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Topics Posts  Last Posts is back!12014-04-11 15:03:55
by: Joe McLoughlin
Video: Tonde Katiyo has a great way of explaining setting22014-04-10 17:35:19
by: Jens Larssen
How do you like Craggie, the new climbing app?22014-04-10 15:33:33
by: Zdenko
Compex elite electric muscle stimulators12014-03-30 15:06:36
by: Alan pierce
Climbing nearby Tarragona12014-03-29 18:10:51
by: Ketembazo
Looking for the partner to climb in olympos 23-30 march12014-03-23 11:36:25
by: Anton svatkov
Magic wood12014-03-19 14:02:46
by: Joel Weston
Toppo / Route info for "Maltese Cross" in Cederberg Mountains / ZA12014-03-18 09:30:59
by: Dreamingof8a
My gym in Montreal started a guest outer program - here is a video12014-03-13 21:49:06
by: Dana lavoie
My gym in Montreal started a guest outer program - here is a video12014-03-13 21:49:02
by: Dana lavoie
8a web site living in the past22014-02-23 16:30:58
by: Jens Larssen
"You must login to view history ascents"242014-02-23 13:54:32
by: Jens Larssen
Best boukdering gym in munich?22014-02-22 16:55:26
by: Eckertpe
Climb Films Light Up Big Screens at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (4-6 April)12014-02-21 12:02:33
by: MattH
Trx training for climbers12014-02-19 13:14:37
by: Ofer Blutrich
3D topo for climbing12014-02-11 13:31:43
by: Raine Kajastila
Climbing in France, near Aix-en-Provence32014-02-10 08:52:46
by: Marco Troussier
EpicTV in the sidebar192014-02-03 12:09:49
by: Jens Larssen
Sport Climbing on Malta22014-01-30 12:10:35
by: Eich Katzerl
13 years old boy red point his first 5.14b in china32014-01-21 13:43:31
by: Wang zhen
The (f) behind a female name...22014-01-20 18:57:06
by: Jens Larssen
Trad Climbing in Norway32014-01-15 17:11:18
by: Staffan Ericsson
problems with La sportiva solution..232014-01-11 12:33:54
by: Maciek Sitarz
Topic - Mental Blocks tips to redpoint an elusive project12014-01-08 18:46:43
by: D Scott
Sport Climbing in Russia12014-01-08 11:59:10
by: Mato Gunda
LOST Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoes and DMM quickdraw at Valldemossa, Mallorca12014-01-05 14:08:40
by: Sabrina Bull
four rotes over 8b+ in 24 hours12014-01-04 14:27:07
by: Wang zhen
Rock Climbing in Ethiopia - Video12013-12-23 01:49:54
by: Tomas Rydval
Tell me about your bolting habits.....12013-12-19 06:04:59
by: Nicholas G
New sport climbing guidebook for Malta & Gozo12013-12-16 14:17:40
by: Coverdale
Paul Roinson22013-12-12 13:55:41
by: Jens Larssen
Fontainebleau 21-30 - bed in a gite 200 euros :-D Dont ned pad or car - I got it :-D12013-12-11 13:38:41
by: Ole johnny sandvik
Chattanooga, TN (Dec. 15-21)!!!22013-12-05 14:50:55
by: Jason Crank
I wanna get to know some Alicante-area climbers12013-12-02 21:38:24
by: Lekter
I wanna get to know some Alicante-area climbers12013-12-02 21:38:17
by: Lekter
I wanna get to know some Alicante-area climbers12013-12-02 21:28:34
by: Lekter
Beta for climbing in Reguchillo, Spain12013-11-28 15:27:51
by: Cody Leyden
Albarracin (Spain) 8-18 Dec? Anybody?12013-11-23 18:14:57
by: Piotrek Baraniak
8a website widget32013-11-16 18:18:10
by: Caedmon Mullin
Beautiful Documentary of climbing, slackline, highline in Montserrat22013-11-12 18:30:21
by: Taylor Treadgold
climbing 9a in a year... from 5c182013-11-12 17:24:20
by: DG
Overall scorecards12013-11-04 15:41:41
by: Evgeny Eidelzon
Where is the replay of the Wujiang WC lead event??12013-11-01 05:55:14
by: John Meget
Spicy noodle 8c+ by Fung22013-10-30 04:20:58
by: Tony Cheung
Add topic in the news session22013-10-28 12:25:08
by: Jens Larssen
Database bug: Grades 3b, 3c, 4b, 4c22013-10-24 07:30:57
by: Jens Larssen
35+ was changed to 40+52013-10-22 23:55:30
by: Zapfenwolfi
Kalymnos comp12013-10-21 08:15:11
by: Andrew
by: Pedro flauzino
what "allez", "venga" shouts are used in your country?22013-10-11 20:37:22
by: Thiago antonelli
Accommodation available in gorge du tarn and transport from lyon between 25/10-08/1112013-10-02 20:21:40
by: James Hale
Climbing partner in Łódź, Poland32013-09-23 23:59:53
by: Alberto Martinez
Climbing partner to France/Spain Oct/Nov12013-09-23 19:34:04
by: Lmleh
Arco - cheap accommodation advice22013-09-23 13:34:12
by: Lucapolu
World class bouldering w/out campus training?22013-09-05 12:42:17
by: Jens Larssen
Training for the next level.42013-09-05 08:59:20
by: Rowland gerald
Advice on Climing in Switzerland.32013-09-03 00:33:18
by: Nathanael Trinkler
Climbing in Crete, Chania12013-09-02 22:40:06
by: Mattias Löfstrand
Lodger Wanted12013-09-02 20:27:29
by: Cliff Hopkins
Kalymnos as a lens?42013-08-28 19:29:46
by: Jens Larssen
Climbing game12013-08-28 10:44:08
by: Tomaz b
Lack of "training log" option22013-08-26 21:44:08
by: Jens Larssen
Climbing in Croatia, Istria.22013-08-23 11:26:10
by: Rowland gerald
wierd anon climbing blog from uk12013-08-20 16:14:29
by: John smith
Klättring på kalymnos12013-08-19 11:20:16
by: Tobias Hellström
Climbing possibilities in Lesbos (Greece)?22013-08-17 12:58:18
by: Rowland gerald
Climbing in Hong Kong, August 25-26th12013-08-15 12:37:11
by: Katherine Butler
Climbing/ Bouldering gym Barcelona42013-08-12 07:12:00
by: Rowland gerald
gradazione falesia cassano valcuvia12013-08-11 15:56:38
by: Paride berti
Did the chief IMST routesetter say what I thought he said??12013-08-11 06:36:48
by: John Meget
Easy Routes in Frankenjura52013-07-30 09:30:31
by: Martin
access problems Rocklands South Africa12013-07-30 09:23:37
by: Grubber
how to add a route/boulder problem?32013-07-29 18:28:07
by: Danny .
Information about climbing in San Francisco22013-07-24 19:51:35
by: Comma Splice
Rolihlahla Paige Claassen22013-07-19 12:18:28
by: Christian Stohr
Sweden, landvetterklippan- gear left behind.12013-07-14 19:11:14
by: Gran
Climbing near Oberndorf bei Salzburg.12013-07-09 21:20:41
by: Ostiepok
Mallorca - DWS for beginners?92013-07-02 15:04:43
by: Andy.S
grigri for multipitch?42013-06-25 17:00:02
by: Jens Larssen
Tuzgle12013-06-18 01:00:18
by: Fyxfan
Sport climbing nearby Helsinky by the end of July82013-06-17 20:14:26
by: Tommy Seppänen
Looking for Kalymnos partner/s - 1st to 13th September12013-06-17 16:18:48
by: Tomar Chierici
British Bouldering Champs, Cliffhanger, Sheffield 6-7 July12013-06-10 17:59:19
by: MattH
Margalef/Siurana 29.-30. June12013-06-10 11:43:59
by: Jan Skriwanek
Ardeche / Verdon / S France partner 20 - 24 July12013-06-07 13:24:39
by: Blakey
Goteborg - Sport climbing & bouldering82013-06-06 11:54:42
by: Tamás Bán
Whats the scene in Catalonia like22013-06-05 23:40:39
by: User Deactivated
Plugs for climbing holds/bolt hole32013-06-03 15:13:51
by: HaeMeS
Anorexia is good for climbing!!392013-05-29 16:56:04
by: Christian Stohr
Climbing near Vancouver (CAD) and North Americe12013-05-24 22:46:26
by: Christian Reuter
Why has no one repeated these Chris Sharma routes?112013-05-24 18:05:46
by: Manuel Rodriguez
new age category 45+ (wish to have this)262013-05-24 01:32:55
by: Zapfenwolfi
Climbing temps/season at The Cathedral & Wailing Wall, Utah12013-05-21 20:57:18
by: Nick Anderson
Aviso sobre compras en Barrabés C/O´Donell (Madrid, España)12013-05-21 20:41:57
by: Piaraña
Lost Wallet + natel // Perdu portemonnaie + téléphone12013-05-21 19:46:44
by: Lisa Ancona
best place European bouldering FEB-MAR ?42013-05-21 07:21:31
by: Jens Larssen
Climbing vids... Check em out!! Here is one of Josh Wharton12013-05-21 00:57:22
by: Lonnie Valencia
climbing partner spain/finale ligure/sardinia 18-26 may12013-05-14 20:44:37
by: Hilary H - what can be done better/suggestions,opinions52013-05-14 12:27:12
by: Jens Larssen
Ecological Footprint of Climbers52013-05-13 17:15:36
by: Pbla4024
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