“What an opportunity to discover a place like this! PEN-HIR! La Bretagne! Climbing above the ocean with so much atmosphere is not something I'm used to. I love being able to repeat these historic routes, which by the way, are sometimes tricky, with a rock type dependent on the weather conditions. I …

Two 8B flashes and a 8C FA by Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods has had a great trip to Penoles where he flashed two 8B's, out of which El Infierno was a previous 8B+. He also did two 8B+ and made the FA of El Diablo 8C. Photo by Kyle Berkompas @Cff_climbing "Psyched to have climbed this thing final day/final try of the trip. It sits in the sun all day and was just possible to session at night for me. The line is beautiful ascending a 25 foot 50 degree overhanging ships prow. The climbing starts out with a 7C+ crack straight into a sustained 8B+ with a scary topout. It is hard to rehearse the moves due to its height. I spent 5 days on this thing and somehow pulled it out of my ass.

Matt Fultz has done his second 8B+ after Warpath, No Peace in in Castle Rock. "Much harder and more physical start to Warpath (Start on Colombian Bowtie and finish on Warpath). 8B+/8C? Hardest problem I've ever even tried, so I'm not sure how to grade it. Took about 15 days of work to send it. Trained for this problem specifically for 2 years...it was my singular focus. now what? Psyched!!!!! Best boulder problem I've ever done. Look out for the video!

Stefano Carnati has done his first 8c+, deus irae(after break) in Claro. "wow!! Third ascent after the break. It took me a total of four days of work. It is a really short and bouldery route and above all painful, but it was worth it!!!!zaza!!!"The 15 year old has previously done six 8b+, the first one when he was 13.

9a by Fabrizio Peri (42)

Fabrizio Peri has done Grandi Gesti 9a in Sperlonga. Planetmountain has the full story. "I hope my achievement can act as a stimulus to those who, like me, 42-year-old with a beautiful family and job, still want to fuel their passions and strive to improve.

Two 8A's in Hueco by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has had a great trip to Hueco Tanks where she during the last ten days have done three 7C+' and two 8A's Chbalanke and Le Chninkel. During the last year, she has done 14 8A's and harder. In 2013, Mina was #9 in the Boulder WC and her worst result in seven events was #14.

Good progress for the 8a world wide Left-to-Right Topo App

You can now also add a route description as well as delete trash routes in theLeft-to-Right Topo sorter. Steve Golley will now continue adding some more advanced features like median grades, maps, add photo upload and route line drawing to the sorting site, add image topos and weather forecast etc. In the long run it means 8a will provide topos with maps and drawn images for most of the crags in the world in your smartphone! We hope it will become the rock climbing Bible actually! Please try it out - It takes like 10 minutes to create a left-to-right topo, that later can be complemented with drawn topo images. The topos will be visible in your 8a topo App, available both for Android and iPhone, immediately as soon as you have uploaded the crag.

Elan Jonas Mcrae has done his first 8B+, The Reckoning Sit in Squamish. "So psyched to finally send this thing, singularity is next! 2nd ascent?" The 18 year old did his first 8B in 2011 and his first 8c route in 2010.