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Topo/climbing guide muzzerone12015-03-27 12:27:19
by: Dominik zigmund
Climbing Partner Leonidio 25th of April - 2nd of May12015-03-27 00:28:02
by: G H
Idea of a different ranking list...112015-03-21 20:09:44
by: Alan pierce
Arco vs Kalymnos72015-03-17 08:46:43
by: Matteo Humar
Only 6 WC boulder events in 2015??12015-02-21 23:51:53
by: John Meget
Repeats in scorecards332015-02-16 12:40:58
by: Guillero
Geyikbayiri conditions12015-01-26 02:03:27
by: Nat Gustafson
Climbing partner Montserrat in march12015-01-19 19:48:10
by: Wimse
Can tall climbers reach highest level?582015-01-01 06:52:30
by: Roland Hellström
english speaking doctor near Osp?12014-12-29 07:50:14
by: Dreamingof8a
Problems adding routes22014-12-17 19:30:37
by: Jens Larssen
Urban climbing in Toulouse (France)22014-11-25 13:59:09
by: Jens Larssen
Projects on 8a.nu32014-11-24 21:31:53
by: Pablo Fernandez
Academic survey for IFSC World Championship spectators12014-11-23 22:35:48
by: Hyeri Heath
What's the meaning of high/low percentage in climbing ?22014-11-21 13:43:14
by: Dro
new Climbing App12014-11-18 17:40:42
by: Jay Owen iPhone app doesn't work32014-11-18 17:39:48
by: Jay Owen
Year-long climbing road trip throughout Europe92014-11-17 15:44:47
by: Tanka Rhai
A new Deep Water Solo/Psicobloc Paradise is found in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily12014-10-29 13:03:52
by: Davis Scott
Climbing shops in Athena or near22014-10-25 14:29:57
by: Itchy
Best long term motivational routes22014-10-24 13:53:55
by: Tanka Rhai
-51 points for Repetition from now?52014-10-21 19:24:39
by: Jens Larssen
Looking for Climbing partner @ Gran Canaria12014-10-13 15:56:55
by: Lenke Kucsera
Looking for a climbing partner in Les Calanques (France)12014-10-13 09:24:54
by: Baris Yazici
Statistics on indoor climbing grades - Survey!12014-10-03 19:20:16
by: Roland Hellström
Change Movie - When???????12014-10-01 17:32:42
by: Jan Schubert
Who determines WC winners? The routesetters!22014-09-30 10:19:13
by: Jens Larssen
Red River Gorge or New River Gorge?32014-09-25 03:16:43
by: Kristoffer Zaar
Lost wedding ring during fatal climbing accident - please, help and share12014-09-23 07:39:00
by: Ales Kobrle
Geocaching12014-09-22 17:43:24
by: Zapfenwolfi
Best climbing crags in Norway12014-09-18 22:38:07
by: Leszek Iwan
Beginner fingerboard: how hard should I push?22014-09-13 20:20:36
by: Jens Larssen
Help Us To Create Some Great Climbing Shoes12014-09-11 13:20:48
by: RockClimbingShoes
Car Hire in Rocklands for Under 21's12014-09-11 12:10:44
by: Sean Walsh
Multi pitch climbing in Arco42014-09-10 17:29:08
by: Lucapolu
Can we (once again) address that is one of the slowest loading websites?42014-09-03 13:12:59
by: Grubber
Trip to Céüse, got some space left in my car..Start Karlsruhe12014-08-28 00:39:59
by: Markus Köhler
Multi pitch climbing in Arco12014-08-26 12:37:55
by: Avishai Benyamini
European Outdoor Film Tour - starts in UK on 1st November22014-08-22 14:11:13
by: Peter baumgart
Host a Brit Rock Tour12014-08-20 17:02:47
by: MattH
Buxton Adventure Festival, Peak District (11-12 Oct)12014-08-20 16:58:42
by: MattH
Help me in my research!12014-08-19 10:54:36
by: Pere López Gutiérrez
Deep water soloing mallorca12014-08-09 12:10:29
by: Fabian janz
Why does everyone climb v14 in South Africa?62014-08-07 17:08:26
by: Jens Larssen
TICINO - Apartement to rent12014-08-02 10:42:04
by: Fabio marinelli
Great places to climb12014-07-27 02:42:53
by: Ianday7
OS and flash rankings on 14:58:05
by: Franz the Stampede
Climbing nearby Tarragona22014-07-23 00:52:40
by: Pablo Fernandez
Climbing partner required (Spain, catalunya)22014-07-23 00:35:21
by: Pablo Fernandez
Dear climbers, I need your help!12014-07-22 14:36:05
by: Mirela Avramova
Climbing company in Andalucia & Southern Spain 14.-21.7.12014-07-09 12:15:10
by: Maria Claudelin
New Advanced Climbing Book12014-07-03 04:46:02
by: Mike Layton
Topos for main crags in Slovakia12014-06-30 09:57:37
by: Benky1979
Men's semis winner wins WC final - 2 weeks in a row32014-06-29 12:51:07
by: John Meget
Why has no one repeated these Chris Sharma routes?142014-06-27 05:58:19
by: Wigar'n
limbing partner required (Germany, Near Essen) 7/07 - 11/0712014-06-26 18:34:12
by: Sokolov Kirill
Campus board12014-06-22 19:41:31
by: Gerard Gràcia Sala
climbing partner 21 or 22 June - Fontainebleau12014-06-16 20:51:05
by: Dan Pizzillo
Alizze Dufraisse investing lot of time without sending32014-06-10 17:19:55
by: Zapfenwolfi
Céüse in july12014-06-05 21:04:37
by: Mira Pichal
Anorexia is good for climbing!!412014-06-03 07:48:40
by: Rufus5.12
Frankenjura 7th to 17th of June12014-05-30 03:09:21
by: Max Lopez
climbing areas/topos in slovakia12014-05-28 10:28:08
by: Ketembazo
climbing partner 04 june - 14june southern europe12014-05-22 18:07:29
by: G H
Web site with good weather forecast72014-05-19 10:08:37
by: Carl Joacim Fensbekk
The film i would like to see32014-05-18 17:07:04
by: Fridlyst
no good footage of Serpentine, Grampians ?32014-05-16 03:45:03
by: ®ents
Non-english characters completely broken...22014-05-03 12:03:18
by: Freddie Chopin
Best time to go to Paklenica/vremenske prilike u Paklenici22014-04-28 09:07:25
by: Primoz Zupancic
Best time to go to Paklenica/vremenske prilike u Paklenici12014-04-28 02:49:20
by: Jasna Hodzic
Kalymnos crowds?32014-04-19 16:23:32
by: Odin
8a web site is so so crap32014-04-19 14:42:46
by: Alexander c is back!12014-04-11 15:03:55
by: Joe McLoughlin
Video: Tonde Katiyo has a great way of explaining setting22014-04-10 17:35:19
by: Jens Larssen
How do you like Craggie, the new climbing app?22014-04-10 15:33:33
by: Zdenko
Compex elite electric muscle stimulators12014-03-30 15:06:36
by: Alan pierce
Looking for the partner to climb in olympos 23-30 march12014-03-23 11:36:25
by: Anton svatkov
Magic wood12014-03-19 14:02:46
by: Joel Weston
Toppo / Route info for "Maltese Cross" in Cederberg Mountains / ZA12014-03-18 09:30:59
by: Dreamingof8a
My gym in Montreal started a guest outer program - here is a video12014-03-13 21:49:06
by: Dana lavoie
My gym in Montreal started a guest outer program - here is a video12014-03-13 21:49:02
by: Dana lavoie
8a web site living in the past22014-02-23 16:30:58
by: Jens Larssen
"You must login to view history ascents"242014-02-23 13:54:32
by: Jens Larssen
Best boukdering gym in munich?22014-02-22 16:55:26
by: Eckertpe
Climb Films Light Up Big Screens at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (4-6 April)12014-02-21 12:02:33
by: MattH
Trx training for climbers12014-02-19 13:14:37
by: Ofer Blutrich
3D topo for climbing12014-02-11 13:31:43
by: Raine Kajastila
Climbing in France, near Aix-en-Provence32014-02-10 08:52:46
by: Marco Troussier
EpicTV in the sidebar192014-02-03 12:09:49
by: Jens Larssen
Sport Climbing on Malta22014-01-30 12:10:35
by: Eich Katzerl
13 years old boy red point his first 5.14b in china32014-01-21 13:43:31
by: Wang zhen
The (f) behind a female name...22014-01-20 18:57:06
by: Jens Larssen
Trad Climbing in Norway32014-01-15 17:11:18
by: Staffan Ericsson
problems with La sportiva solution..232014-01-11 12:33:54
by: Maciek Sitarz
Topic - Mental Blocks tips to redpoint an elusive project12014-01-08 18:46:43
by: Davis Scott
Sport Climbing in Russia12014-01-08 11:59:10
by: Mato Gunda
LOST Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoes and DMM quickdraw at Valldemossa, Mallorca12014-01-05 14:08:40
by: Sabrina Bull
four rotes over 8b+ in 24 hours12014-01-04 14:27:07
by: Wang zhen
Rock Climbing in Ethiopia - Video12013-12-23 01:49:54
by: Tomas Rydval
Tell me about your bolting habits.....12013-12-19 06:04:59
by: Nicholas G
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