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8b+ again by Barbara Raudner (44)12016-02-14 12:55:21
by: Tronc leucotronc
Top-10 most impact of the sport climbing development112016-02-14 11:38:30
by: Herman Claeys
Why do we not see more progress in male bouldering?162016-02-13 20:42:57
by: Zenon Marski
8a moved to https!22016-02-11 15:50:41
by: Iam
These Bleauseards deserve much more credit612016-02-11 12:05:22
by: Uwe Singer
Beto Rocasolano repeats 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' 8C22016-02-10 21:46:39
by: Just a MAN
9a by Clayton Reagan12016-02-10 05:32:33
by: Jackson Allan
The world's first D15 dry-tooling route52016-02-09 11:22:44
by: Steve
Meagan Mascarenas Wins USA Bouldering Nationals42016-02-08 18:05:50
by: Some body
L'Alchimiste 8B (C) by James Webb242016-02-08 09:13:05
by: Jens Larssen
The big island 8C and an 8B+ by James Webb42016-02-07 15:15:33
by: Grubber
8C for Kevin Lopata in Font52016-02-06 00:15:46
by: Adam Wood
Marianne van der Steen sets new dry-tooling flash standard at D13+42016-02-03 17:18:06
by: Jens Larssen
"The best female climber in the world is 14 years old"12016-02-03 12:48:46
by: Bomberone
Coleman & Mascarenas US Bouldering Champs122016-02-02 14:28:10
by: Steve
The female is catching up in Santa Linya caves42016-02-02 14:17:49
by: Zapfenwolfi
Charles Albert interview12016-01-31 14:10:43
by: Felinefeline
Hirayama, Pearson and Ciavaldini deep-water soloing22016-01-29 13:17:07
by: Sidepull
Guigui makes the FA of "Pied à Coulisse" 8C+212016-01-29 11:16:11
by: Sandstones
The "World records" for Ashima Shiraishi102016-01-28 20:54:48
by: Off The Couch
Climb together with Adam Ondra in Flatanger12016-01-28 18:14:25
by: Jens Larssen
Alban Levier does an 8C in Font32016-01-28 11:31:38
by: Sidepull
"A 14-year-old girl redefines rock climbing"62016-01-28 01:43:46
by: John Meget
8a the leading global sport climbing website62016-01-27 22:25:35
by: Jens Larssen
Grivel cross load quick draw innovation32016-01-27 20:51:30
by: SørenG
Serenata 8C for Dawid Skoczylas22016-01-26 16:29:06
by: Markku Laine
8B+ by Felipe Ho Foganholo (16)12016-01-25 18:14:51
by: Flavio Torreglosa
Climbing helps you lead a happier, healthier life.22016-01-24 15:02:03
by: Arnoud Prinz
Best Climbing Shoes 2016?72016-01-23 21:59:19
by: Matthew St. Peter
Tom Randall makes 8B monster roof12016-01-23 21:40:35
by: Christian Mengel
Poor finger strength but great technical skill62016-01-22 18:49:42
by: Thomas Salakenos
Misti 8C in Font by Kevin Lopata32016-01-22 08:36:03
by: Markku Laine
8b+ onsight for Steve McClure (45)22016-01-20 12:27:24
by: Joakim Thommesen
The Dagger 8B (+) by Alex Wurm (19) and Luis Gerhardt (18)22016-01-19 21:29:54
by: Axel P.
Ashima Shiraishi (14) - Best female rock climber in the world152016-01-19 14:49:41
by: Mada ardno
9a by Reffo Silvio in Osp/Misja Pec12016-01-18 23:56:14
by: Stefan Bednar
The Game 8C by James Webb12016-01-18 22:07:53
by: Klem Fandango
Edu and his dad do Orbayu 8c MP12016-01-16 07:55:21
by: KlemenP
8B+ and 8C by Kevin Lopata in Font22016-01-15 21:11:51
by: Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
Which skill do you lack the most?52016-01-15 07:48:20
by: Sune Hermit
8b+ by Lluc Macià Llobet (11) and Alberto Gines (13)12016-01-14 21:05:49
by: Just a MAN
8C FA by Timy Fairfield (45)192016-01-12 18:12:50
by: Christ Jezebel
8B/+ into 8A+ FA by Chris Sharma72016-01-11 22:50:09
by: Klem Fandango
8b+ (c) by Hannah Schubert (18)12016-01-11 14:40:40
by: Reino "Nicki" Horak
9b again by Jakob Schubert12016-01-10 17:30:39
by: Franz the Stampede
85 % of the 8a visitors come "direct"132016-01-09 15:13:12
by: Al Arud Arud
8c+ FA by Rafa Fanega (40)12016-01-05 17:30:20
by: Freeke
First round, first minute 9b by Alex Megos32016-01-02 16:05:01
by: Franz the Stampede
9b by Pirmin Bertle442016-01-01 13:23:59
by: JBee
9a for Markovic and 8c flash for Garnbret242015-12-31 22:41:55
by: Horss
9a by Ruben Firnenburg (18)12015-12-31 15:29:47
by: Franz the Stampede
8B+ in 30 min by Ashima Shiraishi (14)232015-12-31 08:46:34
by: Markku Laine
Jernej Kruder explores Dalmatia12015-12-29 18:51:41
by: Boris Cujic
9a again by Domen Škofic12015-12-29 10:40:32
by: KlemenP
Climbers of 2015 - Preliminary92015-12-29 09:06:02
by: Jens Larssen
Improve quicker through technical and tactical sessions242015-12-28 07:25:26
by: Nschenks87
Three to trial for the death of Tito Traversa112015-12-27 21:57:20
by: Armando Cherici
Roland Hemetzberger makes 9a+ FA22015-12-27 15:42:32
by: Martin Busch
Jernej Kruder doing a 9a+ FA : High class video!12015-12-25 20:45:47
by: Ivan Kuvacic
9a+ in Santa Linya by Edu Marin32015-12-24 20:29:03
by: Jesse Bruni
The Big Island 8C by Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen12015-12-24 10:34:15
by: Matthew St. Peter
Ueli Steck runs 18 4000 m peaks in one day12015-12-24 09:25:19
by: Horss
Preparatory updates for routes.8a.nu62015-12-23 20:09:09
by: Cat Johnson
Top-3 bouldering videos of 201512015-12-23 02:11:41
by: Will Fraker
UIAA says 304 bolts are part of a horror movie432015-12-21 23:07:50
by: Jens Larssen
360-Dimensional videos in your mobile or via your mouse12015-12-21 22:39:27
by: Moos van Caspel
Teenager of 2015 - Preliminary32015-12-20 08:45:38
by: Etienne vandamme
8c+ by Mina Markovic in Santa Linya12015-12-18 23:01:31
by: KlemenP
Terremer 8C by Simon Parton12015-12-17 21:31:26
by: James Cole
9a again by Domen Škofic12015-12-17 10:59:59
by: KlemenP
All 82 of Alp summits <4000 m in 62 days by Ueli Steck12015-12-15 15:07:42
by: Julien Gasc
9a by Stefano Ghisolfi in Red River Gorge82015-12-14 20:10:23
by: Jason Crank
9a by Domen Škofic again12015-12-12 10:08:52
by: KlemenP
9a by Cody Roth12015-12-11 17:18:35
by: Jesse Bruni
Sean McColl crushing in Font22015-12-10 21:08:05
by: Bomberone
Who are your female climbing heroes?22015-12-10 16:42:38
by: Jachym Srb
9b/8C+ profile of Pirmin Bertle22015-12-10 07:39:24
by: JBee
8A again by Giorgia Tesio (15)12015-12-09 17:33:07
by: Arnoud Prinz
8C FA by Niccolo Ceria12015-12-09 10:57:58
by: Möller Frank
8B+ by Sebastian Cotting (19)12015-12-09 07:39:23
by: Fate
9a+/8C by Jernej Kruder72015-12-08 08:00:49
by: Jolli
8A (+) by Alex Puccio52015-12-07 19:53:39
by: Jens Larssen
Male climbing heroes? - Several clicks possible!192015-12-06 20:04:03
by: Franz
Airdog auto following drones could change the climbing scene202015-12-05 17:02:33
by: Jens Larssen
2015 shows progression for 9a+ sending62015-12-04 21:26:01
by: Pierre Liljekvist
The Big Island 8C by Ned Feehally12015-12-04 10:45:07
by: Mike Forward
9a+ by Jonathan Siegrist112015-12-03 15:56:06
by: Klem Fandango
Which are the most groundbreaking ascents?22015-12-03 14:59:38
by: Atious
Marín & Andrada's 9a+/b story of Chilam Balam62015-12-02 23:48:57
by: JaviSala
9a+ RP and 8c+ OS by Alex Megos72015-12-02 10:06:36
by: Grubber
Another 9a FA by Ramonet12015-12-01 12:48:30
by: Fabbie
16-year-old Janja Garnbret superior at La Sportiva Legends52015-11-30 07:49:52
by: Louis de cornulier
Tazio Gavioli world record holder: 118 pull-ups & 11 one arm22015-11-29 23:15:36
by: Bat svilko magnata
La Sportiva Legends Only 2015142015-11-29 04:51:54
by: John Meget
8B again by Ashima Shiraishi (14)362015-11-29 02:33:56
by: M T
Hard Core Japaneses sign up: Yamauchi & Murai82015-11-27 21:39:58
by: Klem Fandango
Meltdown 8c+ trad: Possible the hardest female ascent ever292015-11-27 12:02:07
by: Stambecco
8a continous to grow52015-11-26 16:47:12
by: Ivan Kuvacic
Caldwell & Jorgeson set for National Geographic Prize12015-11-24 18:49:40
by: Phil
8c+ by Mina Markovic on 3rd go82015-11-23 23:53:03
by: Louis de cornulier
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