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OffLine Christian Mengel
  2011-11-10 04:01:10    
IŽll be visiting a friend in Boulder from the 20st to the 22nd of November...that means that I can hopefully get one day of bouldering, namely the 21st...any recommendations Boulder climbers...I prolly wonŽt have a car so IŽll most likely be dependent on public transport to get to places...I wonŽt be in for any serious projecting but rather go for climbing stuff, so recommendations from like V3-V6/7 would be highly appreciated!
Thanks a lot, if somebody was psyched to show me around that would be flatly amazing! IŽll have a pad!
OffLine Taylor Roy
  2012-10-18 18:45:37    
Hey Christian,

Not sure what the weather will be like in late November but I will take you bouldering.  Might be really cold or snowy which would make Boulder Canyon difficult.  I have a car so we will find somewhere to go.  Shoot me an email when you get a chance.