Combined Ranking: Top-10 Routes/Boulders last 12 months
1Ascents in last month22 507Off LineMatt Fultz1991USANampa, ID
2 22 431Off LineCarlo Traversi1988USASanta Rosa
3 21 347Off LineDavid Graham1981USAMaine
4 20 996Off LineDalton Bunker1997USAOrem
5Ascents in last month20 749Off LineNick Bradley1997USAlivermore
6 20 558Off LineAndrew Nimmer1995USAPewaukee
7 20 484Off LineGreg Wingate1991USAChattanooga
8 20 479Off LineJames Webb1987USAChattanooga
9Ascents in last month20 000Off LineMatt Pincus1987USAJackson, WY
10 19 897Off LineKyle Vassilopoulos1981USALander
11Ascents in last month19 886On LineKipp Schorr1983USASalt Lake City
12Ascents in last month19 723Off LineKatie Lambert (f)1979USAYosemite
13 19 650Off LineJordan TF USALittle Rock
14Ascents in last month19 591Off LineHenry Schlotzhauer1988USABozeman
15Ascents in last month19 576Off LineAlex McIntyre1993USATucson
16 19 546Off LineAlex Herbert1991USAHighlands Ranch
17Ascents in last month19 397Off LineTyler Willcutt1989USABirmingham
18 19 378Off LineCody Fults1995USAriverside
19 19 355Off LineJerad Friedrichs1985USAColorado Springs
20Ascents in last month19 083Off LineChris Weidner1974USABoulder
21 18 945Off LineWalker Emerson USALa Honda CA
22 18 895Off LineOwen Anderson1990USASeattle
23 18 855Off LineAndy Cutler1989USARichmond
24Ascents in last month18 836On LineSkylar Smith1999USADurango
25Ascents in last month18 808Off LineKyle Trettin USASalt Lake City
26Ascents in last month18 755Off LineMichael Hauck1988USADenver
27Ascents in last month18 640Off LineEdwin Teran1985USASouth Mexican
28 18 583Off LineDavid Barbour USABoulder
29 18 580Off LineAna Stirniman1994USAFremont
30 18 570Off LineNathaniel Walker1976USALos Alamos
31Ascents in last month18 549Off LineSteven Roth1994USABerkeley
32 18 500Off LineColin Hale1993USAOrem
33Ascents in last month18 495Off LineMichael Harrington1989USA?
34Ascents in last month18 472Off LineMatt Gentile1986USAFlagstaff
35Ascents in last month18 471Off LineJoe Gruss1987USABlacksburg
36Ascents in last month18 456Off LineJust Smitty1988USAFayetteville
37 18 455On LineElliot Gaunt1986USALynchburg
38 18 443Off LineSam Chosspoy USAboone
39Ascents in last month18 441Off Linejimmy chulich1990USAolympia
40Ascents in last month18 363Off LineJon Glassberg1984USABoulder
41 18 353Off LineSam Berg USASaint Louis
42 18 344On LineCurtis LaBouff1992USALas Vegas
43Ascents in last month18 239Off LineGreg Loomis1980USAWinston Salem
44 18 161Off LineKyle Howard1992USAChattanooga
45 18 152Off LineHunter Allman1990USABirmingham
46Ascents in last month18 128Off LineZane Dordai1991USANew Jersey
47Ascents in last month17 958Off LinePhilip Lutz1992USAAkron
48 17 950Off LineEvan Housley USAAthens, GA
49Ascents in last month17 944Off LineI'm Wet Ianuario1985USABarre
50 17 900Off LineDoug Gregorie1979USAChattanooga
51 17 897Off LineTodd Clark1983USABAMA
52 17 889Off LineJohn Wesely1990USAAthens
53Ascents in last month17 828Off LineTaylor Roy1977USAKnoxville
54Ascents in last month17 822Off LineManny Quintana1999USAMurrieta
55Ascents in last month17 762Off LineKevin Macartney1990USABozeman
56 17 749Off LineDaniel Steele1986USABirmingham
57Ascents in last month17 640Off LineKatie Cat1992USALouisville
58 17 543Off LineSimon Longacre1988USAReading
59Ascents in last month17 509Off LineNick Smith1986USASaint Paul
60 17 509Off LineDrew stewart1990USA
61Ascents in last month17 506Off LineChris Hirsch1988USARapid City, SD
62Ascents in last month17 495Off LineFrank Byron USALexington
63 17 459Off LineNick Duttle1981USAEstes Park
64Ascents in last month17 455Off LineKeoni Onsaga1995USALas Vegas
65 17 455Off LineCharles Van Anda1986USAKnoxville
66Ascents in last month17 365Off LineAdam Kaiser1992USAFort Collins
67 17 305Off LineMark Williams USAMarietta, GA
68 17 304Off LineJonathan Metzman1987USABlacksburg
69 17 282Off LineJosh Vale1983USAhudson
70 17 100Off LineMichael LaCour1988USAKnoxville
71 17 040Off LineTyler Hays USAColorado springs
72Ascents in last month16 942Off LineAaron Child1989USAProvo
73Ascents in last month16 922Off LineKyle Rowden1986USARussellville
74 16 901Off LineChristopher Chilas1986USAAthens
75Ascents in last month16 899On LineJuliet Hammer1994USADenver
76Ascents in last month16 884Off LineMan of the Stacks1987USABoone
77 16 880On Linedonald "danger zone" grunden1979USAcolumbus
78 16 759Off LineJillian Sompel (f)1989USAChattanooga
79Ascents in last month16 698Off LineKyle Fisher1982USALouisville
80 16 657On LineTristan Chen1996USAConcord
81Ascents in last month16 651Off LineCiara Rinaudo USAPhoenix
82 16 635Off LineJames Lucas1981USASanta Cruz
83Ascents in last month16 634Off LineBen Steel USABerkeley
84 16 595Off LineEleanor Krause1991USASeattle
85 16 593Off LineMatthew Jones1983USACharleston
86 16 585Off LineNick Robinson1991USABirmingham
87Ascents in last month16 560Off LineAndrew Roepke1987USAKansas City
88 16 539Off LineChris Collins1988USABoone
89Ascents in last month16 520Off LineCameron Cassan1994USABoone
90Ascents in last month16 490Off LineMarina Inoue1985USAOn the Road
91 16 462Off LineTravis Pagel1991USASt. Louis
92Ascents in last month16 438Off LineJacob F USAAustin
93Ascents in last month16 362Off LineJoseph Catama1999USAThousand Oaks
94 16 355Off LineJoseph Goetz1983USAChattanooga, TN
95 16 330Off LineEl Scorpion1972USACalifornia
96 16 312Off LineAustin Purdy USASpring
97Ascents in last month16 310Off LineChuck Odette1955USAOgden
98Ascents in last month16 193Off LineGuido Princess1989USAFayetteville
99 16 158Off LineBrittany Goris USASeattle
100 16 151Off LineKevin Huerto1992USAKnoxville
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