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Hello Internet
  2013-11-06 04:34:50    
Hello its me, the ultimate trill boy. I got no bills boy. I'm a real boy. I'm a deal boy. Deal or no deal call that a NAVY Seal, marines like i'm jared jerboi soidooi. What up climbers. Here's all you need to know about me. I got sponsers out the ass. I got gold chains, swagger, etc. It's alright to have fun while climbing, but in general I disapprove. My philosophy/ies mainly revolve around swagjazz, evil bouldering (Kehlian processes), and dark nipples. If you have a problem, send me a message and let's work it out. 

What do I do? I like to go and climb on boulders, and hopefully my hand sensations will bring me to happiness, and if not, maybe you and I can have a chat, alright? Southern Illinois boy, on a soy diet, pretty obvious, doi! I clock in at 5'10'', 130 pounds. Essentially, this blog will be used for all my self-promotion and to make me the best climber of the world, thus far. 
Thanks for being an audience of friends.

Blog by: Ben Mangelsdorf
OffLine Aidan "Aidy-San" Welby
  2013-11-06 04:37:56    
you fake boi! all i gots to say is keep cranking in missouri cranky cranky swanky franky im a lanky mahf, trill thug like tupac, in the bathroom stashing socks, all these white boys play with..... clocks ;) (doity minded bastawd)
 - love ya benboi
OffLine Aidan "Aidy-San" Welby
  2013-11-06 05:09:42    
Dont wuwwy!!