet added the 9a+ extension making the route 40+ meters. It is with 10 ascents, the most repeated 9a+ in the world.

Vertical-Life Updates

The biggest update in today’s release is the new dark mode. It was your number one feature request after the Vertical-Life release, and so we are happy to get i…

Seb Berthe did the third ascent of Seb Bouin's Beyond (9a+) in January. The 30-year-old is a former international competition climber who twice has won the Belgium Championship. He is perhaps best known for his big wall ascents but more recently he has been turning his attention to sport climbing, a…

1. Daniel Woods 8 115 - Jule Wurm 6 100 2. James Webb 7 589 - Mina Leslie-Wujastyk 5 715 3. Sean McColl 7 420 - Nina Williams 4 430 4. Paul Robinson 7 210 - Jill Waters 3 460 5. Jan Hojer 7 180 - Rachel Meyers 2 560 Complete results

Jule Wurm wins Hueco Rock Rodeo

Jule Wurm had an amazing day winning the Hueco Rock Rodeo by doing seven 7C and harder, out of which, four flashes including The Hand 7C+. The German, who won one WC last year, did also an impressive second go ascent of The Flame 8A. WOW It seems you are in the best shape of your life? Please tell us something from the great comp and are you doing all the Boulder WC's in 2014? Yeah, climbing feels pretty good at the moment! I trained a lot during the past months and it's nice to see that it pays off on rocks now! The Rodeo was so much fun. It was nice to hang out with the other girls and trying hard boulders together! I'm going to do all the Bouldering Worldcups this year! I took one semester off from University so I'll have plenty of time till october.

Schubert injuries finger while flashing 8B

Jakob Schubert reports on FB that he injured his finger while flashing Nagual 8B in Hueco Tanks. "Seems like this climbing trip is over for me.. don't have a diagnose yet but doesn't feel good." The picture is from his first day, when he did three 8A+ and flashed one 8A and three 7C+. Last year, Jakob was #2 in both the Lead and Boulder World Cup. In 2014, he will do some Boulder WC's and all Lead WC's.