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Lencho Palstra, Netherlands

The Reaper, Los Pinos, Spain, my first 7c+.
Size: 509 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Lencho Palstra, Netherlands

Jog jog 7c, Los Pinos, Spain. Same start as Jog Pat. After sending Jog Pat this route felt easy.
Size: 800 x 531
Votes: 16 Rate: 3,25
Lencho Palstra, Netherlands

Jog Pat 8a, Los Pinos. 4 days of work before I finally could do it. My first 8a.
Size: 800 x 531
Votes: 2 Rate: 5
Moritz Perwitzschky, Germany

Blob face, Los Pinos, Spain 01/2013
Size: 1023 x 768
Photo: Jörg
Votes: 8 Rate: 3,25
Jörg Zeidelhack, Germany

Swiss climber on Ex Pat, 8a+, Los Pinos
Size: 950 x 612
Photo: Jörg Zeidelhack
Votes: 71 Rate: 4,52
Paul Lahaye, Netherlands

Harold Moody in "Jog Jog" 8a in Los Pinos, Costa Blanca - Spain
Size: 768 x 523
Photo: Paul Lahaye -
Votes: 19 Rate: 3,74
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