Mental training - Commitment (A muerte)

By commitment when it comes to mental training I mean simply sticking and hitting the next hold hard even if it is very painful. We are talking of the pain slipping of the friction with your fingers.


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Garnbret wants strict BMI rules in 2023

In a 40 min interview at the IFSC Climbing Summit, Janja Garnbret was very straightforward about BMI testing. She referred to a survey in Innsbruck where it later was stated that: 16 % of female athletes have no menstruation and 22 % reported that they currently struggle with an eating disorder. …

Schubert and Ondra on Project Big

What does Project Big mean to you? I’d say, Flatanger is the Yosemite of sports climbing. It’s the rock quality, the potential, the number of difficult routes, it’s simply extraordinary. It’s a beautiful place looking over the fjords to the sea, the cave is massive, it’s steep, offers so many hard r…

Janja Garnbret interview

“Everybody wants to have a world champion at 16, and a long career. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I’m seeing too much pressure put on younger athletes, and an increasing number of injuries because to this.”"Do we want to raise the next generation of skeletons?"



What skill do you lack the most?

Based on some 1 600 unique votes, here is "What skill we lack the most". (Result from 2011 in brackets) 24 % Finger strength (26) 23 % Endurance (30) 17 % Mental (19) 11 % Flexibility (11) 09 % Body power 08 % Technique 06 % Arm strength 02 % Other (04)