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Ascent updates automatically from Friends and Crags22015-03-28 08:51:40
by: Jens Larssen
Nalle Hukkataival sending L'Alchimiste in Fontainebleau72015-03-27 21:17:37
by: Kevin Baker
Ashima was misinformed about the 9a+ grade142015-03-27 13:55:17
by: Jens Larssen
8C (B+) in 2 hours by Alex Megos152015-03-27 10:52:51
by: F1 Yang
9a/+ by Ashima Shiraishi in Santa Linya242015-03-26 14:08:09
by: Jens Larssen
Amazing move my Sean McColl12015-03-26 13:42:55
by: Maarten Naaktgeboren
Magnus Midtbø does Papichulo 9a+12015-03-23 22:57:39
by: Arnoud Prinz
8B+ by Toby Saxton - 193 cm/93 kg22015-03-22 19:04:57
by: Daniel Grönvall
8c by Bill Ramsey (54)222015-03-22 11:10:03
by: F1 Yang
First 9a by Roland Wagner (35)12015-03-21 21:00:11
by: Jens Larssen
Kontroverser - men sedan vinner 8a's tankegångar gehör12015-03-21 16:33:47
by: Hari Losho Pari
9a by Ashima Shiraishi in Santa Linya352015-03-20 20:02:13
by: Thebon
Kotecnik in Slovenia #1 in the trend statistics102015-03-20 10:00:45
by: Jens Larssen
Gioia controversy based on a misunderstanding?122015-03-15 21:10:45
by: F1 Yang
Get 100 % stronger in one hour32015-03-14 17:51:02
by: Kelios bonetti
The Big Island 8C by Niccolò Ceria72015-03-13 19:15:37
by: Toni Hille
9b/+ FA by Chris Sharma in Spain572015-03-13 05:28:15
by: Jacob sjöstrand
Dangerous belay illustration by UKC212015-03-12 18:48:13
by: Jens Larssen
8c+ by Alizée Dufraisse again22015-03-11 00:15:56
by: Zapfenwolfi
8B+' and 8C by Jan Hojer32015-03-09 20:12:50
by: Markku Laine
Hukkataival reclimbs The Alchemiste32015-03-08 09:58:51
by: Duc De bourbon
8B again by Alex Puccio in Bishop12015-03-05 18:11:12
by: Jarda Novák
How to quickly get stronger and get best prepared for outdoors42015-03-05 16:50:23
by: Too big to boulder
8b OS by Janja Garnbret (15)42015-03-04 20:51:37
by: Manny Quintana
Alex Puccio strikes again and again...22015-02-27 20:39:16
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
Audrey Sniezek: Work Hard, Climb Harder12015-02-27 04:41:51
by: B K
Webb and Hukkataival Highball business in Swaziland; Ep212015-02-26 18:48:54
by: Kojak -
Spread Access Awareness To Others32015-02-26 11:17:56
by: Lc
8b+ tradsport by Nico Favresse162015-02-24 19:10:33
by: Joshi Schulz
The Swarm 8B (+) by Alex Puccio12015-02-24 14:50:13
by: Gerard Gràcia Sala
Derek Powell peaking at 4512015-02-24 10:12:29
by: Joakim Thommesen
Second 8B flash by Niccolò Ceria12015-02-23 10:28:21
by: Joscha Kummer
Sachi Amma adds one more 9a+ to the new standard32015-02-19 14:36:33
by: Arnoud Prinz
8C again by Kilian Fischhuber22015-02-18 20:49:17
by: Some body
8c+ by Mike Doyle (37)42015-02-18 20:21:25
by: Mike Doyle
Two 8C's by Motochika Nagao72015-02-18 16:34:24
by: Gehezue _
Adam Ondra onsights 8c and 8c+72015-02-18 16:13:09
by: Franz
Adam Ondra (flash) attempting Dreamcatcher in Squamish12015-02-18 01:29:06
by: Bubs
Another 9a+ by Sachi Amma52015-02-17 22:46:37
by: Svet
Edu Marín makes his way through Panaroma 8c , Ep. 212015-02-16 13:30:43
by: Mike C
First 8C by Kilian Fischhuber122015-02-16 08:29:47
by: Markku Laine
First 9a by Gonzalo Larrocha72015-02-14 16:19:49
by: Paco
Winter in the Peak District22015-02-14 00:57:40
by: No
Catxasa 9a+ by Sachi Amma52015-02-13 08:32:03
by: Gibbon
Puccio and Mahmodabadi win USA Boulder Nationals262015-02-12 18:27:49
by: Jason Crank
9a 2nd go by Sachi Amna192015-02-12 14:44:45
by: Paul Brouard
Three 8a+ onsights by Alizée Dufraisse12015-02-11 09:01:45
by: Jens Larssen
Marcel Remy (92) leads 5c in Leonidio12015-02-10 22:14:41
by: Erik Lj
7C+ by Patti Wohner (41)12015-02-10 16:31:09
Sans Pad So iLL22015-02-10 15:57:00
by: Tommy "The" Wilson
The Big Island 8C by Griffin Whiteside12015-02-10 07:34:39
by: Markku Laine
Sachi Amma everything in focus in 201552015-02-09 13:41:54
by: Jens Larssen
Woods gives 8C+ for The Process202015-02-07 13:58:58
by: Dabreu
The Ticklists rank the best climbs in the world12015-02-06 13:26:05
by: Ivan Kuvacic
9a by Domen Škofic again12015-02-05 17:44:37
by: VanillaGorilla
8A+ flash by Francesca Metcalf62015-02-04 18:14:32
by: Hunter Damiani
Sachi Amma sends Fight or Flight 9b72015-02-03 08:08:58
by: Tomi L
8A+ again by Alex Puccio22015-01-29 21:34:20
by: Franz the Stampede
Woods 8C+ including grading thoughts from 8a :)32015-01-29 00:59:30
by: Svet
8A+/B by Alex Johnson32015-01-28 13:29:08
by: Franz the Stampede
8b+ trad again by Fabian Buhl12015-01-27 12:46:06
by: Chalk Norris
One more 8C FA by Nalle Hukkataival12015-01-26 17:13:49
by: Tim O
Woods: 8C+ might seem appropriate342015-01-23 17:41:43
by: Tomi L
Jorgeson does the 16th Dyno 9a pitch242015-01-22 20:44:38
by: Austin howell
IFSC Training Camp in Canada 20-22/212015-01-22 17:25:38
by: Louis de cornulier
Nacho Sanchez on 'Crisis', 8C/+22015-01-21 15:35:41
by: Atious
Daniel Woods does his mega project - The Process162015-01-20 15:23:52
by: Tuf La
Harder and more expensive to fly to Kalymnos this autumn62015-01-20 12:40:56
by: DWF
Only Freedom Bar left at Tonsai at Railay42015-01-20 00:16:34
by: Steve
Jorgeson & Caldwell make their 7 year dream132015-01-19 16:24:00
by: Möller Frank
Valley Uprising - Video on demand12015-01-16 02:47:03
by: DD
Caldwell and Jorgeson summit tonight - WATCH IT LIVE!62015-01-15 12:11:42
by: Franz the Stampede
Get better pump by avoiding it12015-01-15 02:09:37
by: Joel Andersen
8C again by Nalle Hukkataival12015-01-14 11:24:49
by: Gibbon
Petr Resch Jr (9) does 8A+22015-01-13 23:10:00
by: Pbla4024
Jorgeson does pitch #15 and almost pitch #1652015-01-11 12:16:47
by: Zapfenwolfi
First 9a by Martin Mobråten12015-01-10 16:59:24
by: Ingmar de Vries
Go Kevin Go!292015-01-10 01:40:27
by: Atious
The great Dawn Wall dilemma102015-01-10 01:36:37
by: Atious
Dreamtime 8C by Giuliano Cameroni (17)232015-01-09 22:48:22
by: Jens Larssen
Caldwell does a variation of pitch #16, 8b+142015-01-07 17:25:20
by: Grigri
Compression sleeves with three more advantages12015-01-07 11:55:43
by: Steffen Hummel
9a by Stefano Ghisolfi in Red River Gorge62015-01-07 11:54:17
by: Steffen Hummel
Interview with Nacho Sánchez32015-01-05 20:20:21
by: Just a MAN
8A+ by Hannah Mitdbö in Albarracin12015-01-05 17:57:22
by: Kraxler
Great progress on the Dawn Wall in Yosemite12015-01-05 14:57:51
by: Zapfenwolfi
8C/+ FA by Nacho Sánchez182015-01-05 11:57:47
by: Joakim Thommesen
8c+? FA Onsight by Kleman Becan12015-01-04 10:35:53
by: Sloclimbing
High point on the Dawn Wall72015-01-04 09:46:00
by: Zapfenwolfi
The Swarm 8B (+) by Ashima Shiraishi (13)22015-01-02 19:49:23
by: Jens Larssen
Fight or Flight 9b by Jakob Schubert52015-01-01 19:21:07
by: Franz the Stampede
Climber of the year 2014 - Draft212014-12-30 08:21:25
by: Jens Larssen
9a and 8c+ by Magnus Midtbø12014-12-25 15:41:14
by: Endre Verden
Everyone can do an 8C dyno boulder January 422014-12-23 11:51:09
by: Steve
Long term pyramid progress is the key62014-12-22 16:36:37
by: Arnoud Prinz
Tonsai at risk by Sheraton construction22014-12-21 21:02:06
by: Mr. monkey
Fischhuber retires from WC competitions22014-12-20 20:09:50
by: Tanka Rhai
Honnold Foundation - Solar Aid interview42014-12-20 07:26:52
by: Joshi Schulz
Third 8c+ in six days by Stefano Ghisolfi172014-12-19 18:15:14
by: Franz the Stampede
8c+/9a FA by Toni Lamprecht (43)12014-12-19 15:43:18
by: Ari
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