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Ondra missed a clip and the semi in Chamonix232014-07-30 18:51:08
by: Sloclimbing
8c/+ onsight by Francesco Vettorata12014-07-29 11:33:28
by: BOR
First 9a by Hugo Meignan (18)12014-07-29 10:22:37
by: Pbla4024
Eli | A First Ascent32014-07-28 20:06:42
by: Felinefeline
8b+ onsight by Jenny Lavarda22014-07-28 14:25:31
by: Brian Weaver
Adam Ondra does Biographie 9a+62014-07-27 18:23:18
by: Chris Shulz
Add crags to the database3372014-07-27 17:57:50
by: Killerworm
Megos does Biographie 9a+ on 3rd go342014-07-26 17:14:38
by: Zapfenwolfi
Ondra onsights old-school 8c+, Super Plafond142014-07-25 23:02:09
by: Arnoud Prinz
8A+ and 8A by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk12014-07-25 22:37:14
by: Christian Stohr
Psicobloc Event in Puente la Reina-Gares (Spain)62014-07-25 17:58:36
by: Svet
Shauna Coxsey climbs New Baseline 8B+122014-07-25 13:48:36
by: Christian Stohr
Five 8A (+) by Nina Williams in Rocklands12014-07-24 17:19:51
by: Christian Stohr
Six 8a+ OS by Matteo Menardi (15)22014-07-22 17:42:05
by: Paco
Lead Rankings after 3 out of 8 events22014-07-21 20:03:31
by: Jens Larssen
Briancon Semi/Final results72014-07-21 17:50:50
by: Franz the Stampede
Thunderstorm in Briancon32014-07-21 16:49:20
by: Joe Bloggs
129 participants in Briancon WC - Finals start 21.0012014-07-20 21:01:36
by: Robert Busch
Paul Robinson adds 35 FAs incl an 8C in RSA42014-07-17 03:06:35
by: ®ents
Amma and Kim win in Chamonix102014-07-16 23:58:14
by: Herman
Two 8A+ in a day by Alex Puccio12014-07-16 15:16:06
by: Paco
9a onsight revanch for Adam Ondra32014-07-13 19:11:34
by: Luca Biondi
8B+ by Ashima Shiraishi (13)32014-07-13 13:51:48
by: Franz the Stampede
Lead Finals from Chamonix22014-07-13 11:44:21
by: Christian Stohr
Top Notch 8B by Alex Puccio92014-07-12 23:44:37
by: Markku Laine
First 8A+ by Hannah Midtbř12014-07-12 15:26:20
by: Arnoud Prinz
8c/+ by Melissa Le Nevé in Céüse22014-07-10 17:23:19
by: Paco
Moon Hill 8b+ By DaWei12014-07-10 15:18:13
by: Alex Kopinski
Era Vella 9a also by Mathieu Bouyoud42014-07-09 09:31:50
by: Christian Stohr
8B flash by Daniel Woods42014-07-07 20:00:28
by: Atious
8B again by Shauna Coxsey22014-07-07 10:18:57
by: Delkop
Merli takes down his 10 year project62014-07-05 10:48:56
by: Paco
8a+ onsight in Céüse by Chelsea Rude42014-06-30 21:38:27
by: Franz the Stampede
Noguchi and Gelmanov win in Laval42014-06-29 10:47:08
by: Christian Stohr
Schubert and Kim win in China42014-06-28 11:58:12
by: Franz the Stampede
James Webb strikes again with FA's and flashes122014-06-27 10:16:09
by: Grubber
Melissa Le Nevé on 'Wall Street', 8c62014-06-27 10:02:23
by: Sune Hermit
Hukkataival goes multi-pitch42014-06-26 17:38:11
by: Zapfenwolfi
Boulder WC China Replay12014-06-26 01:17:51
by: Svet
15 Euros a week for bouldering in Rocklands122014-06-25 18:28:59
by: Jesse Bruni
Third 8A+ in between WCs for Alex Puccio22014-06-24 16:26:17
by: Brian Runnells
Climbing Festival In WanXianShan 4-6/712014-06-24 06:27:19
by: Jghedge
Kleman Becan's new cave in Osp and a major fall12014-06-23 18:44:57
by: Darta
La Sportiva Flagship store in Arco12014-06-23 10:38:52
by: Michael P
Hojer and Noguchi win in China22014-06-22 17:25:44
by: Erdem mehmet
Boulder WC Live now22014-06-22 11:09:39
by: Patrik Blom
World Cup China this weekend: Lead, Boulder & Speed12014-06-20 12:54:05
by: Christian Stohr
9a+ FA by Markus Bock in Frankenjura again52014-06-18 22:01:42
by: Rune Krogager Ritz
The IFSC Boulder schedule is a joke!22014-06-18 10:30:53
by: Jens Larssen
Orbayu 8c MP, reserved by Caprez for three months412014-06-16 23:27:16
by: Julie Smith (f)
Which are the most famous routes in the world?242014-06-16 18:03:18
by: Grigri
Dave Graham, Jan Hojer, Jimmy Webb and Friends Go Shootin' and Boulderin' | FORWARD AND FOREVER ONWA62014-06-16 09:28:42
by: Delkop
Practice of the Wild 8C by Hukkataival12014-06-16 09:22:42
by: Frank Grabo
Bouldering World Cup Slow Motion52014-06-14 01:17:12
by: Svet
Stöhr gets La Rose... from Le Menestrel62014-06-13 23:36:04
by: Michael Fadinger
Biographie 9a+ by Jonathan Siegrist122014-06-12 13:09:12
by: Joakim Thommesen
Sharafutdinov and Noguchi win in Vail102014-06-10 02:21:26
by: Regan McCaffery
Boulder WC Vail Live Streaming on Saturday72014-06-07 22:20:21
by: Pettter p
The Never Ending Story 8B+ by David Firnenburg (19)12014-06-05 09:33:19
by: Philip Wolff
Euro Youth Cup in Imst52014-06-05 00:35:36
by: Tijl Smitz
Noguchi and Gui-Gui win in Toronto82014-06-03 23:48:20
by: Jimmy FM
Rok Klančnik does Beginning of the end 8B+12014-06-02 13:05:05
by: Paco
Toronto World Cup Live today32014-06-01 22:26:19
by: Eric MacNeil
Just do it, 8c+ by Paige Claassen12014-06-01 18:35:15
by: Christian Stohr
Canada WC without Sharafutdinov again152014-05-31 14:07:14
by: Bo Thomsen
First 9a by Olivier Fourbet (44)242014-05-28 09:11:56
by: Hanez
Action Directe - The first 9a and the most famous route in the world142014-05-28 08:11:59
by: Jerry
Shauna Coxsey in the Peak District of North Wales22014-05-27 16:53:59
by: Paco
8c's by Jain Kim in Arco22014-05-26 22:49:16
by: Bacsip
Maximum recruitment as quick and as gentle as possible32014-05-25 11:58:09
by: Ross
Help us to improve the tick list data base22014-05-23 19:00:15
by: Jens Larssen
Fischhuber & Coxsey win in Innsbruck372014-05-23 15:55:36
by: User Deactivated
Ondra interview: Training, screaming and climbing style etc22014-05-23 11:36:31
by: Svet
Adam Ondra's amazing 9a onsight video62014-05-22 10:20:58
by: Joakim Thommesen
Muriel Sarkany does Punt-X 9a12014-05-22 09:01:45
by: Louis de cornulier
8b+ by Janja Garnbret (15)12014-05-22 07:36:42
by: Klemenp
Ondra: "I just made a stupid mistake and that's it"682014-05-22 00:23:39
by: Franz
James Webb changes bouldering history42014-05-21 02:30:51
by: ®ents
Innsbruck WC122014-05-20 11:26:58
by: Louis de cornulier
Three 9a's by Adam Ondra trained by Patxi102014-05-16 15:30:22
by: Erik Lj
8c+ by Riccardo Scarian (45)32014-05-16 10:35:40
by: User Deactivated
The Essential 9a in 3.5 h by Alex Megos62014-05-15 18:58:44
by: Klemens Nicklaus
A confirmed 8C gets 8B+ in 15 min by James Webb62014-05-15 00:47:28
by: Cameron Maier
Wallstreet 8c by Melissa Le Nevé12014-05-14 23:40:01
by: Franz the Stampede
Shauna Coxsey and Jon Hojer Smash IFSC Grindelwald!12014-05-14 15:05:42
by: Dabreu
Novato (61) projects an 8c12014-05-14 14:38:27
by: Panta Lones
160 m MP in 15 min in Croatia22014-05-14 11:00:49
by: Joakim Thommesen
Nalle Hukkataival does Emotional Landscapes 8B+ (C)52014-05-14 00:56:44
by: Franz
Coxsey and Hojer win in Grindelwald212014-05-13 11:29:26
by: Louis de cornulier
Strange WC in Baku102014-05-09 11:52:09
by: Paulo
Critical report for Baku WC from Fowke52014-05-08 22:19:42
by: Bmk
Jan Hojer in even better shape 2014112014-05-08 14:20:41
by: Adamski
8c in Frankenjura by Edita Vopatová12014-05-07 11:22:08
by: GeneralFifi
Adam Ondra has onsighted Il Domani 9a62014-05-07 08:15:17
by: Jarvoramas
Bugeleisen sit start 8C (+) FA by Nalle Hukkataival272014-05-07 03:00:08
by: Jamie Emerson
Alexander Megos does Action Directe 9a in 2 hours112014-05-06 12:06:23
by: Marco Troussier
8C FA by Markel Mendieta12014-05-04 19:53:07
by: Markku Laine
8C FA by Martin Keller42014-05-03 21:45:38
by: DWF
James Webb creating new standards in Ticino102014-05-02 22:22:35
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
Bügeleisen 8B+ (C) for Rok Klancnik212014-05-02 19:20:53
by: Darta
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