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16-year-old Janja Garnbret superior at La Sportiva Legends42015-11-30 01:51:37
by: Franz
9a+ RP and 8c+ OS by Alex Megos32015-11-29 23:49:06
by: Johannes Boos
Tazio Gavioli world record holder: 118 pull-ups & 11 one arm22015-11-29 23:15:36
by: Bat svilko magnata
La Sportiva Legends Only 2015142015-11-29 04:51:54
by: John Meget
8B again by Ashima Shiraishi (14)362015-11-29 02:33:56
by: M T
Hard Core Japaneses sign up: Yamauchi & Murai82015-11-27 21:39:58
by: Klem Fandango
9b by Pirmin Bertle402015-11-27 16:05:42
by: Möller Frank
Meltdown 8c+ trad: Possible the hardest female ascent ever292015-11-27 12:02:07
by: Stambecco
8a continous to grow52015-11-26 16:47:12
by: Ivan Kuvacic
Caldwell & Jorgeson set for National Geographic Prize12015-11-24 18:49:40
by: Phil
8c+ by Mina Markovic on 3rd go82015-11-23 23:53:03
by: Louis de cornulier
8C+ and 9a+ FA by Pirmin Bertle and one even harder212015-11-23 18:22:02
by: Philip Wolff
9a+ FA again by Adam Ondra92015-11-23 14:42:24
by: Jens Larssen
7 PST LIVESTREAM of Highball 1st Ascent12015-11-22 09:05:02
by: Horss
Edu Marin has also done Chilam Balam 9a+ (b)82015-11-20 15:19:36
by: Klem Fandango
8a+ (b) Joshua Ibbertson (11)12015-11-20 13:38:51
by: Dave Cross
Chilam Balam 9a+ (b) by Dani Andrada (40)92015-11-20 10:47:46
by: Bat svilko magnata
First 9a by Stefano Carnati (17)12015-11-17 20:50:14
by: Jens Larssen
Era Vella 9a (8c+) by Magnus Midtbø22015-11-17 19:37:00
by: Rai
Markovic wins in Kranj and gets the overall title12015-11-17 09:01:17
by: KlemenP
Ondra wins in Kranj and gets the overall title42015-11-16 08:45:41
by: Jan V'
Alex Khazanov up to 8B+ (C) in Ticino12015-11-15 22:01:31
by: Eran C
Who will win the Lead Overall WC?92015-11-14 21:34:09
by: Franz the Stampede
Ashima and her father Poppo interview92015-11-14 19:38:50
by: Joakim Thommesen
Dead dangerous carabiners removed in Mesa Verde12015-11-12 19:22:22
by: Kojak -
First 9a by Sebastian Halenke12015-11-12 09:26:44
by: Michele Bisogni
8A flash by Karoline Sinnhuber again32015-11-11 20:56:24
by: Jens Larssen
Two 8B+'s by Christof Rauch62015-11-11 15:19:36
by: H. Skoog
Gibbon roof and more Railay Beach updates52015-11-09 15:43:31
by: Steve Amstutz
9b FA also by Adam Ondra in the next future crag - Mollans32015-11-09 14:34:12
by: Rai
First 8c+ for Janja Garnbret (16)32015-11-07 20:11:09
by: Ingmar de Vries
What the first 9a meant to Ondra and Schubert12015-11-06 00:09:12
by: Steve
Jorg Verhoeven does The Wheel of Life 8C12015-11-04 17:00:18
by: Franz
Ashima Shiraishi: one of the top-30 most influential teens in the world242015-11-04 16:23:10
by: Philippe Vaucher
10 year old does 8a in UK62015-11-03 21:03:38
by: Dan Nelson
9b FA by Stefano Ghisolfi42015-11-03 20:30:33
by: Michael Leweson
Nuclear War 8B (+) third ascent32015-11-02 11:10:48
by: Sascha Gierlings
Kyparissi - as good as Céüse?22015-11-02 09:08:53
by: Möller Frank
8A's and 8A+'s in Grampians by Katharina Saurwein22015-11-01 12:17:01
by: Christian Stohr
The best climbing destination had it's best climbing year ever52015-10-31 17:44:32
by: Jens Larssen
Two 9a's in RRG by Alex Megos172015-10-31 02:23:41
by: Lindley Berkow
8B+ in Font by Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen22015-10-30 13:17:05
by: Markku Laine
8b+ trad FA by Alex Huber (47)32015-10-28 15:02:07
by: Dreamingof8a
60 000 members!12015-10-27 22:33:46
by: Chris Healy
Adan Ondra and Jain Kim win in China72015-10-25 06:47:48
by: John Meget
9a+/b FA in Frankenjura by Alex Megos182015-10-22 11:09:31
by: Tanka Rhai
Alex Puccio is about taking female bouldering to the next level12015-10-21 14:30:03
by: Jason Crank
Overall before Kranj82015-10-20 21:06:39
by: Franz the Stampede
8B+ by Ashima Shiraishi (14) again162015-10-19 14:22:49
by: Tanka Rhai
Second last WC in China this weekend52015-10-19 00:50:24
by: Arnoud Prinz
8B by Alex Puccio92015-10-17 03:54:48
by: Jens Larssen
8a (+) onsight by Chaehyeon Seo (11)12015-10-15 15:15:45
by: Tanka Rhai
9a FA by Alex Megos in USA22015-10-14 19:36:55
by: Jason Crank
Add crags to the database3572015-10-14 14:12:23
by: Zapfenwolfi
9a FA by David Lama in Lebanon252015-10-12 15:17:23
by: Arnoud Prinz
8B+ by Alex Khazanov42015-10-12 05:49:14
by: John Meget
Thor's Hammer 9a+ also by David Graham92015-10-10 20:22:58
by: Arnoud Prinz
David Lama Avaatara 201542015-10-09 18:21:23
by: Puntorosso
Janja Garnbret (16) biggest breakthrough 201522015-10-09 17:35:20
by: Gerard Gràcia Sala
Ichimiya Daisuke - unknown world class boulderer32015-10-08 10:08:35
by: Leonid Sokolov
First 8b onsight by Diego Marsella (43)12015-10-07 18:52:28
by: Erik Lj
8a+ again by Urko Carmora (one leg)22015-10-06 09:22:59
by: User Deactivated
8a (b) by Cathy Wagner (51)22015-10-04 14:01:42
by: Marco Troussier
Dyno World Record by Celine Cuypers (16)52015-10-03 12:43:52
by: Grubber
8A (+) flash by Alex Puccio12015-10-02 10:15:06
by: Tanka Rhai
First 9a by Petr Blaha (39)52015-10-02 03:25:37
by: Jackson Allan
9a+ by Daniel Woods in Flatanger72015-10-01 11:50:25
by: John Meget
Sport climbing shortlisted for Tokyo 2020 Olympics222015-10-01 11:44:10
by: Herman
8C (B+) by Seb Bouin52015-09-30 22:26:36
by: Michael Leweson
9a by Dave Graham in Flatanger52015-09-30 21:56:40
by: Klem Fandango
8B (+) by Alex Puccio 3 months after surgery32015-09-29 13:32:51
by: Tanka Rhai
Which discipline in the Olympics 2020?152015-09-28 15:06:15
by: Aman Bansal
Skofic and Kim win with four straight tops in Puurs12015-09-28 09:32:29
by: KlemenP
Adidas Rockstar 2015 live 20.1522015-09-27 16:56:00
by: Jens Larssen
Jorg Verhoeven Climbing The Nose (5.14-) in Yosemite72015-09-26 23:30:26
by: Eddie Fowke
First 8c+ by Jose E. Agustí (38)22015-09-23 21:45:40
by: Jose E. Agustí
8a member Isaac Caldiero wins 1 million USD192015-09-23 17:24:49
by: John Meget
New Kalymnos topo including a free App62015-09-22 11:20:02
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
James Webb does Livin' Large 8C in Rocklands22015-09-17 15:16:37
by: TheWarrior
Caprez and Zangerl do 420 m 8b+12015-09-16 21:46:39
by: Möller Frank
Via Ferrata in Norway22015-09-14 22:03:40
by: Krimpen
Sasha DiGulian does FFA of Magic Mushroom at the Eiger North Face422015-09-13 19:23:06
by: Dr Gonzo
Underground 9a by David Firnenburg12015-09-13 00:35:27
by: Stefan Bednar
Youth World Champions32015-09-11 17:49:16
by: Tanka Rhai
9a's FA and 8c's onsight and ethics by Adam Ondra22015-09-11 11:11:33
by: Henning Wang
First 9a by Erik Grandelius after reading a book22015-09-08 12:56:01
by: Möller Frank
Megos, Ondra and Ellison Arco Rock Legends12015-09-06 18:37:14
by: Jan V'
Jernej Kruder #2 in Boulder Worlds goes for 8b+ alpine12015-09-05 13:14:09
by: KlemenP
8c onsight by Domen Škofic and a 9a12015-09-05 13:05:57
by: KlemenP
Training for 9a and working full time - Mar Alvarez #2162015-09-04 15:39:46
by: Paul Brouard
8a+ DWS flash by Magnus Midtbö22015-09-04 10:21:15
by: Joakim Thommesen
8c+ by Matteo Menardi (16), instead of going to Arco12015-09-04 10:13:49
by: Joakim Thommesen
New 9a first ascent for Seb Bouin12015-09-01 22:48:42
by: Mélanie Nacnac
Shiraishi and Garnbret take first golds in Arco22015-09-01 22:06:49
by: Tanka Rhai
Jonas Winter does Underground 9a32015-08-30 21:00:27
by: Some body
9a+ by Alex Megos in Flatanger62015-08-30 10:50:37
by: Vassilis Papadakis
Joy for Coxsey and record disappointment for Ondra142015-08-28 16:50:32
by: Jan V'
1 167 juniors listed to compete in 3 disciplines in Youth World's in Arco32015-08-27 15:42:15
by: Jens Larssen
Markovic and Supper win in Stavanger72015-08-25 13:37:52
by: John Meget
Great first day in Stavanger12015-08-25 10:24:39
by: Piotr Bunsch
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