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Bügeleisen 8B+ (C) for Rok Klancnik202014-04-15 19:27:02
by: Joel Brady
Add crags to the database3302014-04-15 13:07:45
by: Przemo
The Story of Two World's 8C by Jan Hojer12014-04-14 13:43:35
by: Frank Grabo
Petzl RocTrip 2014 in Romania: 11-14 September12014-04-14 00:16:35
by: Vladimir Trpovski
Save getu from destruction42014-04-13 17:38:03
by: Nathan Hall
Webb takes it to yet another level by doing 8C in one session92014-04-12 17:16:01
by: Tuf La
Prinzip Hoffnung 8b+ trad by Christian Bindhammer (38)22014-04-12 01:27:11
by: DWF
8B+ (C) by Ethan Walker12014-04-12 01:12:31
by: DWF
Add Crags and Sectors to the data base42014-04-10 16:46:19
by: Anderfo
7th 8B flash by James Webb12014-04-09 20:22:36
by: Taylor Treadgold
8B+ by Markus Bock12014-04-08 23:04:21
by: Markku Laine
8C by Radovan Souček (38)12014-04-08 20:15:31
by: Markku Laine
Hukkataival does Bügeleisen 8B+152014-04-07 23:08:27
by: Sloclimbing
Shauna Coxsey does 'Zarzaparrilla', 8B52014-04-07 22:05:20
by: Christian Stohr
Fish Eye 8c by Hazel Findlay12014-04-07 18:23:31
by: Christian Stohr
Ramonet does his 37th 9a12014-04-07 12:25:49
by: Sune Hermit
8 Euro daily climbing tax in Spain and Greece - April Fool's day :)192014-04-05 17:23:33
by: Talets
Of the wagon 8B+ by Niky Ceria62014-04-04 07:55:48
by: Davide Bonsi
The Ondra and Sharma story of La Dura Dura 9b+252014-04-03 09:02:54
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
World wide left-to-right topos112014-04-01 10:30:44
by: SteveG
Tierra Boulder Battle42014-03-31 14:51:19
by: Jens Larssen
How dangerous is kids and teenager bouldering on the fingers?12014-03-31 12:22:19
by: Sloclimbing
The Story... 8C by James Webb42014-03-27 16:55:32
by: Too big to boulder
8A+ by Julie Smith52014-03-26 21:28:54
by: Jens Larssen
8c+ by Ashima Shiraishi (12)72014-03-25 08:42:45
by: Jens Larssen
James Webb does 8B+ (C), flashes 8A+ (B) and a 8A+ Semi-OS12014-03-23 22:59:18
by: Jimmy FM
New topo for Athens including 1 100 routes22014-03-21 11:11:14
by: Jolli
9a (+) FA by Reffo Silvio32014-03-20 21:38:40
by: Jens Larssen
Bouldering guide to Gallura in Sardinia62014-03-20 18:37:31
by: Jens Larssen
8A flash by Alex Puccio42014-03-20 09:41:04
by: Christian Stohr
9a by Mark Andersson (36)12014-03-19 16:03:47
by: Pano .
Thomas Caleyron and Shauna Coxsey win CWIF in Sheffield62014-03-18 14:08:17
by: Sam Hughes
Graham - "Sick hard routes in Spain"12014-03-14 14:50:12
by: Pierre *
The Story... 8C by Toru Nakajima52014-03-13 09:28:11
by: Ingmar de Vries
8C FA by Jan Hojer in Font82014-03-12 14:26:06
by: David No
Barbara Zangerl does Prinzip Hoffnung 8b+ trad22014-03-11 21:01:11
by: Jaap
Big disadvantage leading the semi WC1022014-03-10 00:25:52
by: Christian Thorjussen
Time Comparison - A reference to No or Personal grades62014-03-07 13:33:24
by: Jens Larssen
8b+ trad by Fabian Buhl12014-03-07 12:20:40
by: Christian Stohr
ABS 15 National Championships • Men22014-03-06 11:30:56
by: Jarvoramas
"Topping out" by down climbing hang112014-03-05 14:15:52
by: Bat svilko magnata
The Prerequisites for the first 9A?12014-03-04 18:49:14
by: Francis Sanzaro
Randomness in Paris bouldering?842014-03-04 16:41:50
by: Christian Thorjussen
9a+ in Oliana by Ramonet22014-03-04 16:02:51
by: Sune Hermit
Nalle Hukkataival has done Gioia 8C (+)272014-03-03 13:42:05
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
8b+ (c) by Moritz Perwitzschky (14)62014-03-01 14:53:28
by: Jens Larssen
Fitzroy Traverse for Honnold and Caldwell12014-03-01 02:38:05
by: Christian Stohr
1+ month injuries22014-02-28 18:59:43
by: Jens Larssen
More warming up 2014 compared to 201162014-02-26 13:00:45
by: Darta
8A+ by Katharina Posch (19)12014-02-26 10:04:12
by: Jens Larssen
Woods and Wurm/Puccio USA Boulder Champions32014-02-26 03:50:47
by: Dick Punch
8A flash by Giuliano Cameroni (16)12014-02-25 05:21:31
by: Aaron Schneider
Review of The Circuit, who teams up with 8a for WC reports42014-02-24 21:04:27
by: Regan McCaffery
Alex Honnold solos the 600 m El Sendero Luminoso 7b+ (c)32014-02-24 10:38:21
by: Grubber
Check which Left-to-Right topos are ready22014-02-23 16:32:10
by: Jens Larssen
50+ days on but no 9b cigar for Midtbö22014-02-21 18:03:50
by: Christian Stohr
La Rambla 9a+ by Daniel Jung12014-02-18 00:01:20
by: Jaap
The Story... 8C by Cameroni (16)232014-02-17 13:13:15
by: Jens Larssen
Jacopo Larcher repeats Prinzip Hoffnug 8b/+ E9/1032014-02-17 09:04:45
by: Christian Stohr
Schubert injuries finger while flashing 8B12014-02-16 23:28:52
by: Franz the Stampede
Safer handling of the Grigri52014-02-15 15:25:33
by: Jens Larssen
Warming up before climbing?32014-02-13 16:05:05
by: Geir Evensen
First Round First Minute 9b by Adam Ondra122014-02-13 14:13:15
by: Simon Fonn Storevik
The Story... 8C by Giuliano Cameroni (16)32014-02-12 21:17:45
by: Samuel Ometz
"RC helicopters the future of climbing films"102014-02-12 15:55:43
by: Marco Troussier
Nina Caprez climbs hard in Montserrat12014-02-10 18:22:57
by: Josep Llansana
9a by Iván Hernández Espuch (40)22014-02-08 11:15:06
by: Just a MAN
Onsight training and strategy202014-02-07 22:39:27
by: Thebon
Spanish hard bouldering sends around Madrid132014-02-07 16:41:50
by: Vanlu
Albarracín Bouldering by Lorenz Ulmer22014-02-07 16:39:45
by: Vanlu
500 crags and sectors topos in the 8A App52014-02-06 18:28:37
by: Jens Larssen
Helicopter recording can be the future152014-02-05 08:23:32
by: Jonteman
First round, First minute 9b in 2011 by Sharma22014-02-05 00:27:59
by: Jan Schubert
Two 8c+ by Ramonet in Oliana252014-02-04 13:51:56
by: Martin Classen
Two young Spanish crushers: Jerome (16) & Héctor (11)12014-02-02 09:15:44
by: Paco
Epic TV in Margalef12014-01-30 22:19:26
by: Dani Puigdomčnech
Lucid Dreaming 8C by Daniel Woods12014-01-30 08:09:59
by: Ethan Yackulic
Ondra and Graham the most viewed scorecards12014-01-29 12:26:05
by: Sascha Gierlings
Good progress for the 8a world wide Left-to-Right Topo App162014-01-28 19:10:04
by: SteveG
8c+ by Stefano Carnati (15)12014-01-27 15:23:24
by: Giamo
Amazing recovery story - Rannveig Aamodt72014-01-27 12:33:10
by: Rein Leidal
New safety carabiner from Grivel22014-01-26 22:28:44
by: Jens Larssen
Wheelchair 8C (+) by Megos32014-01-26 06:00:31
by: Jens Larssen
The Tick List will make you climb the best602014-01-25 23:32:46
by: Franz the Stampede
Mina Leslie-Wujastyk: The South East12014-01-25 19:34:38
by: Jaap
Which solo ascents should be reported?112014-01-24 17:51:01
by: Franz the Stampede
Jour de Chasse 8C by Gui-Gui12014-01-23 14:18:02
by: Finbarrr
Five 8c+ second go by Alexander Megos52014-01-21 14:22:09
by: Marco Troussier
Questions regarding the Left-to-Right Topos32014-01-21 09:48:03
by: Jolle Jolles
Iker Arroitajauregi in Albarracín (including the FA of 'Txapela', 8C)12014-01-17 12:22:01
by: Darta
Great ground breaking ascents - Draft322014-01-16 23:35:52
by: El Scorpion
The Pou bros free an 8b+ multi-pitch in Montserrat52014-01-16 13:41:04
by: Marcel
The most inspiring stories 201322014-01-15 23:15:44
by: Marc giol
Best climbing shoes - 2014?12014-01-11 22:58:49
by: Jens Larssen
8b+ by Sasha Digiulian in Archidona182014-01-11 12:21:29
by: Franz the Stampede
Bernd Zangerl has done his "biggest project..."42014-01-10 19:31:28
by: Jens Larssen
Exploring Malawi culture and bouldering12014-01-09 00:32:10
by: Pbla4024
Mathieu Bouyoud makes first OS of Migranya profunda 8b+22014-01-07 16:31:28
by: Smiley Man
Sasha Digulian South Africa interview12014-01-07 10:13:14
by: Axel P.
Core's guide to Varazze12014-01-07 09:39:05
by: Alejandro Amilibia
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